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Hey, I've got absolutely no problem with Joe Belfiore, the man in charge of "definition and design" for Windows Phone, apparently tweeting from an Android device. In fact, I've long raved about how much I like the way Windows Phone 8 looks, even if it lacks the functionality of Android. I've covered enough Windows Phone events to recognize that dude knows his stuff. And I dabble with Windows Phone (and soon, BlackBerry 10) on weekends, to help keep familiar with what else is out there. Using other platforms makes good sense.

But the official Twitter app? C'mon, Joe. You can do better than that. In fact, here's a a quick primer on some much better (and more functional) Android Twitter apps. Give 'em a shot.

Thanks, Andre, for the inadvertent tip.


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ZOMG: Windows Phone design lead Joe Belfiore tweets from Android


What better way to see what your missing than to play with the competition, also it is refreshing to use other phones. Only real fan boys/girls will refuse to use another product, I'm starting to get bored with my Android so I am about to put my sim back in my 920, and because my wife uses a iPhone I get to play with that all the time.

Totally agree. I'm using a DNA now, but have a 4S and L920 sitting right here on my desk. And oh yeah, typing on a Surface RT. I can't wait until all this name calling and fanboy stuff stops. People that love tech rock many devices.

That being said, this dude should probably be more careful when tweeting from another device, just because of his position at MS.

Very true, but I'm sure he knows what he is doing and if there are no more Android tweets than we know it was a mistake on his part.

I can't say that I necessarily agree. Yes, some tech fans do use multiple devices but I think it is shooting you in the foot in a sense. You buy into an ecosystem. You are better off staying within your chosen ecosystem for synergy and economic reasons.

Not true, I been using a SP since the G1 and I have yet to buy one app, I also don't really use apps, and yes I know I am in the minority but I feel apps are overrated and I just never understood this app talk. I am very platform agnostic and love it this way, been like this even before I was a SP user. I use multiple flavors of Linux, and Windows, and just like the iPhone my wife has a MBP. This is a win win for me.

I don't agree with that, mobile apps arent that expensive. I have around $50 worth of apps on both windows phone and android and around $150 on iPhone, but that was accumulated over a couple years (around 2 years for windows and android and 4 years for the iPhone) That's around $2 a month, hardly worth worrying about.

And music is all drm free if you buy them, and subscription base music is available multiplatform. Subscription videos are also multi platform, only lock in might be iTunes movies, but you only lose the capability of syncing those to your phone.

If the apps you need are available on other platforms, there really isn't a reason you can't jump from platform to platform. The only major thing might be 3rd party accessories, such as a car dock or speaker dock, but if your really should buy platform agnostic accessories.

Except that twitter is free. Plus a lot of people in the tech world have 2 devices, one personal and one for work. I just hope windows isn't going to be like apple and steal androids innovation and call it their own. Windows phones suck, but I do like what I've see on the Surface Tablet, I really want to try it out

No people who are rich have many devices. I would love to have an iphone 5 as well as my gs3 but that's not possible. Therefore most people must justify their decision of which phone they choose.

No people who are rich have many devices. I would love to have an iphone 5 as well as my gs3 but that's not possible. Therefore most people must justify their decision of which phone they choose.

I think he can tweet from any device that he wants because of his position. If every Nokia designer and engineer was using an iPhone and SGS3 then Phil's next weekend toy would be much cooler. If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.

Can he do better than that? The last time we had a poll either here or in the forums, the official Twitter app was still voted the top choice. That wasn't even very long ago iirc.

Just proves what many of us have been saying for years... Use the mobile platform that works best for your personal and/or business use case. I use Android for my phone because of the integration with Google service which I use all the time but tablet wise iPad just has the apps and form factor that works better for my job.

I agree that you should keep your eye on your competition, but that should be done behind the scenes. The head of WP design tweeting from an android device doesn't exactly bolster the WP image, and marketshare figures indicate WP needs all the help it can get.

I'd rather use the official Twitter app and not have to worry about tokens or excessive API calls. If I hated Twitter that much for how they are crushing third-party developers, I wouldn't be using their network at all.

Ya but that would be so controlling if MS forced them to use Windows Phone...everyone would quit because they all know it's perfume sprayed on a corpse :P

Duh. Of course he uses Android phones but you don't send a tweet about how great your phone is from a competitor's product. That's PR stupid.

not news guys, he has a GS3, and he mentioned in interviews that he uses competitors products so he can compare and contrast.

my local Mercedes dealer has a salesman who drives American cars EXCLUSIVELY.
I've know him for about 15 years, but he's worked at the same dealership for
longer than that. I once asked him befor signing a purchase agreement on a
new MB.

His response was very diplomatic. :D

Me: why do you keep driving American cars
Him: Gotta support the American auto industry... proud to be driving American cars
Me: but you sell GERMAN cars... a Mercedes, no less
Him: well, I'm counting on my customers to keep buying Mercedes... Germany is our ally and we must keep trading with them.... sign here and here, please....

Slow news day....M$ probably doesn't care about how much better Carbon is on android, they would care how well the official Twitter app runs on android though. If only Nokia made a device like the 620 but running stock android - I bet you it would sell like hotcakes.

I'm using a Lumia 900 to supplement my Nexus 4 (I got a good deal on it and needed a second phone for work) and there is definitely lag. Or maybe just slow compared to my Nexus. Maybe because of the simplistic interface and lack of multitasking there is less perceptible lag but I can hardly stand to use it except for calls while I have WebEx up on my Nexus 7 or iPad and Good running on my Nexus 4.

Also, the app selection is really, really bad, and the browser really, really sucks compared to WebKit. Thought it wouldn't be as bad as is claimed but I'm not sure how anyone could be satisfied with it as their only device.

Didn't notice any lag here on my 822. Apps seem pretty smooth, no laggier than android to open. I get much better lte connectivity than I do with my nexus. Getting information is a bit tedious but easily enough managed. Battery life is three or four times as good as my nexus. Something to be said for the minimal's nice to switch around a bit for me.

Good for Windows. I'd be worried for them if they completely ignored what their competition was doing.

Here's a thought... if you RTFA, you'll see the device he's referring to is a Lumia 620. Now if you want a real rumor... Anyone wonder if MS has ever considered putting an Android app environment into Windows Phone? :)

Guys, this is normal practice. Know they enemy well. I think we had a post earlier with the Black Berry VP using an Android and even a few Apple managers using android as well as Google people carrying an iPhone.

You really want to see what functions your competitor does better than you.

Nice! It makes sense though for them to try out other phones too... just like i love to test out other platforms than the one that I'm using at the moment whenever I can get my hands on one!

Coming from a WP7 Samsung Focus to Android's HTC One X, there are some things I miss. Mostly the music and game hubs. The OS itself was incredibly smooth, but the apps were not. (3 second delay for the flashlight app to toggle the light on or off...etc.) And most of the apps felt like they were made by amateurs. Still, I enjoyed WP enough that I almost got lured back by the 920. I will continue to check in on WP's progress before I buy any future devices. As for M$ using competitors tech, they talk openly on Major Nelson's Xbox podcast about their Apple devices. And I work for a bank that just launched a mobile deposit app. I know for a fact they used competitor's apps as part of their R&D. I think that's typical in any business.

He's probably quoting a article about an 822. It's the best free phone on Verizon right now. I got one to switch up for a while. Always nice to get my nexus back in hand. Like everything about that phone except notifications.