The move was announced by Motorola's parent company Lenovo, at its TechWorld event in Beijing today. The new Chinese Moto Maker is available now at, where prices for custom Moto Xs start at ¥2,799 ($451). Like its Western counterpart, China's Moto Maker will allow customers to change the phone's colors and materials to suit their tastes, including the premium wood and leather options buyers in the U.S. have been enjoying since late 2014.

As part of a special launch promotion, Chinese buyers can also bag a Moto G (2014) from Moto's Chinese store from ¥999 ($161), or the Moto X Pro — the China-only, Moto-branded version of the Nexus 6 — for ¥3,999 ($645). The regular Moto X without any customizations can be had for ¥2,699 ($435). The introductory pricing will run through until June 2.