Amazon's new Fire Phone was announced today, and in addition to the quad-core 2.2GHz processor and 2GB RAM, it will be sporting a 13MP f2.0 rear-facing camera. If you were worried that the Fire Phone wouldn't be great on-the-go camera — don't be. There's plenty here to rival the latest and great on-device cameras.

The dedicated camera key will fire up the camera app, and simply tap it a second time to take a photo. The camera also features optical image stabilization (OIS) and a five element sensor, making for some great low-light photos. Perhaps best of all is that Amazon is offering unlimited cloud storage of photos for Prime customers — not too shabby.


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Amazon's Fire Phone features a 13MP f2.0 camera and unlimited cloud storage


Snap away planet Earth !
If you were already in their eco system, this is icing on the cake.. and will make a damn fine device to own.

Shouldn't that be a five element lens? (rather than sensor) Elements is often the terminology used to describe the number of glass components making up the lens; whereas size, resolution, and whether it's BSI is what's usually used to describe a sensor.