The Moto X has colors, too

Oops. Think we used the wrong picture there.

Anyhoo. Our pals at iMore have all the ZOMGBREAKING news on this one. Have at it.


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Apple to invent colored phones on Sept. 10


He is playing off the idea of Apple pitching something as "innovative" in a "new" product when in fact its feeding off brand loyalists who will buy anything you throw at them.

Thanks,cos I totally missed it.We're glad you're here to break it down for us.

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Lol, you dropped something: /s.

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Lol!!,on the using your girlfriends internet while you're @ work.And here I thought Phil was low,you sir have just taken the crown from!!!

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Probably. I won't be surprised, if AT&T announces some kind of exclusive.

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AT&T would demand exclusive rights on the android kit kat bars if they could

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I'm sure they will start having exclusives on external chargers for phones next. All other carriers will only have removable batteries that have to be charged on a cradle :-)

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Of course Apple in all of their "innovation" has always been "first" with everything on the market. So much for truth and reality. Apple has lost its innovative ways, and the new trashcan MAC proves it. But hey they can sell a plastic iphone and claim its "innovative, magical and cutting edge" yet outdated specs, a return to plastic which they continuously bash Samsung over. I am sure their next move is to say how special their plastic crap is.

I don't mind people dissing out their mobile but their desktop MAC OS is still the best and actually pushing software and hardware innovation.

I don't like the iOS line but the MAC platform really does work. Not attacking you but I just wanted to express that their desktop line at really does work and I don't want that to change.

What is Apple putting on the desktop again? Oh yea, MacOS X....the UI has not changed much since 2001, and adding a feature here or there is not really evolving the platform. Or, is dropping the DVD drive to force people to go through an online store what you consider "innovative"?

I am not saying Windows 8 is great, but it IS a lot more innovative than anything Apple has released MacOS X.

Who wants it to change, I don't! Microsoft changed from XP to Vista and Windows 7 and it sucked trying to make it look like OS X. Now Windows 8 is out and its the worse one yet, as bad as Windows 3.1. OS X has alot of nice features like Dashboard with Widgets, Time Machine, etc. Wonder where widgets came from in Android and Gadgets in Windows?

Widgets have been around on PCs since the '90s, they just weren't baked in. Time machine is the same as system restore.

We've got to get past this fallacy that change = innovation.

You can't take a toaster and turn it into a turd and call it innovative just cause it's different. OS X may look the same now as it did a decade (same-ish....the visuals have changed), but the functionality has grown tremendously.

You can say their desktop OS is the best, but their hardware is definitely not. They use graphics cards from last year, they have never even used a bluray drive yet. They are consistently behind the horsepower curve every year.

The only thing they had that was impressive and ahead of the times is thunderbolt.

Add in the fact that the new Mac Pro is nearly all proprietary with no expansion slots and it makes matters even worse. The only thing they innovate with when it comes to their computers is looks, everything else they are behind.

Slower processors, less ram, older videocards, but charge more money. The apple way

I have worked at two different schools and had 200 Macs and 200 PCs and far less problems with the Apple equipment. My other school we have 200 Macs and 1000 pcs and constant PC issues. We have switched from Dell to Lenovo and it has helped, but far more failures on the PC side!

They do use crappy video cards, but that is about it! They don't use crappy Atom processors and try and sell junk like that and have to give them credit on that. Like netbooks, the biggest junk that was available!

The specs on the new Mac Pro are stunning, but I agree on the expansion. The old tower was almost perfect, just needed a few tweaks.

All in all the Apple hardware in my experience is superior!

This really says nothing on it's own. If they were the most expensive newest Macs available at the time and the the cheapest oldest PCs, then this is to be expected.
Were all of the PCs bought together from a bad batch? Are the sysadmins Mac guys who don't know how to network PCs? There's literally hundreds of reasons why you could have noticed what you noticed that have nothing to do with PC vs. Mac

Get on a network with 200 5-year-old low-end Macs, 200 high-end new Windows 7 boxes and IT admins who don't know how to network or maintain Mac and see if your anecdotal evidence holds up. There's never any Oranges-to-Oranges comparisons in computing.

If you see every issue as having only two sides, then your arguments will always be as deep as a piece of paper.

What is this "Apple hardware" that you speak of? Apple installs their software on the same hardware found in PCs. Sure, some cheap $300 PC won't perform as well as a Mac that cost a few grand, I wouldn't expect it to. But I'll take a PC over a Mac any day for it's ease of upgrade/repair. Trying to work on a Mac's hardware is such a pain in the ass. Having flashbacks to the old CRT fruity pebbles colored iMacs...shudder.

The most rabid, illogical, and deluded Apple fanboy on AC works in a school with access to developing minds. Heaven help us.

Sure netbooks were a bit underpowred, but that program was able to put affordable computers in front of so many people. Whose fault is it if people purchased one expecting it to perform as well as afull fledged laptop.

The new mac pro is mediocre at best. All the parts are available to build similar speced machine. The video card is readily available from nvidia. Innovative design is it looks like a trash can. The hardware is standard intel and nvidia.

I have a home recording studio that I used to run through a PC and now I run everything through a MacBook pro (mid 2012) and I gotta say everything just works... constant crashing and stuttering on my PC, which is a high end PC, sometimes would take me a solid half hour to get everything up and running properly each session... now with the MacBook it takes the time it takes to start up the computer, and a second later I'm in a session and getting to work. No loss of creativity, no mood going sour because I can't get the equipment to sync up properly... just a whole nother world! And this is coming from someone who's not exactly a fan of Apple. Quite happy with my MacBook pro... however on the phone end, it's android all the way baby!

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I know Apple fanboys bash Samsung for plastic. I am not sure Apple has anything to do with that. There were plastic iPhones and Macs.


This will be just like everyone posting a million panoramic iphone pics on FB like it was the best new thing.

Glad that I got the stock moto x in black. All the different colored phones getting ready to be released into the wild is going to look to "chick".

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They see me trolling...
(Phil Nickinson remix)

But honestly, I kind of like the custom colours that they offer, it'll be cheaper than aftermarket.

... But now they are never going to be anything but windows phones

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I love how you did this ha-ha. It's exactly what I was thinking, and even then other phones come out with color options some point down the line. Of course people will see it like they did it first.

Nokia was first, not Moto X. It's not that they did it first, but I met Apple won't make everyone wait to get them. Like them or not, Apple does things better then other companies. And sorry, I'm not a fanboy (I own a Droid MAXX), but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night.

yeah my old Nokia candy bar phone was blue =)

That was back when a phone was a phone, and a reliable one. That thing would turn itself on in time to sound my morning alarm even if the battery died overnight...I guess that's what I would call innovative.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself Phil.This is an all time low for you.Just for that comment,I'm not gonna buy an IPhone but get me the Note 3.Maybe by me doing this,it'll teach you to keep your Android Ideology to yourself.Im just joking Phil,you can stop crying!!!

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well, i'm not Apple fan (although i do have great respect for them) and the only Apple product i've ever bought in my life was a few of their $29 iPhone headsets for my EVO and Nexus - BUT - i think Apple deserves some credit for popularizing offering consumer computer products in many different colors with the original iMac line in 1998. i can't remember anyone before them doing this.

Now we just have to wait for the lawsuits against everyone else that makes a phone. Because apple apparently has the ability to make patents retroactive and all that.

Who will they sue first for violating their patent, that didn't exist a week ago, to offer colored phones? Samsung? HTC? Moto?

I also wonder what idiot judge it will be that actually allows them to do so and sides in their favor.

Everyone who has a phone with colour screens

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Did you see that Samsung Exec are scattered trying to copy it. Rumors of an Apple iWatch has them scrambling as well! Heard they failed at trying to put in a finger print scanner to try and beat Apple to that as well.

I read a great article suggesting the iWatch is actually Apple's new TV set, not something to put on your wrist. That would be hilarious with everyone trying to beat Apple to market following the rumors. I have an expensive 2013 Samsung Smart TV, the voice and gestures are crap, but the 55" screen is awesome. 364 days in they had to come to my house and replace all the electronics. So much forvtop of the line samsung hardware. Still, the screen looks fantastic.

Can't believe all the hate here. You'd think people would be enjoying their devices instead. Sad little people trying to justify their inferior products.

Kiosks in mall's have been selling and installing different color plates for iPhone for years. Nothing new here.
Besides, if you put a protective case on your phone, and you should, it can be any color you want it to be.

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Most people put a case on their phone making the color and build material a moot point.Once you put a case on your Plastic Samsung or your Metal whatever phone you have then no one knows until you remove the case. If you want colors buy a different case.

We the Android community are far more guilty of creating this supposed "inventing" misnomer than Apple is.

Why can't we just appreciate things instead of trying to tear them down? We even do it within our own community (go check out the forums for plenty of S4 v whatever debate).

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This "Apple invents colored phones" silliness is the kind of childish commentary you see in the forums from teenagers. Anytime I see this sort of thing I assume its from someone insecure in their choice of device.
I own both types of devices and funny how you rarely see this sort of thing in iOS forums. They don't spend their time obsessing over Android and which is "better" and what their choice of device means for their ego's. Rampant in the Android community though.
This from Android Central, the same site that glosses over every Android OS or device issue that comes along. GPS issues on the new Nexus 7? We don't use GPS anyway! Right.
There is really very little credibility on this site and its pretty sad and pathetic. Especially when their sister sites don't resort to such nonsense.
I feel sorry for people like this. It must be pretty awful to be so bossed and angry about the type of device other people choose.

First of all, you are very wrong. You must be very new here to question the credibility of this site. They always double check their sources; when it is a rumor they clearly state that; and when they do make a mistake, they immediately own up to it.

Second of all, the reason Android lovers (including myself) love comparing phones is that there are so many different versions and types of phones that it is somewhat of a game to see who has the latest and greatest and what problems ache all of us or just some of us. Apple and iPhone are very different because they have a limited amount of phone types and so there isn't so much of a need to "compete and compare". Also, many people who have Android know more about the specs and internals of their phone and so go into greater discussion of the differences rather than just "I have a black iPhone 5".

And if you dont tbink some iphone users are plain raving mad, go to bgr, that filth site is full of crazy I sheep. And just so you know, I love both; I have an iPhone 5, an iPad, an SGS4,and a Galaxy Nexus. So I am in no way biased to one or another.

My friend, I'm an iMore reader and 1/3 of their post are stupid apple/android comparisons. That Rene Ritchie guys is a joke, 70 lines of useless discussion are normally his posts. Phil, on the other hand, did only a funny line, no problem with that I guess.
Chill out

I'm a member over at iMore and there sure are posts about much better the iPhone is over [insert every other phone here].

"Instead of worrying about protecting Google's good name, you should spend some time with your kid."

There. Fixed it for you.

I don't worry about "googles good name". I worry about the grammatical capabilities of a good portion of the commentary on the Web today. A typo is one thing. Mangling the language is another.

Holy cow, really? That's all I read about in iphone forums. In almost every single one. There are trolls on both sides, I just hhappen to choose the correct side, that's all! LOL

Have you seen the forums on the other mobile nation sites? The only one without for the most part is the crackberry site and well, that's pretty much dying.

The trolling and flame-bait articles are rampant on both sides. If you don't like it, just skip over it. No harm no foul.

I'm Afro-American and I don't like the word "colored". Is this article really about phones are black people/colored people?See what you started Phil,a race war.Im gonna buy a white Moto X and slam it up against a wall.That'll show you white people.Black Power!!!Lighten up,it's just a joke. :-)

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Slight problem... android will get sued by apple for running an OS with colour screens

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Did I what see you there.

(Yes I meant to type it that way.)

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Lol hopefully they'll "invent" NFC this year too. MOAR NFC Devices!

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Hmmm well IMHO instead of adding 'new' features like NFC, they should make existing features like Bluetooth work.
I have a Galaxy S3 and I can send/receive files via Bluetooth to most phones, even 'dumb' phones.
However, this does not work with the smartest of phones...

PS: Nice article Phil :-)

Posted from work... during my lunch break ;-)

Yup, because we all know Motorola invented colored phones. Well them AND AT&T. Meh, click fodder; great journalism.

The difference is Motorola won't claim they did.

By the way, Motorola invented the cell phone. Literally.

Do you really believe that Apple will claim they invented the color phone? I mean, really?

Do you believe in Santa Claus too? Hold on, I think the Easter Bunny just sent me a text.

They won't use the word invented. They are smarter than that. They'll just imply it.

Remember back a few cycles when Apple had the "If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone" campaign? One of the commercials actually said, "If you don't have an iPhone you don't have iBooks so you don't have your favorite books in your pocket" That's the kind of lies they push. They pretend every incremental change they do is revolutionary. There are many more examples, including their heralding the new ear buds that are oval instead of round as if they invented it.

You guys are so lame this is a stupid headline not even a bit funny you guys act like Phil is god did you guys really laugh that hard at this pathetic

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You are getting graded; by me and everyone who is unfortunate enough to happen upon your obtuse prose.

Wow you is that not for even knowing is not being very of much get so like it say for that

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At least Apple will make sure to have an exact released date and all colors and storage sizes will be available on that date unlike Android manufacturers.

I really do despise Apple. I was a big iOS fan till the iPhone 4 but damn, they have their shit together. Here we are what a month later and no release date for a T Mobile and sprint. At&t still has exclusive to colors and the 32GB. Where's the LG G2? Wasn't that announced forever ago? The Verizon HTC One was just released a few days ago.

Where is the millions in marketing the X phone? No one outside people on the forums even knows about it. Do we really need a Galaxy Active, Galaxy Mini? Or an HTC One mini, Sony Z,B,F,Q,L,R,Y... How are those colors that are every once in a blue moon being released for 1 company working out HTC?

Android is really a mess. I won't leave it for the iPhone anytime soon but it is just ridiculous already.

It's two different business models. Apples (pun intended) versus oranges. Dictatorship versus choice. If Google cracked the whip and made manufacturers march in lockstep it would go against their culture and their overall strategy.

You first. You seemed to have worked yourself up into such a lather that you are incapable of constructing a cogent reply in the form of a complete sentence.

It warms my heart to know that the Isheep actually come to our home to rant and rave about what we are saying and doing. Does that speak volumes or what?
I wonder if they complain about what their neighbors watch on TV?

Being a Sheep and needing everyone to be just like me seems like way too much work.
Long live Android and the independent thinkers.

Pretty lame world you live in if what phone you bought tells people your a independent thinker or you are not

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Google Translate doesn't yet support nitwit to English and thus your nonsensical rantings will have to remain a mystery to me.

Too tell you the truth,he actually hurt my feelings.NOT!!!

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This is really isn't worth getting excited about. Only small useless updates specs that it won't make a huge difference.

Is there an Android blog out there that does not pull these trite, childish, bull shit games for page views. Grow up Phil. You're better than this.

No they r all babies in all the android forums. They say choice is good but if you don't pick what they like they will get Scotty J after you lol

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Its not gonna happen Phil. If there is no "i" in front of it its over their head.

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I think I rolled my eyes so hard when I saw this earlier that they almost got stuck in their sockets lol