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Highest plan remains; lower tier of plans to be replaced with new options

AT&T is planning to completely eliminate one of its prepaid GoPhone smart phone plans and severely hurt a second by changing data pricing on June 20th. According to a statement given to CNET, AT&T plans to remove the ability to add data (and therefore smart phones) to its $50 plan, as well as the ability to add anything more than 50MB buckets of data (for $5) to its $25 plan starting later this month. If you're not familiar with AT&T's GoPhone options, they previously allowed users to add buckets of 200MB or 1GB for $15 or $25, respectively, as they saw fit. All that will remain at that point will be the relatively new $65 plan, which gives users unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data, but no option to buy additional buckets when that data cap is reached -- just pay per kilobyte.

Fortunately, in statements given to both CNET and Engadget AT&T confirmed that it plans to replace these $25 and $50 plans with other options for smart phone users that want to stick to the prepaid route. While it wouldn't give any indication of what pricing levels or features would be available, the carrier said there would be "new, additional plan options soon." Being that AT&T recently added the ability for users to access LTE data on prepaid, we hope they continue to improve on their GoPhone offerings.

Source: CNET; Via: Engadget


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AT&T ready to restructure GoPhone prepaid plans in the coming weeks


So what they are saying is - If you want to use one of our prepaid plans then we will make it so that it costs to much for you to use it for data - nice, one more reason to go to another carrier when my contract is up, the only question will be which one will screw me less?

Well that's what it looks like on the surface but it's hard to say until they unveil the new plans. They very well could be better than the current offerings, which for smart phone owners are pretty rough.

AT&T is looking much more prepaid friendly than they ever have before, adding this new $65 plan and allowing both LTE devices and iPhones onto GoPhone plans recently.

If T-Mobile is good in your area, go with their $30/mo prepaid plan. 100 minutes, unlimited text, and 5GB of HSPA+ data. I think in the areas where t-mobile already has LTE, you get to use that as well. I'm not sure on the last point, however. I plan to switch to this once my contract with Verizon is up.

But AIO has no LTE or even HSDPA+ as data speed is capped at 4 mbps. It's cool for a 3G service but not 4G at all.

AT&T Postpaid = The customers AT&T cares about, if at all.
AT&T Go Phone = Distant second-class customers.
AIO Wireless = Third-class customers who aren't even deserving of the AT&T brand.
MVNOs = Fourth-class customers who get the network's scraps.

It's not as cool as you think. 4 mpbs is the maximum speed you'll ever get with that service. That's doesn't even count the extra throttling when you use too much data, so it isn't like you'll be getting an unlimited 4 mbps connection.

My top end with Sprint 3G is around 2.8 and I'm happy enough when I get 1.2 or thereabouts. My standards are fairly low when it's cheap.

unfortunately, T-Mobile only has 2G EDGE data in half of the places I go. (up and down I-95 between NY and FL) In addition, in many of these parts, T-Mobile has no voice or data signals at all.

AT&Ripoff... Ah.. What a joke.

$360.00 a year for: 100 Minutes Talk / Unlimited Internet / Unlimited Txt...

is what it cost for T-Mobile.. :-)

I was a fool for 60 days.. Until I found this plan..

I'll never forget it.. $96.41 a month for 450 Minutes Talk / 2 Gigs of Data / Txt

I would have paid AT&Ripoff in 4 months what I now pay for 1 year's worth of service with T-Mobile and have 7-8 HSPA+ speeds with LTE looming. And now At&Ripoff wants to stick it to their pre-paid customers as well.. Unbelievable.

I'm glad I got on Straight Talk while you could still get AT&T SIMs easily. I just had to trim mine down to a microsim and it was pretty nerve-wracking just because I knew it would be really hard to get another if I messed it up. These GoPhone plans are terrible by comparison.

Is that the reason why only a "T-Mobile Compatible SIM Card" shows up when one tries to order a sim on their website? Was the AT&T sim the "Unlocked GSM Phone (Phone must operate in 850 and 1900 MHz bands)" option?

Yep. It looks like you can still get an AT&T SIM from NET10, though, and get roughly the same plan for the same price but with a data cap of 1.5GB/month compared to the "unofficial" cap of 2GB on Straight Talk. With the NET10 T-Mobile SIM they claim there is no data cap.