Android market share riding high on dumbphone conversions

ABI Research has revealed their Q1 2014 mobile phone shipment tally broken up by operating system. Android still leads the way with 44% share and 24% growth since last year, plus another 13% from manufacturers participating in the Android Open Source Project. iOS holds onto 10%, which though Apple saw shipments increase by 17%, their market share has dropped by a baseline percentage point since 2013. Windows Phone sits at 3%, which is up 119% from last year. Dumbphones take up the last 30%.

BlackBerry barely registers on the chart, having shipped 550,000 BlackBerry 10 devices and 750,000 legacy BlackBerry OS devices in the last quarter, by ABI's count. ABI posits that the 5% retraction in feature phone owners and the growth in Android suggests that Google's platform is the one users are making the smartphone switch to, but there are still a lot of people that have yet to upgrade.

It will be interesting to see how the tides turn while the rest of the world moves on up to smartphones, and what else manufacturers can do to win them over, other than racing to the bottom with prices. What do you guys think of the trends shown here? Are they representative of what you see on a day-to-day basis?

Source: ABI Research


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Android market share riding high on dumbphone conversions


Indeed. They sold Moto X numbers right there. How pathetic for a premium Android phone

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Dumb phone conversions are the primary reason why Android commands 80 percent of the market to begin with. The amount of people leaving iOS to Android is not as high as people think.

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It's called apple insider for a reason. Do you have a source that isn't biased towards one direction or another?

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He obviously doesn't realize AppleInsider is known as the most anti-Google site on the net.

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I hope this is true... because I believe Android's market share is becoming high. Don't get me wrong, I love my Samsung Android phones and cannot stand Iphones and probably will never own anything Apple... BUT competition GREAT for the consumer and it keeps these companies continuously improving by coming out with better devices at better prices... Monopolies are not great for consumers.

I just cracks me up when you see people get so upset in these Android/Apple debates over which is better... Just be happy you have a choice to pick something you like, and not stuck with one device that is suppose to fit everyone at an outrageous price.

I find it interesting that all their charts list "Apple vs Samsung" while making references to Android as a whole...

Either way, I'm sure that the iPhone finally becoming available in China resulted in some people dropping the cheaper Android devices for an iPhone.

He's probably correct, if you only look at the last few months. The iPhone started shipping in China and (I think) some other emerging markets for the first time, so I have no doubt that some people who owned the cheaper Android-based devices jumped over to iPhone. We'll see if it lasts.

I suppose smartphone adoption will stop a long time before everyone has converted. There are a ton of people who will not pay for data on a smartphone. I would imagine once most people have made their choice between iOS or Android (and Windows I guess, LOL) they probably are not going to switch. Especially if they pay for apps and get locked into an ecosystem.

Is there a market for a thinned down, more stable and less data dependent Android OS for 3-3.5" screens. Current cheap smartphones are just dumb.

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