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There's probably absolutely nothing wrong with your phone. No, really. So what if it's a year old? Hell, so what if it's two years old? So long as it's relatively free of dings and scratches and is in reasonably good working order, chances are you've got an above-average Android smartphone. And remember that even a mid-level Android smartphone is better than, well, everything else.

Resolve that if you can't be with the phone you love, honey, love the phone you're with

The Android world moves pretty damn fast. If your phone is the new hotness today, chances are it'll seem old and busted in a month. But it's not. If we seem to forget about your phone, try not to take it personally. We love your month-old phone. Really, we do. And you should still love your phone as well.

Every now and then I charge up my Nexus One to do something or other. And I hold that little guy (remember when a 3.7-inch screen seemed big?) in my hand, feel the smoothness and contrast of the soft-touch paint and metal -- and briefly think about making it my main phone yet again. It happens every time. For me, the Nexus One was the damn near perfect device. Not flawless, but just right.

Maybe for you that phone for you is one of the versions of the Samsung Galaxy S. That was the phone to have in 2010, no doubt. We finally got it here in the U.S. in the latter half of the year, and not too long after that, Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the Samsung Nexus S were announced. Whoops. So much for that Captivate/Vibrant/Fascinate/Epic 4G, which barely got Gingerbread and in all likelihood won't seen an official upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. 

The HTC ThunderBolt was the phone to have in the spring of 2011. The Bionic was hot for, what, a month? Now we've got the promise of quad cores and radios that work and Ice Cream Sandwich. The Samsung Galaxy S II -- which took its sweet time getting here, too -- has already given way to talk of an unannounced Galaxy S III. Same goes for the Droid 2, which was replaced less than a year later by the Droid 3. And the Droid 4 is already waiting in the wings. (Bloggers lazily love, if nothing else, the ideas of sequels.)

You get the point. It's basically like the first 15 minutes of Toy Story around here. What once was shiny and new and played with every day is relegated to the toy box. And it's a shame. There's an assumption that just because an aging Android smartphone isn't getting the latest major upgrade because the Earth turns too damn quickly, it should be put down like Old Yeller. That's ridiculous.

A Galaxy S or ThunderBolt or Nexus One with Gingerbread hardly is a worthless device. Still makes phone calls, right? Still browses the web. Still runs most Android apps. Still handles e-mail better than any device on the planet. Yeah, it might not do it as sexy as an Ice Cream Sandwich device. But it still does it. And it does it better and with more flare than any other smartphone available.

We're not helping matters any, we know. It's our job to stay up with the latest and greatest Android devices. We get to play with them all. It's insane. And we too quickly forget about what are some really great devices that are available within months for a not a whole lot of money. 

When you reach into your pocket and pull out that little glass and plastic miracle, don't look at it with disdain, simply because it's gotten a stray gray hair or two. Think of all the e-mails it's handled. All the games it's played. All the pictures it's taken. All the texts it's messaged. And how many more it has to come.

It's OK to look longingly at the next best thing. But if you can't be with the phone you love, honey, love the phone you're with.

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Android Resolutions: Love the phone you're with


@Phil. Thanks for reminding me this android is truly the best there is. I've gone through 5 android devices. (G1-bronze, Motorola Cliq XT-Rooted , MyTouch 4G-white-Rooted, Evo 3D-black-Rooted, and a Eee Pad Transformer)

The last two which I presently own will be with me for years to come.

Sent from my CleanROM 2.6.1/HoneySense 3D themed EVO 3D.

Yup, bad example.

I still love my Nexus One, and plan to keep it till it dies or LTE is widely deployed on AT&T, then I'll buy what ever Nexus is being sold at the time.

Its got warts, but so does the newer phones.

What ever I get, I'm going to avoid buying a Carrier subsidized phone.

I've had a Droid Incredible since about 3 days after it came out in April or May 2010, whenever it was. I've loved the hell out of this thing. For the first year, I was constantly looking down at it and just laughing with joy at how insanely satisfied I was with my phone. It's only now, months later, that I'm used to having such an awesome phone. And it's JUST finally starting to seem like it's not quite keeping up with the uber-phones out there, but only just. And it's probably because the ICS ROM I tried to turn into my daily OS was in the early alpha stages.

Its 8 MP camera is still right up there with the best. It has absolutely no trouble running any operating systems aside from ICS (but some overclocking fixed that). Sure, I'd love to have a front facing camera, but its not a gamebreaker for me. This has made me realize that since ALL Android phones are fully customizable, there's really no reason to upgrade other than for hardware reasons. So since I'm due for an upgrade (with $100 rebate) at VZW, I'm considering getting the G-Nex.

Do I need it? Heck no. I love my phone now as much as I've ever loved it. But having a completely hard-button-free face would be pretty sweet. A frontfacing camera would be pretty sweet. A gig of RAM would be pretty sweet. Multiple cores in my processor don't really do much, so that's not part of the reason why I'd upgrade. But having a full 720p screen would be awesome, and my phone's been feeling a little small now that I'm starting to watch movies on it more often.

Anyway, I'm just glad this article was posted. It's nice to be reminded that I'm not crazy for still being in love with this old phone. I even looked online and found that I could sell it for a few hundred on eBay. Ehh not gonna happen.

I'm in almost the same boat. I've had my AMOLED DInc since days after its release. A year later I rooted it. Then weeks after that I switched to CM7.

The phone is still awesome! Awesome enough I'm waiting for Snapdragon S4 SoC phones to come out. Then hopefully I'll be able to get out of a 4G LTE phone the 20+ hours of battery life my DInc gets me. And all of the other positives of a new phone wouldn't hurt, either. ;-)

But I won't be getting rid of my DInc, I'll just keep it around as a PMP and game machine.

Sad my Sensation and my E3D are in a drawer some place. The G-Nex came and took over this mother. But strangely the Evo 3D still holds a place in my heart... it was fast. hardware wise......sprint is just shitty.



HTC Incredible (CM7.1, GoEx). I just can't quit you.

I haven't tried ICS yet on my Incredible, have they gotten the camera part working yet?

Props for the Thunderbolt shout out (and the article)! Still very happily rockin my Bolt nine months later with no interest what-so-ever for anything new! :P

I feel the same about my Dinc! I'm waiting for something like a galaxy nexus on a 4 inch screen, maybe the next HTC phone...we will see!

Great post and good advice for me. Still rolling with my launch day EVO 4G. It has been and still is a great device. No complaints whatsoever yet the shiny dual-cores tempt me daily. I resolve to hold out for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

You wont feel the speed of the duel core on the G-Nex.. the phone is just steady not a blazing fast experience like say samsungs exy processor. Yet the G-Nex rarely if ever lags. And force closes are a non factor. So yes it takes it time but it has lesser issues.

Thanks for this. My ailing blackberry (Pearl 8130. Look it up if you don't know what it is) died of complications due to its age. So, until my contract is up I just grabbed a cheap dumbphone. (its only a few months. How bad can it be?)

I miss it. I almost brought it back from the dead, and I'm sure with more effort I could... but then I thought: If I stick with this dumbphone for a few more months, how much more will I appreciate a new Android device...even if it's 6 months old by market standards?

It also takes off some of the edge of choosing a device. I mean... they're all pretty amazing. Even the HTC Incredible S, coming up on a year old (I think. Not sure on that), is still light-years ahead of Ye Ole Pearl.

This makes me feel bad that I'm ditching my Droid 2 for a Gnex. This was a great write-up though! All too often I mistreat the little guy because he isn't a dual core superphone. But this post has helped me remember that this was my first Android phone, and it opened so many doors for me. I realize that I'm fortunate to even have a smartphone, and I would be nowhere without it. It's really opened me up to a whole new world of interests and possibilities. Thanks for the post Phil.

Kinda freaky u posted this today. Cause I bought a nexus s to try ice cream sandwich and gotta say it was awesome. But felt cramped due to the new ui. Went back to my Samsung vibrant on bionic 1.3.1 and I'm so much faster navigating. This will sound crazy but touchwiz is pretty functional. Swipe right call, swipe left message. Notification bar has toggle switches for GPS wifi etc. Long live touchwiz. I know my next phone will be the galaxy s3 not the nexus. Thanks Samsung.

Thats exactly how i feel. I love my G-Nex but Touch wiz just flies thats one bad ass ui as much as i use to hate it i love it just for the speed now. I would not mind owning a touch wiz SGS3

You said Epic 4G Touch is not getting ICS but I think you meant Epic 4G.
" So much for that Captivate/Vibrant/Fascinate/Epic 4G Touch, which barely got Gingerbread and in all likelihood won't seen an official upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. "

Sorry I'm not on here much but I have a Captivate and was wondering when did Gingerbread come out for Galaxy S? I didn't receive notification it was released in the US. I dont know how to use custom ROMs so using CM9 or Cyo blah, blah won't work for me.

HTC Hd 2 still viable it can hold its own against the sgs2 or any phone out there for that matter its almost 3 years old I'm not ready to part with it yes I would love a newer phone an have one I gave it to my wife.

The HD2 is an outstanding machine ,even after 3 years its still manners

Its enough that you can load Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango) , Android 2.3 (not sure if it got ICS yet) on top of Windows Mobile ... at the same time

The HD2 is the ultimate "Developing" device

That was a great piece of writing. It made me look at my Epic 4G and fall in love with it again. I have been thinking for the last couple of months how I could ditch it. Not anymore. You saved my Epic 4G. Thanks Phil

If I promise to keep my DX charged and ready, and talk nicely to it after I get my new GN, will that be acceptable?

That reminds me, after I activate my new phone, can I continue to use the old DX, with its apps, via Wi-Fi only, of course?

i love my galaxy s2 unlocked version i have had for more then 6 months. touchwiz is nice. but i love it even more that cm9 is on it loving ice cream sandwich :)

i still love my Evo 4g.
It was/is my first Android device
My first super Smartphone.
The work related things I can do with it still amaze me
Of course I started out with a DOS PC, green text base monitor, massive 40mb hard drive, so maybe I'm easily impressed

My fascinate took on some new life now that I finally took the leap and rooted it. What a difference that will make as I try to get the most possible use out of that!

My Droid 2 is the best smart phone I've ever had, or maybe it ties with my old Treo 700 as best. It's rock solid, runs the apps I need, the battery lasts all day AND it's a damn good phone for voice calls, which is very important to me. Maybe when the Gnex matures a bit, or maybe after the 2nd gen LTE radios appear I'll replace it, but for now it's the best device for me.

"Still handles e-mail better than any device on the planet."

Great article, but what was this line about? Let's be honest here - not to bash Android (which I love) but because a problem not recognized is a problem that won't ever get addressed.

Activesync with Exchange servers really sucks on Android - periodically they just won't send out certain messages for reasons that can't be ascertained. Certain folders just won't show up to sync. I find myself fighting with 3rd party apps to find solutions to this well known Android embarassment. They do a fine job with Gmail, but Exchange sync to the office is my lifeblood. My three blackberries (9930, 9700, and 9000) ALL were superior email devices to my Atrix and my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Love my Samsung Exhibit II 4G, I love T-Mobile's Monthly4G plan, it's so affordable. This phone will last me for years if not broken :)

I agree with all of that except the part about Android being best at handling email. No way does it come anywhere close to Blackberry devices in that department! I have yet to find a way save a .pdf file as an image from an email attachment without opening the email in the browser and images don't automatically show up every time. Blackberry has been doing email better for a long long time.

I absolutely love my Nexus S. My Pearl died just before the Nexus S arrived last December, bless its heart, it was a great phone. I knew then I wanted an Android phone -- I have always been a great fan of GPL and Open Source. I almost went for the Epic 4G but it was on Sprint, a CDMA Network, and I can't use it when I travel outside of the country. So I patiently waited for "Google's next flagship Nexus phone": pure Android, unlocked SIM, no carrier's crapwares, SAMOLED screen. It was the best decision I ever made on purchasing a phone. All the phone's endless potential opened up when I rooted it. A Firewall was all I wanted at the time and was the main reason I rooted it. Of course it didn't stop there. I took a bold move and flashed a custom ROM: CM7. Nearly freaked out when I thought I bricked it. Since then I have enjoyed flashing and trying out multiple ROMs: CM7, Oxygen, MIUI, and now ICS-flavored ROMs. The Nexus S is still going strong. Was thinking of selling it to buy the GNex, but the Nexus S with ICS is just as good as the GNex, so I'mma keep it for at least another year when the next Nexus Super Phone comes later this year with QuadCore :).

Nice Writing Phil ,

I do love my ATRIX (Yes , I admit I was tempted to get the RAZR) , its my first Super Gadget , Although it wasn't my first Android phone
Not only replaced my OG MILESTONE , but also my iPod touch , my Laptop when im home & my need for a gaming device when Im traveling

I still love my old OG MILESTONE , but my family forced me to let it go ... That phone took an abuse of a lifetime & still kicking

Dinc since launch. Still can walk into VZW store and reps are surprized that mine can do so and so. Still unrooted. Thanks to this site and a couple others I know more about my phone and other phones as well. I went over benefits and features of both the nexus and Rezound so the sales rep could make an informed buying decision. Lol. Still love my Dinc. Still think it has tons to offer.

I'm going to guess that this doesn't apply to the Motorola cliq, the most hated android phone of all time

My Samsung Infuse 4G does everything I want, and then some. Do I want a larger screen? Maybe. ICS? definitely. 4G LTE? eventually. So for now, I'm waiting a bit, at least until AT&T brings an Ice Cream Sandwich model with a 4.5" or larger screen. Good article, thanks!

I still love my Treo 755p and 800w...covered in dust and all. Of course, my EVO was put on notice today with the Sprint Nexus news.

I'll always love my Samsung Spica (GT-i5700). I really love it in spite of our initial problems, like not being able to run flash or when a couple of days after I bought it Samsung said It wouldn't update it any longer, no more than Eclair for us due to "old hardware" (not even a year old hardware, and in many cases better than newer phones with newer Android versions), or even fix the bug ridden and really broken software they made for it (ex: if you opened the camera, the processor would get stuck at full throttle, 100% usage at 800mhz until the next reboot).

But then I found and a bunch of developers. every time a developer made a new tweak for it made me love it a little more, like when they made multitouch available (despite Samsung saying it was incompatible with or phones), when they fixed the camera app or made the "impossible" Froyo Rom for it, the Gingerbread release (that it might not have a functional camera yet, but runs insanely fast compared to any previous Rom) or even the new attempts of running ICS (for what I know, it runs quite well for an early stage alpha). So it makes me sad to know that one of (if not) the main developer behind my phone is suddenly short of time.

So I think the next resolution should be: "Appreciate the developers that dedicate their own time on your phone", after all they are the ones that give your phone a second, third or even more lifes than a cat. Specially considering they tend to do it for free or just ask for a beer/donation in return (ask, not impose).

I love my phone, it has a broken camera, a dead vibration motor and some scratches (during this 2012 will get to our 3rd year rough love, jeje), but you know what, this love for it made me look for a donor Spica for its spare parts to fix it, as Samsung doesn't haves or sells spare parts for it in my country, even though it was build right here and it is still present in their page. After some time I found it and I'm buying its parts, that's how much I love my phone and this amount of "love" comes from all the stuff my phone does for me how it does it and as I said before, a great deal of it is a direct result of all the mods its running over.


Cheers and happy 2012
(by the way, English is not my first language, so the usual apologies for any bad grammar and I hope I made my self clear)

My G1 was the only phone i kept for over a year. After 20 months got the G2 but hated T-Mobiles service in central pa, went to verizon with the droid2. Got the T-bolt day of realese hated sense. So i root and couldnt find a rom that had gps, camara, and other things not working right. Now I got the nexus, the only phone on vzw that i can see keeping for a long time. Too much other stuff going on to be changing my rom every month.

I think all of us at some point have suffered from this affliction (lord knows I have). Damn you phone makers for making awesome new phones all the time!!

Great post! I've been using my myTouch™ 4G since i got it on February of 2011 and it still works fast, i haven't had any problems or lag issues so until this phone dies im not getting a new one specially when the quad cores are so close!

It's a nice article, but I feel that there is always a grey area to this, especially if we're picky, or OCD, or something along those lines.

My first smartphone was the Samsung Captivate, and I only bought it because I was 13 and knew about as much about Android as i could retain at that point, I bought it September 2010, only because it had the biggest screen and most recent OS. If the aria was bigger screened I'd have gone for that phone. The Captivate was nice, but after awhile, it couldn't stack up. The camera on mine seemed to be MUCH worse than the other (4) captivates my relatives had. TouchWiz and the RFS file system caused everything to be slow. I didn't want to root, so I didn't get Froyo until almost March, After that, I finally decided I might as well root, and put on CM7. But still, it felt slow, and no matter what, even not very graphic intensive games were having problems, overall the phone was just feeling slower over months, and me being a music maniac, the worst thing was the headphone jack busted, and only the left earbud worked, on every pair of headphones I tried. I had used an iPod that had the same problem for about 2 years before that, and i COULDN"T TAKE IT. So that basically killed i for me. I have to hate my Captivate somehow, it just wont cutt it. it's not like I want dual core, i just want something better. or maybe worse, I'd even take a nexus one, or Evo. Honestly just a phone with a working headset jack. I know it sounds like whining, i honestly am a little, but considering I paid 250 total for it, and I paid it all myself, when I was only 13, and it was most of what i saved up, I wished I'd gotten something better in return.

My Droid Inedible (pre-order -- full retail -- in my hands the night before it was officially released) is like that Phil, every once in a while I turn it on and play with it and briefly consider making it my daily driver but in the end just can't pull the trigger.

I am most certainly content with my 1 year old Droid X for one reason and one reason alone: CyanogenMod. Best decision I've ever made with my phone

This is getting a little preachy. help your blog neighbor, be content with your phone..
I hope tomorrows article is about a 5" quad core htc that streams amazon prime and not about eat all your brocolli or dont talk back to your mother...

Nice Nexus One mention, Phil. My G1 and Nexus have gotten me through since launch day in 2008. The Nexus One is still a beautiful phone and still the only Nexus with a removable SD, which makes it so much easier to run multiple configurations and multiple phones. I scan the auctions for used Nexus Ones, and it's still hard to find one for less than $200. Not bad for a nearly two year old phone, but keep in mind that it is still the only Android phone developed with no influence from the carriers.

You should spend a week or so with your Nexus One as your daily driver. You might see some of the flaws in newer phones.

Wow. this is just a great. one of the best articles i have read here
After reading this, I picked up my Nokia 5800 on my dusty drawer and charged it. When that's done, i'm going to flash it new firmwares. When I bought my Galaxy S2, I would just put my old 5800 in the corner and left in in the dust. I even had it in my bag for a week and I didn't even manage to charge it. I realized that this old and dusty phone is my first touch phone and smartphone, i was proud of it back in the days, bearing the 1st touch iteration of Symbian on any device. I would then remember the battle I had with the iFans back then lol
Thank you for this amazing article

I guess someone has to be the cheerleader to try and make us feel good. Still the fact remains that most of our phones our no longer supported by the manufacturers.The bugs and security issues continue to exist despite mobile purchases skyrocketing. I still have 7 months to go before I upgrade my D2. I see no comfort in this article at all.

I purchased my Droid Charge on launch day and its been the best phone i have ever owned!I have never wanted to replace it yet and even when i did want something else, I realized i really wanted a tablet. It did take rather long for Gingerbread to come to this phone which was annoying, but when it came it just made me want to hold on to it even longer.The sscreen res. is amazing and its still really fast.....i wont be getting a new phone for a while!

Went from a OG Droid to Droid X, now a Nexus Prime. I still rock my OG droid as needed and use it on WIFI all the time. Not so much the Droid X as it overheats like crazy. (Note:I know I should say 'Galaxy Nexus' but Nexus Prime is just flat better.)

This post described me PERFECTLY. I've had the OG droid for two years and we have had a serious love/hate relationship. It has been acting up in the past few months and I waited ever so patiently for the Galaxy Nexus to be released on Verizon. I jumped at the chance to get it. While ICS was amazing and the LTE was pretty nice, it was by far the worst phone that I've ever owned. I'm glad for those that have working models. Mine was just plume awful. bad battery life, little to no signal for hours upon hours, overheating, terrible call quality etc. I returned it for my old phone and am honestly happier with a phone that I can use and that can make calls. So disappointed but definitely learning to love the one I'm with. LOL

I would consider myself a pro at this. You definitely have to love your Droid Eris to keep it the full two years! Now that I moved on to a Galaxy Nexus I am in heaven, but I will always remember my Eris and all the overclocking, rom-flashing fun that made it last so long.

I kept my Evo 3D when I moved up to the Sammy G2. I still use the Evo 3D as a wi-fi device in a dock next to my bed. I can check and send email, web, etc, which is synced to the Sammy. Gotta love it.

I love my Photon. It's fast and the screen is beautiful to my eyes. The camcorder is perfection and the look of the phone is not the typical "hey I look like a black rectangle" like every other android phone. The phone is perfect for my job. My office building was built as a bomb shelter by the WWII vets that designed it. I tried the SG 2 Epic 4G Touch and had to go outside to make calls. The radios in the Photon keeps my phone with full bars and I'm able to make and receive crystal clear calls inside. It is a great PHONE!!!

rooted thunderbolt, and i still feel like it performs as good or better than most of the stock versions of anything released this year. this was well put. thanks!! and just when i was begining to think about complaining about the battery getting worse....BAM....the rezound is released and the battery (1620 instead of 1300 and on sale over the holidays for $20) fits my tbolt!!!!!! so a $20 battery and flashing a new ROM here and there, and i get a new phone every couple of months!!!

Yeah I'm terrible. I joined the android camp with the Galaxy Nexus when Jelly Bean came out, went to the Nexus 4 and now the HTC One. I think I'll stay put for atleast another year and maybe wait until the HTC M9 comes out.