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Because swiping is too simple and gestures have already come and gone, Amazon's upcoming (but still unannounced) smartphone will rely heavily on tilt features to interact with its user interface, according to BGR. No new images of the UI were shown, but BGR references a number of use cases — and that traditional menu buttons aren't even a part of apps. This ... should be interesting.

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Amazon's smartphone reportedly full of tilt features


This. BGR is well known as the Fox News of tech sites. I would never cite those morons.

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Well, at least its not as bad as those liberal sites who say us conservatives are out to 'destroy' the earth with our 'backwards' thinking.

Got Nexus?

All news sites suffer from the rush to be first, rather than worrying about whether or not they are correct these days. You can find half a dozen examples for any news agency with a few minutes of Google search.

Let's not start a political argument here, though.

Well, it's not that "liberal sites" are saying that. It's that a handful of very vocal conservatives seem to take great pleasure in putting forth their own brand of "intelligence" and "education". io9 recently had a new writer come aboard and his very first post was basically, "Holy crap! Can you believe the things said at the following meeting by a number of conservatives?!" He then did nothing but list exact quotes.

"Backwards" thinking would be putting it mildly.

Yes, there are idiots across the board on all sides, but none so bad as on the conservative side. And really, the fact that you put "Fox News is (mostly) truthful in their reporting" and likely meant that worries me. I'm neither liberal nor conservative, but I think it goes without saying that Fox News is as far from truthful as you can get.

A phone isn't a pinball machine. 'Tilting' the phone as a primary way to get it to respond is a terrible idea. How does it respond when it is laying on a table?

I don't think this is what anyone had in mind when they said the Amazon UI on their devices isn't very good.

If you can't figure out how tilting to do stuff works without having to ask someone it will not be successful. However I do not count out Amazon even if their first phone is not successful. They'll just keep plugging away until they get something the masses like.