Adobe Flash for Android

For those of you who worry about this sort of thing, Adobe has updated its graphic list of which Android devices it supports for Flash Player 10.1. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been added, and the missing Droid Incredible has been added as well. I expect the thank-you e-mails to reach my inbox shortly. [Adobe]

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JagoX says:

How about the missing Droid X ;)

Neat! Does This Mean I Can Install The Full Verison Of Flash (Not The Beta) On My HTC Incredible?

JagoX says:

I think that's the whole point of the article ;)

romma says:

I have had Flash 10.1 on my phone since the update. I just went to the Market (just in case) and it said "installed"...

Of course it's installed, but Phil doesn't have a DI himself so he would not know that ;-)

Oh and as for the DX, it's not listed because it does not have an official Froyo update yet ;-)