It has been about six months since we heard rumor of Amazon building their own smartphone, so naturally it's time to hear it again. Making the rounds today on the Internet is news that Amazon has partnered with Foxconn and the new Amazon phone is already being built. Supposedly coming in the middle of 2013, it would bring yet another player to the mobile OS race, one with deep pockets and who likes to win.

If these rumors pan out -- and they could very well be true -- what can Amazon bring to the table that we don't already see from current competitors? Google has already delivered high-end hardware and rock-bottom prices, and Apple has a superb content library and delivery method with iTunes. It makes sense to think that Amazon is trying to do both.

As we see with the Kindle Fire line of tablets, Amazon can marry low prices and a great ecosystem together. It is reasonable to think that they would do the same with a smartphone. We can see a low priced, decently spec'd generic looking smartphone from Amazon, running some variant of Android, that is fully tapped into Amazon's content library.

For a lot of folks, this would be a compelling option. But until we see Mr. Bezos announce something, we only have rumors. This one is just getting interesting, folks.

Source: CENS; via Engdaget


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Amazon once again rumored to be building their own smartphone


If they are going with android as a base, I don't think they'll be able to get away with what they did on the Kindle Fires. I can put up with the reduced market selection on my tablet because that wasn't what I bought it for, on a phone though, I couldn't do without the Google apps (maps, talk, voice, etc) and the full market.

No info has been given about the os it will be using. If it is forked android, like their tablets, there is no way it will be apart of the handset alliance and will have any google apps whatsoever, big fail. Considering Amazon has ordered 5 Million phones to be produced by foxxconn, they are definitely banking on it. I know foxxconn makes the iphones but I don't know what other phones they make, and I highly doubt it'll be an ios or windows version since all their apps are android based and won't be seamless between 2 devices. If the Amazon phone is forked android not apart of the handset alliance , I'd bet it will have nothing but gingerbread on it.

i don't know why people would think amazon is build there own phone. With all the services amazon offers do you really think they then want to deal the the carriers on top of that they have enough headaches to worry about with the states wanting to collect taxes from them

they sell phone. They aren't sending any updates ota or have to deal with carrier's dog sh*t slow update/test process.

right, they haven't done that yet but they do have good relationships with diff carriers cause they are in contact for promotions, new phones, and contract prices

Who says it would be sold by any carrier? Probably would be sold on amazon and in box stores as an unlocked device, which leaves Verizon and sprint out as options. But good news for At&t and T-mobile fans.

+9000 I think the path of least resistance would be to just introduce an unlocked handset. That cuts out a lot of the fees and headaches of releasing a phone on a single carrier. Not to mention, introducing a GSM unlocked handset would allow Amazon to sell it around the world, and not just in the US.

+9000 I would absolutely love to be able to dual boot Android and webOS on an unlocked phone. I think it would be interesting if Amazon bought Gram and created a webOS phone.

The only thing that webOS was better at was using the cards multitasking. My original EVO's USB broke while I was waiting for the Optimus G to be released so I reactivated my Pre...IT WAS PAINFUL!

Lol. I wouldn't know how webOS worked on a phone: I was first introduced to webOS when I bought an HP Touchpad. The cards' multitasking was amazing.

Google is treating me well .. i apsolutely LOVE amazon and buy everything from there (and Ebay) but no thanks lol.. i'm loving the G-ecosystem =)