Event set for online retailers hometown of Seattle

Amazon's got a big ol' banner up on its home page inviting folks to its "new device unveiling." Click through, and you see a video of folks obviously looking at a phone or tablet. And marveling at how it moves them.

Sound familiar?

Amazon's phone has been rumored for years — yes, that long — and it looks like it might finally be on the way. That fits in with recent leaks out of BGR, including renders and prototype shots, and word that it'll come with some sort of movement and tracking system that will allow the user interface to flow with your motions. Amazon's event sign-up page makes note of developing apps for a "novel type of sensor" and asks developers how they've "used gyroscopes, accelerometers, compass, or other sensors in your app," building on that idea.

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quailallstar says:

Entered. Hope I get chosen!

LG Optimus G Pro

imneveral0ne says:

This isn't a contest...

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quailallstar says:

Yes it is. A contest to be invited to Seattle on June 18th; via the Amazon site of course.

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ScottColbert says:

Obviously you didn't watch the end of the video.

intrepid359 says:

Aw, crap. You missed the sarcasm.

millions of Amazon customers will be disappointed...

at least those who don't like phone screens with 3D !!!!!!!!!!

don't forget, it's also NOT an iPhone. :(

intrepid359 says:

You're right. It may not have much going for it, but at least it's not an iPhone.

Even an iPhone is better than this.

mattopotamus says:

Exactly. It was rumored a while ago. A 3D phone that has a screen that tilts when you move it side to side or top to bottom. Probably $250 or a little more.

frettfreak says:

I am gonna reserve judgement for when i actually see the phone, but from what i have already heard, this sound WAY to gimmicky to actually be useful.

s2weden2000 says:

Aijphoney is out...

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

NoYankees44 says:

Hmm could be interesting. I always like potential competition. Even if they force users to use their dedicated store and deny areas to other like the fruit company does.
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*access to others*

schnoid says:

If it's limited to the amazon app store like all the other amazon devices, then there's no way I'm even considering it.

intrepid359 says:

If it's sold at cost, install a ROM.

quailallstar says:

Nothing is limited (no WiFi calling nexus 4 port need not apply) once the folks on XDA get a hold of this :-)

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jdbii says:

What are the rumors for display size?

intrepid359 says:

Between 4 and 6 inches.

tastisnax says:

And it will cost between $100 and $600

jdbii says:

Be honest.

anubis2kx says:

4.7 inches.

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ErnstMach says:

Hey, if it is small, unlike other flagships *cough* htc samsung lg *cough*, I'd be interested!

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paisley99 says:

Amen. I think it will be slightly smaller than the Sammy 5.

Hiberny says:

Has anyone seen any credible info on carriers? All I've seen so far is speculation.

The fact that I couldn't just take a Kindle Fire LTE to T-Mobile made me never look back.

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kcerica says:

I'm going to hold off on judgement until I know the off contract price. The specs should be pretty good for today's newer standards. Of course it'll be tied down to the amazon infrastructure but it'll be rooted and running gapps with the play store and looking like a regular android phone with custom roms shortly after release.

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SlobJunkie says:

It does seem like when they show the guys, it looks like they're staring at their crotch. and looking around the sides of their gentleman sausage.

tastisnax says:

And they are SO impressed with what they see. Aren't we all? So proud.

ErnstMach says:

"I have never seen anything like this!" rofl

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Clak says:

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that was a bit weird. Without the context of an Amazon phone, this is a really strange ad lol.

savdini says:


Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

Notice the reflection in the woman's glasses around 0:42 looks like a tablet or phone

bubba3595 says:

Looks like she is holding it with one hand, I would assume phone.

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figueroaw says:

You Darn CSI people! lol

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quailallstar says:


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robocopvn says:

I can 99.99% this device has 3D screen :D :D I've been the same with the HTC EVO 3D :D :D

stanlm2 says:

I'd still use my 3D (I like the form factor) if only it could run jellybean without missing some drivers. Prefer the 3D to my evo4glte, nexus4 and moto g.

theShiz says:

Too bad it won't have any Google services on it. Fail. I'll never understand the people who have an Android phone and then also have the Fire tablet and purchase the same Android apps twice. Crazy. For what? So you can enjoy Amazon Prime video??

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bswitzer1 says:

Amazon has an app for their store that can be installed from the apk... They probably only purchase the apps once there

The iWindows8Nexus4?

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kinster02 says:

No Google services = automatic pass.

From my Note 2 to you

Abionic says:

Sex toy?

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Via HTC One

flychinook says:

Apple lawsuit likely June 19.

if selected to attend the June 18 event, will Amazon send
their corporate jet to pick me up and fly me to Seattle?

or will I have to drive myself on the 1900-mile roadtrip to

Aclee says:

Love my Kindle Fire HD but lack of Apps is frustrating. No Clash of Clans or Hey Day etc. The Facebook App never gets updated etc. It's a shame because Amazon have great free app promotion and coins giveaways, I've earned £30 worth of Coins to buy premium apps in the last Month alone. It's lazy on the developers part I guess as these apps work fine I've installed them via apk sideloading. Hopefully this Amazon phone should push forward development.

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"It's lazy on the developers part I guess"

There are payment issues involved as well. Perhaps Amazon has changed recently, but there are several stories out there of developers joining the Amazon App store, getting burned, and then leaving. Do a search for the PocketCasts Amazon app, for instance.

mattopotamus says:

Hopefully a phone that appeals to more people than the kindle tablets can change the app selection/updates.

deeb215 says:

I'm going to let Amazon be great for the moment.

akarol says:

I'm excited!

An amazon phone? Ew would rather get an iPhone 5s.

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Impulses says:

The elusive Amazon phone, possibly the only unicorn more rare than the large form factor iPhone...

MultiPlatt says:

I am looking forward to seeing the product they put out but my question is, Will they go 64bit? be interesting to see.

Zam says:

I'm going on record. My guess: they have found a way to scan many products in the Amazon storefront, such that when you move your head around, you can see the products from different angles.