Broadcom BCM4358

Broadcom announced a new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip today that the manufacturer claims will double wireless networking performance of high-end smartphones and tablets. The hardware vendor claims that users spend an estimated four to five hours everyday on Wi-Fi, and that with the new chipset, they will be able to download and stream content twice as fast as current-gen devices and with less lag.

Key features of the new chipset, dubbed BCM4358, include improved Wi-Fi data throughput at 650 Mbps, enhanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence performance, second-generation 2×2 MIMO and transmit beamforming, which pinpoints a device's location within a network to provide better throughput to that location. The chipset supports Android, Windows and Chrome operating systems, and is the highest-performing 5G 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip in the market, according to Broadcom.

Broadcom has mentioned that the BCM4358 is in production, with consumer devices featuring the chipset set to be available later this quarter.

Source: Broadcom


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Broadcom doubles Wi-Fi performance for smartphones and tablets with new combo chip


Carriers announced that all phones that contain this chip will be limited to a 1 gig per month data cap. So you can burn through your allowance twice as fast and still run out in the same day.

From someone that knows little about WiFi, I too thought 802.11AC could exceed 650 mbps (with the understanding that reality often doesn't match specs).

On another note, does anyone have info on the availability of the Arris\Motorola SBG6700-AC SURFboard® Cable Modem & Wi-Fi® Router? I'm planning an upgrade of my home LAN, and I think that gateway would be good fit for me. It appears the SBG6700-AC was announced way back in Jan 2014, but has yet to come to market. To the AC corespondents; is Arris making any announcements at one of this week's events?