Acer Liquid Grow

Acer has announced it'll bring the Liquid Glow Android 4.0 smartphone to Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona, Spain. The Liquid Glow sports a 3.7-inch display and will be available in the colors you see here -- Sakura Pink, Alpine White and Cat's-eye Black. (Otherwise known as black, white and pink.) It's got a 5-megapixel rear camera with Flash, has NFC and will be available in the summer.

Source: Acer; More: Complete MWC coverage


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Acer bringing the Liquid Glow Ice Cream Sandwich phone to Mobile World Congress


I'm glad to see companies still making smaller phones. I personally like around a 4" phone (INC2), if I need screen space I have a tablet for that. entry level phones have a market, and it's great to see ICS and NFC being incorporated into them!

3.7"...for the people who want to pretend they have an iPhone.

j/k...but at least this is an option for people who claim they hate bigger screens.

I agree. I mean the virtual buttons really are a nice touch. The fact that no other manufacturer is doing it makes me wonder if it will be ditched on the next Nexus.
I hope not

This is nice looking phone though. Too bad its entry level. Im surprised that a company like Acer, and I believe this is their FIRST android phone, would make it entry level. If they plan to steal market share, then they should have made this thing a beast. And with their hardware, I cant see why it wouldnt have been.

The full specs arent even listed, how do you know its entry level, because it doesnt have an 8 inch screen?! This is NOT Acers first phone, they just dont sell any in the United States as of yet.

Something is wrong with the phone /picture/software. ICS use only 3 buttons but this device have 4 :)