Bump has been hard at work updating their application to bring a new functionality to users. Today, they've unveiled what exactly they've been up to and to put it plainly -- it's pretty awesome. The concept is simple really. You have photos on your device and the desire to transfer them to your computer. Now you can with just a bump. No wires, cables or fuss. How does it work?

Starting today, everyone who uses Bump can go to http://bu.mp on their computer web browser, select photos in the Bump app on their phone, and gently bump the spacebar on their computer. Voila! Photos instantly appear on the computer. From there, people have the option of saving to their hard drive or getting a short link to share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, email or IM. There’s no software to install or registration required – it’s how technology should work.

Sure, there is a few other apps out there that will transfer photos to your computer from your phone. Dropbox being one choice that works but if you're not already invested into those other solutions, Bump might be just exactly what you are looking for. I tested it out quite a few times on different devices and worked each and every time. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

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Bump update easily moves photos from your phone to your computer


Far better to use AirDroid. It does not require logins. It does not require sending your data to third parties who do who knows what with it.

Between dropbox and/or Vscreens, I fail to see how Bump differentiates its product. Also, fwiw, I see the gimmicky need to "bump" the spacebar as just that, a gimmick.

Also, I just went to the webpage indicated to try it on my office computer at work and it says this web browser is not supported... ...My work computer is running IE8. Not exactly ideal for someone wanting to access their photos on any random computer.


Countless sites are promoting BUMP. I guess none of them realize that many apps can already upload your apps to the site of your choice... WITHOUT running Bump, WITHOUT opening a browser... WITHOUT going to a specific website... WITHOUT bumping your phone on a certain key on your keyboard.


It's like Bump took a 1 step process and made it far HARDER... and everyone (including this site) is saying: "Wow, see how easy it is now. It's only a 5 step process".

Wow. Magical? Impressive? New? Huh? It's nothing. All Bump did was make it HARD to do now.

I stopped using bump when they changed the permissions for location to fine (gps). Why they needed to know EXACTLY where I was to "bump" was beyond me...

When I go to the Bump site it tells me to download Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Umm...how come it doesn't work with IE? At work, I'm limited to IE because only the admin can install stuff on my computer.