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If you're on the fence about whether to drop your hard-earned currency on a new Galaxy smartphone, Samsung Mobile USA is hoping to sweeten the deal with a option to take your old phone off your hands. On its official Facebook page, the manufacturer offers customers picking up a Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note the option to exchange your aging handset for up to $300 in cold, hard cash.

If you've just upgraded to a Note, S2 or S3, you can head to the Samsung Facebook page linked below and enter the details of your old phone, along with proof of purchase for your new one. You'll then be given a quote for your old handset, which is valid if you send your phone off to Samsung within 30 days.

As is always the case with buyback schemes like this, you're unlikely to make back a huge amount of money on a year-old handset, and even a newer devices like the iPhone 4S will only get you around $250 back. Nevertheless, if your old phone is just sitting around collecting dust, and you don't want to deal with the possible minefield of selling on eBay, Samsung's new upgrade program might be worth a look.

Source: Samsung Mobile USA on Facebook; via: The Verge


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Buying a Galaxy S2, S3 or Note? Samsung's offering cash for your old phone


I wonder if they pay less for CDMA phones than they do for GSM. I have a GS2 on sprint I wouldn't mind ditching.

yes, they nexus s 4g for sprint is worth $40, and nexus s for t-mobile is worth $50. If they think giving me $40 for mu ns4g is going to make me do it, they have another thing coming!! lol

btw, they also offered the same amount for my evo4g an my xperia don't take their prices too seriously, since they offered me the same amount for a 2010 crappy phone as they did for a 2011 flagship phone lol

I will pay $41 for your Nexus S!

Seriously how does anyone think that phone is only worth $40. Maybe if a truck ran it over a few times.

PLEASE SELL ON SWAPPA. . . .you will get your money's worth GUARNTEED . . . atleast $100 more per phone that they are offerening here

Yes, but think of all the free publicity that Samsung gets for offering you $5 for your old phone and making you laugh

What a joke, I just looked up my SGS II for T-Mobile and it says $135. I currently have it listed on eBay with an auction end tomorrow at 3pm EDT and it's already at $188.

I don't believe the point of this is for you to make any type of profit on your old device.

Samsung is offering a convenient option to those who were only going to put the device in a drawer and have it collect dust. Why not get something, albeit small, as opposed to getting nothing?

The only reason to NOT consider this option is because you plan to sell the device on your own; you wish to keep your device as a backup; or you want to give the device as a gift to a friend/family member. Otherwise, you'd have a device sitting in a drawer somewhere being useful to no one, when you could have gotten at least a little something.

After trying to sell my EVO 4G for a month on Craigslist for a really good price ($95, 9/10 cosmetically -- just a new battery cover would have made it a 10, rooted, clean ESN, works fine, no screen damage, all original accessories & box plus 3 extra OEM batteries, a battery charger and 2 Rearth cases) with not a single interested person, I ended up sending it in to Samsung for $45 just because I wanted it gone. I could have done better on eBay, but every time I sell something for more than $50 there, I get a crazy buyer that e-mails me after having the item in their possession for a month or more and now claiming something is terribly wrong with it. I gave all the extra stuff away to other people I know that still had an EVO.

That said, I'll take the actual $45 since I know it's more than I would have been offered on a stupid gift card with any retailer's buyback program.

you tried selling a used 2 year old cdma phone that reached EOL over 6 months ago for $95 on craigslist???

gee...I don't know why you had no takers..../sarcasm

Wow. Thanks for the attitude. I invite you to check out the other listings for the original EVO in Minneapolis. I made a small typo (my asking price was $85), and I assure you that every other EVO for sale on there was priced significantly higher, in worse shape and didn't have extras like three additional HTC batteries with a separate battery charger.