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Mary Meeker, an investment partner at KPCB, has given a preview of her annual Internet Trends report recently, and is showing that the growth in Android smartphones is six times that of iPhone. This certainly lines up with data we've seen from IDC lately

She's using data from Gartner and Morgan Stanley to put together that figure, which is a sharp step up from the four times growth Android handsets were enjoying as of her last report in the spring. The research showed that by the end of the year there will be 1 billion smartphone users worldwide, but 5 billion mobile users total, meaning there's still a lot of folks that are due for an upgrade. It's also worth noting that the number of internet-connected Android devices surpassed the number of internet-connected Windows devices shipped in Q1 2012. Meeker estimates that by the end of 2013, 160 million Android devices, 80 million Windows devices, and 100 million iOS devices will be shipped every quarter. That certainly puts things into perspective. As great as Android is doing, iOS is still no slouch. iPad adoption is way higher than iPhone (five times faster compared to three times faster in the spring), and it's probably safe to assume that number will rise once the figures from the iPad 4 and iPad mini are factored in. 

Do these findings jibe with what you see on a day-to-day basis? Is Android really taking over as aggressively as the numbers suggest? Is it fair to pile on multiple mobile manufacturers against Apple alone in side-by-side comparisons like this? Are there really that many people still using dumbphones in the world? 

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Android smartphone adoption rate reaches six times iPhone


Sure of course people are fleeing Big Fruity. They are stuck with small handsets. A 4 inch screen is NOT for everyone, sorry. Big Fruity WAS revolutionary with the first 2 incarnations of their iphoney. But they have failed to innovate so they would rather litigate instead.

Sammy is the clear leader around the world. They make a variety of handsets for a variety of people around the world. I doubt Shaq would like a iphoney. Clearly Queen James likes the Note 2.

When Big Fruity decides to come to the table with a 4.5 inch screen then maybe people will come back. But I doubt it.

Are you being serious with your Apple comments? Since when was their any evidence to back up your claim that somehow people want 4.5" plus but not 4"? ... Are you an authority on screensizes or something because I for one don't want a phone the size of a tablet which is the way manufacturers running Android seem to be heading, why not slap phone abilities into the Nexus 7 and you can all carry those around with you.

Failed to innovate, the original iPhone set the standard that Android manufacturers have been trying to replicate ever since, with the exception of maybe Sony and HTC but Samsung, really lol ... I agree to a point, the iPhone 5 sucks imo mainly because it isn't different enough from the 4 & 4S.

On a more general note with regards to the title of this topic, I find it hard to take it serious about the amount running Android as opposed to Apple's OS but be real, a couple of devices compared to hundreds ... I'd be pretty shocked if the stats didn't back that up but it means nothing due to the sheer number of manufacturers and handsets that sport Android.

I've heard this rant a billion times before - "A couple devices versus hundreds".

It IS a fair comparison because the developer/manufacturer refuses to let anyone else show creativity in their own line. Google could have done the same thing, but the AOSP project is a living, breathing thing they have sewn the seeds for.

The strength of iOS lies in its reduction in number of devices, and software, and therefore is very simple to use. If one person has a problem, then the solution is easily cookie cuttered to all other devices...usually.

The trade off is very little selection of devices, and minimal malleability or adjustments in software for the user. (nothing you didn't know).

So the numbers do mean something, it is a perfectly relevant comparison; it's just a difference in fostering of human creativity on Googles part - instead of keeping everything on lockdown like Apple.

Otherwise, you just a comparing apples with ...

the communists of software.

"Are you an authority on screensizes or something because I for one don't want a phone the size of a tablet which is the way manufacturers running Android seem to be heading, why not slap phone abilities into the Nexus 7 and you can all carry those around with you."

The manufacturers are trying but the carriers don't want you to have just one device that you can use as a tablet/phone since it's only 1 line of service. Slowly they are working towards this by incrementally upping the screen size into tablet territory.

I can't wait until the day that I can carry around one 6" device and dock it at home as my computer (Win 8 is looking good for this). Why do I need 4", 7" and 10" devices that are essentially the same?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a bigger screen is way better for someone with giant meat sticks as fingers. I know a couple people that didn't even get a smartphone until the Note came out. The keyboard is impossible to use for a larger than average person with larger than average hands.

As far as the numbers go... it's not like it's a close race. Even with a huge margin of error it says the same story.

I agree, Android is way ahead in developing countries. If you look at countries like India where per capita income is less than 1100$ per year, people can not afford IOS products.
IOS is growing only in developed countries.

I have to add in the store rep element.

I am a tremendous Android fan, but I have to say I also don't like selling iphone because the commissions SUCK.

We aren't even told what the commissions are due to a disclosure statement - but the profit in this store is significantly better than others because we steer people (especially first time users, and kids - (Selling an iPhone to a 10 year old is like bandaging a baby chinese girls feet)) toward Android.

I understand a majority of devices are sold online, but for the 52% of folks who aren't in smart yet - they don't know what they are talking about yet and usually want help from a real person.

This real person sells more Android, because a) I think it is a better place to start than iOS, and b) I like having a job, and wouldn't have one if all I sold was iPhones because the profit is garbage.

Agreed I'm a manager of a third party retailer and it is ridiculous to see my store losing money every time we sell an iPhone so I try to convince my employees to sell android or windows cause my store can make money there

I'm assuming when you say lose money you actually mean 'make less money', because no business would carry a product in which they don't turn a profit. Just wanted to clear the air.

As to the original comment. I understand that the iPhone might not carry the best margins, but their are Android phones that carry equal margins. However, I agree that your profits are all in what you sell.

Personally, people always ask 'What's the best phone?'. Of course 'best' is a matter of opinion. Personally I consider the iPhone to be one of the most popular selling phones and Android to be the most popular selling operating system. With Android you have more choices and with Apple your options are limited. Apple holds your hand and Google sets you free.

Proud Nexus owner.

Its a flooded market with junk to quality items just like Windows computers.......just a matter of time before most people are choosing Android because thats mainly what they are seeing. The Apple faithfuls will be the ones still using iOS.

Bigger IS better. Just look at the performance of the Galaxy Note series. If Apple feels there's a market for a iPad Mini then why not offer a iPhone "Maxi" 4.5-4.7" in addition of the now-standard 4" screen.

Maybe they will if they can figure a way without causing fragmentation. Whole purpose of the iPad Mini is the res/aspect ratio being the same as the larger iPads and apps working on all devices with little if any modifications. Android you have a 3.5 screen to 5" screen on phones and 7" to roughly 10" screens on tablets and apps are all over the place.

And the whole purpose of the iPhone was to use your index finger and get rid of the stylus that you eventually misplace. I think anything over 4.5" is too large. That note is a tabphone, its too large to fit in a pocket comfortably. My co-workers look like retards running around with the HTC Rezound in its case on their belts. The stylus still has its place for art and notes, etc. But personally the phone is too big for me, anything over 4.5 is too big I think.

As a college student, I see lots of people with "dumb" phones (I wish there was a better name for them; there is nothing wrong with them), and I probably have slightly more friends with iPhones than Android devices.

Dumb phones are only used to make calls, text, and perhaps take pictures. They tend to be the old school flip phones. Feature phones are a cross between dumb phones and smartphones, which let you surf the web, check e-mail, etc. but don't have a full fledged mobile OS.

Same--most of my friends with smartphones have iPhones.

Meanwhile, me and ten other people in the world still use 'dumb' phones lol. Not invested enough to spend my own money on a data plan (especially when campus is covered in free wifi), but parents are too traditional to want smartphones.

On the tube in London I still see the majority of people with iphones. But IMO they are now the new incarnation of the Nokia phone: a basic phone for the technophobe/ old person to get. Plus you also have the element of the lamo jumping on the 'cool' bandwagon getting one.

On the subway in NYC, still iPhone dominated, and a sprinkle of blackberry.

Very few Androids..and believe me I do pay attention. I can count on one hand how many Nexus phones I've seen this year.

So I was standing in the electronics section of the newly opened Wal Mart in my area (waiting for them to price match the 16GB N7 at $200) and there was the iphone, sitting alone, running its little video loop, protected under glass, taking up all 6 feet of countertop space like the contract says it must be given.

Then there was all the android phones, randomly packed together over on the other side, hooked to there little lo-jack cables. Just the grubby display handsets, with pictures mimicing a real screen and not capable of actually being used to see how the phone works.

Thing is, there were 4 people looking over the android handsets and nobody looking at the iphone.

People are starting to get it.


I used to say iPhones were everywhere, but this year... I am seeing ALOT of Galaxy SIII's about now. More and more common.

I have to say the tide is turning in a big way. I was an early adopter of Android G1 over 4 years ago (got it the day it went on sale). People looked at my funny that first year, like what is 'Android'. Then Moto / Verizon had the OG Droid & their droid marketing.. That seemed to help quite a bit and at the start of year 2, more people knew of Android (or Droid).. It seems that 2 years ago, people asking for Android / iPhone advise on facebook seemed to be about 90% iPhone 10% (or less) Android.. Last year, it seemed to be about even w/ people 50/50 in each camp giving their advise.. This past month, I saw a couple of threads where friends were asking about making the switch from iPhone to Android (SG3 in particular), and overwhelmingly people gave the advice to go for the S3 in a big way.. It was probably 15 Android to 1 iPhone.. I even have a couple friends who are switching to Android, or even going with a Nexus 7 instead of an iPad.. The tides have turned, just time to see how big the waves get..

Please don't let Apple increase the iPhone screen size because then they will patent the larger screen size and say they patented first. Lol