A good number of you likely will be buying the Google Nexus One unlocked for use on AT&T's network. Obviously, you'll be missing out on 3G. And some of you have asked about plans and the like. We reached out to AT&T for its official position on unlocked phones, and here's the response:

“Wireless is a fiercely competitive industry, and we aren’t at all surprised that others are responding to our leadership in smartphones. Twice as many smartphone customers have chosen AT&T over any other carrier. We have always allowed customers to bring any unlocked GSM-compatible device for activation on our network under a pricing plan. However, if a device has not been certified for use on the AT&T network, we can’t guarantee their performance and the customer is responsible for handling any device-related issues that may arise.”

We'll go ahead and say it so you don't have to. AT&T has plenty of problems supporting at least one phone that has been certified for use on its network. So, it's not like your Nexus One (or any other unlocked phone, for that matter) will wither and die if you use it on AT&T. Just don't go asking them for help.

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AT&T's stance on unlocked phones


I think at&t has latched on to the iPhone and is pretty much ignoring any other smartphone other than Blackberries. So far, no android phone even though Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint have them. The HTC HD2 is rumored to come to T-Mobile. The Nexus One to T-Mobile and Verizon. It is sad.

i already knew that, most new phones are getting released for tmobile 3g because they are upgrading their towers, device makers do their research before choosing a 3g band.

"However, if a device has not been certified for use on the AT&T network, we can’t guarantee their performance and the customer is responsible for handling any device-related issues that may arise.”

Heck, AT&T can't even guarantee minimum performance on the iPhone, why would they make a laughable statement like this?

If i wanted to go to the AT&T network, and pay more for data (Internet access), then why wouldn't I get an iPhone even if their network is full up and overflowing? So, not wanting to switch from T-mobile, with which I am well pleased, in South Carolina, I just ordered an unlocked Nexus One. (And yes, T-mo is upgrading its towers ASAP for 3G for those who are interested in that.) AT&T is too much like a big brother who always wants to be in charge and give you his thoughts and commands, without you asking.

No 3G if you use the phone on AT&T? Why would ANYONE want a cloud-based Smartphone without 3G? The N1 may be unlocked, but realistically it's a T-Mob phone, and next to useless on that other carrier.

It's actually useless on T-Mobile if you do not have 3G, which most of the country doesn't. I know our area doesn't.

I love how people dog on T-Mobile 3G that covers over 200 Million people now, ATT only covers 230 Million not that much difference but enough for ATT to advertise they have the best 3G and people fall for it. DUGH!

I've been using unlocked phones on AT&T for years with no problems. I'm currently using an E71, which is the unlocked Nokia version of the E71x. AT&T has been helpful and doesn't seem to mind.

I think all they're saying is that they won't walk you through menus or provide support for phone hardware and software that you didn't get from them; but that seems reasonable to me.

I live in okc and im running a mt3g, we just recently got 3g. A buddy of mine here has a 3gs on at&t and its just shit. When I had att I had nothing but problems in peak hours and was being overcharged for everything, and this was pre-iphone/3g. All I have to say to those waiting for tmo 3g is hold out. Mines still somewhat spotty in 3g coverage cause its relatively New but when cruising around the state with my buddy and his att 3gs, I have better 3g coverage.