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Analyst firm NPD reported this morning that Android phones surpassed sales of the iPhone in the first quarter of 2010. Android had 28 percent of unit sales, compared to Apple's 21 percent. Both operating systems lagged behind RIM's BlackBerry OS, which had 36 percent of the unit sales.

NBD credits Verizon's Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris and Verizon's buy one-get-on (BOGO) promotions as leading the push. Can't argue there, and it's reasonable to expect strong numbers again in the second quarter with the launch of the Droid Incredible. [Businesswire]


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Android sold more phones than Apple in Q1, analyst reports


will you get off their dicks ? my god . yall make me sick with that apple dick riding . their loosing . thats that , blackberry has been leading for years now . i like android , but why should i care if theres more blackberries on the street then my android.

if you really want to get down to it , there are more nokias out there then anything

The problem with this post is we all know that when the new iphone comes out it will kill all. Apple products are hip/trendy ppl will buy all things apple as we found out with an ipad.

I am not one of those you describe thats for sure , I dislike everything about Apple , and would never buy a product they make , the iPad is a joke and useless product

Keep in mind android is available on the Droid, Droid Eris, Blur, Cliq, Hero, Devour, Backflip, Moment, G1, MyTouch..did I miss anything?

An OS on 10 phones can beat an OS on 2 phones both around/over a year old? wow.

Behold II, Desire, Legend, Incredible, EVO 4G, MyTouch Slide, Nexus One, Liquid, Liquid E, Backflip, Xperia X10, Galaxy A, Galaxy S, Meizu M9, Acclaim, Ally, Aero, Streak, Fusion, Smoke, Thunder, Shadow and who knows what else this year.

An OS on 10 phones can beat an OS on 2 phones both around/over a year old? wow.

Really? is that your take?

Android came out of nowhere, and was on NO PHONES, and had NO MANUFACTURER to back it.

Yet in a couple years it won its way onto dozens of platforms and is now beating the big dogs in the market. Some of those big dogs have decided to adopt it in addition to (or in replacement of) their own OS.

This is not some temporal accident, to be quickly wiped out when Apple releases their next phone. This is a steam-roller charging directly up Apple's street.

Look here at the members of the Android community. Do you REALLY think Apple can prevail against this community in the long run?

Listing individual devices is totally the WRONG TAKE-AWAY. Its like assigning names to the wolf pack. Its not the individual wolf that brings down the prey, its the pack. Its Android. Not any specific handset.

Google is following the Microsoft model on this one against apple. An OS to be used in different phones; as Microsoft did with DOS and Windows for PC. Apple kept on doing the same thing it did before... Try to keep the whole pie for themselves...... Well, they lost 20 years ago against MS, they are on the same path now with Google......

Apple do not understand that full monopoly of any business model is not the way to go, it may work for a while, but in the long run, 20 brains get further away than just one.....

Hard to believe there is still so many suckers out there. Not only are they getting a crappy phone, they are joining a most likely crappy network.

Once you get off the iPhone, you find out that the network (ATT) is not all that crappy. Never a dropped call on my AT&T Nexus One. 4 or 5 a week on my iPhone.

It not the phone OS (And thusly not germane to this story). Its the hardware in the handset.

It's all about market saturation. For example, I have a ZuneHD as my mp3 player and my wife and I both have Android phones. We went to a few retailers yesterday and while browsing for a dock for the Zune, we noticed that there is only docks for the iPod/iPhone. The only way to get one for the Zune or any other device is to plug into the aux port or special order one. Same goes for cases, we also looked for a case for her phone and along the wall of iPhone accessories, we found that BBuy doesn't even carry cases for the Incredible, only had two for the Moto Droid and two for the Eris. If that is all that people see, that's all people will buy. ;)

Let the sheep have their locked down products and their starbucks let us all laugh at them when they are nickle and dimed.

Here is a quick funny story. I had a buddy (contract free) of mine ask me what phone. I told him all the best Android phones on all the networks. He asked me about Iphone I told him not to get after he played with my g1. He saw all the customization things that I've done with my phone. He got the iphone; yesterday he called me to ask how to do all these things; my resposne was either no or you have to pay to do that. There was a pause then, "Why not?" I responsed with shoulda bought an adroid phone and promptly hung up the phone, LOL!

One could almost Steve Jobs gritting his teeth and scrambling his legions of high-octane lawyers to find some way to sue Google because they're loosing market share.

Eat it, Apple.