Boost Mobile Android

Are you a fan of Boost Mobile? Want to help them name their next Android phone? Survey links are being e-mailed out doing just that. Five choices are listed:

  • Director
  • Lux
  • Warp
  • Rhyme
  • Forge

For our money, we'd probably go Director or Forge. How bout you guys?

Thanks, girldroid!


Reader comments

Boost Mobile needs help naming its next Android phone


The "Boost-ER-Rocket" is my choice because if it's specs outdo the Prevail when it LAUNCHES it will TAKE OFF like one. :)

Personally if it has a manufacturer name in front of the name being voted on, I would go with Warp.

Samsung Warp, Motorola Warp, HTC Warp, anything warp sounds good to me.

I chose warp also and those names fit it will actually they fit it beautifully HTC warp and the Samsung Warp sound great but Motorola fprge is more appropriate for that companies name

It would depend on what it can do. Specs Boost!
4G? Warp
Music EQ, Amplified Headphone jack? Rhyme
1080p Video Record? Director
Wrapped in leather? lol Lux
Forge just sounds cool

I was thinking pretty much the same thing, except that Forge conjures a metal unibody with an unusual finish (i.e., anything OTHER than a brushed finish). Engine turning wouldn't be my personal style, but it would be a stunning move on a smartphone.

"For our money, we'd probably go Director or Forge." You'd go with Director? You can't be serious... And Warp is the only logical choice.

The only name that makes any sense is Forge. I think Director is not a good name because people my look at a director as a boss and for my understanding having a 2. something camera is not a boss like phone. Warp I mean the phone is not doing any kind of wrapping. Now Lux my do good. Rhyme yea right please stop. So Lux or Forge I would go with Forge sounds stronger to me.