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Here's the latest look at the breakdown of Android operating system versions -- fragmentation, if you will. More than a quarter of Android devices are now running Android 2.1 -- that includes the Droid, Nexus One, Legend and Desire. A goodly number -- 38 percent -- are still on Android 1.5, and Android 1.6 makes up nearly 32 percent of the gene pool.

By comparison, way back in December, Android 1.6 led the way at 52.2 percent, followed by Android 1.5 at 27.7 percent, and Android 2.0.1 (which had recently been released for the Droid) at 14.8 percent. [via Android Developers blog]


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Android 2.1 now on more than a quarter of Android phones


I am the proud owner of Motorola Cliq; I'm part of that 38% still running 1.5, waiting for 2.1 whenever that will be.

Uhm, the N1, Legend and Desire shipped with 2.1? So that does not show'google reducing fragmantation' in my opinion. The Motorola Droid is still the only device updated to 2.1, which is a step against fragmentation, right?

the bad part is that most still are on 1.5 and 1.6 :(

even though plenty of those are probably because of motoblur, it's still sad.

It's crazy that 1.5's market share has grown from about 1/4 to 1/3 since December and Google still doesn't support it in their app updates (maps, goggles, et al).

well, hero has sense to slow them down as well. but whats delayed the moment, g1, mt3g, etc. from going to 2.1 long ago? of course sprint says its still on track for Q2...

I don't understand why carriers take so long to just update. I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, I'm genuinely curious, why do they take so long?

I hope Google doesn't slow down the progress of Android just so other devices will catch up. I was completely clueless about this entire updating process, and lucked out by picking Nexus One as my android device and glad I got what I got because I keep hearing that N1's will get updates without carrier approval first.