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The rugged Android-based Kyocera Brigadier smartphone is supposed to withstand a ton of abuse, and now the company has decided to let Man vs Wild star Bear Grylls become the face of their marketing campaign for the phone.

Unfortunately, the company's first promotional video featuring Grylls barely uses him. He shows up at the very beginning of the one minute clip on YouTube for a couple of seconds, and identifying him as "Lead Kyocera Product Tester". However, most of the video simply shows stats and graphics about how the Brigadier can handle a lot of use and can withstand dust, water and other problems.

It's a shame, because we would love to see a video actually showing Grylls doing some of his "product testing" on the phone in the wild. Showing him using the phone while climing a mountain, riding down a raging river or otherwise battling the elements would be very cool. Oh well. Perhaps Kyocera has something like that in the works.

What do you think of Kyocera using Bear Grylls as a spokesperson for the Brigadier?

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Bear Grylls puts his face behind rugged Kyocera Brigadier phone


Bear is the biggest joke....he spends the night at a hotel and doesn't stay overnight out in the "wild".

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Everybody is hardcore... in their mind, like I'm sure jec11718 believes that he/she could totally outdo Bear Grylls, if he/she tries.

No doubt the dude is a "Bear", but jec11718 is correct. Discovery and Grylls have admitted that on certain episodes when he claimed to have slept in the wild, he was in fact flown to a hotel and brought back the next morning. I can understand him and his crew not wanting to sleep in danger, but then don't specifically say that you did when narrating the episode.

Agreed. Definitely enjoy the show and despite the hotel incidents you'd be hard pressed to find a better person to be in a precarious situation with in the wilderness. His point is to show you how and film it in an entertaining way. If you need a badass who's actually going to do it all and do it all by himself....Les Shroud is your man (aka Survivorman).

"Some scenes have been created for entertainment purposes."

I'd say he probably does know his stuff but they're making a TV show for entertainment purposes, not a documentary and certainly not a survival guide.

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I'm not at all suprised that you would judge the man's entire life / career based on one incident. You have no idea what happened that night, why he flew out (high danger, fire, flood?) but you judge him like you were there to watch him "take the easy way out". Count all of his episodes/shows and life accomplishments (like climbing Everest as a teenager) and you'll change your tune. Or maybe you won't, maybe you just might be one of the millions of tools out there who judge people from their couch. Dime a dozen, as they say.

I'd say mid-range 2014.
Snapdragon 400, 720p display, 16GB of internal storage, up to 32GB microSD card, 2MP front camera, 8MP rear camera, Qi charging, NFC, and a 3100mAh.

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That'd be wasting vital fluids that could be used for soup or to wet a hat to keep you cool in hot climes.

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The man is a clown. One of the primary rules of survival is warm and dry. This idiot jumps it the first fast flowing freshwater body of water he finds. YouTube his dangerous trek across the lava flows in Hawaii for a good laugh.
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Every product I've seen with his name on it has been pure, unadulterated crap.

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I am amazed by this phone. I am going to start uploading video of conditions I put it through in various work and projects I do. See how they compare to Bear's??
First day I had it, dropped it twice (by accident) from about six feet onto cement floor.....not a mark or other damage!
Stay tuned.