Telenav-Sprint EVO 3D contest

What could be better than the possibility of winning one of the hottest phones of the summer? How about two free phones? We're giving away not one but two Sprint HTC EVO 3D's, with some help from the folks at Sprint and TeleNav, whose TeleNav GPS Navigator app comes preloaded on the EVO 3D and is FREE for Sprint subscribers.

Here's what you need to do to enter:

  • Follow @telenav, @sprint and @androidcentral on Twitter.
  • Leave a comment on this post, including your twitter handle.
  • Contest ends at 5 p.m. PST July 15, 2011, at which time two winners will be picked at random (provided you followed the instructions above).
  • It's a Sprint phone, so you need to be in the United States. (Sorry, world.)
  • Telenav's offering the hardware only. Prize(s) estimated retail value is $600 per phone, or $1,200 total in prizes.
  • We can't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do.

That's it, folks. Follow us all on Twitter, and leave a comment here. Good luck!


Reader comments

Win one of two EVO 3Ds from TeleNav, Sprint and Android Central


Thank you for the chance to win!

Twitter: @gueeey

Already following @Sprint @AndroidCentral @Telenav

Sprint has great service, telenav is a great application and androidcentral is the best place for anything android!


I think I have the oldest Sprint Android phone known to man. My old Hero could use an update My handle is @sirjerkface so pick me!

Wow! Would love to finally use some Sense 3.0 & 3D! Thanks Sprint, Telenav, and of course Android Central (the best!) :D


This phone looks awesome, I read Android Centrals review and this phone would be quite the upgrade for me. Thanks for the opportunity!!

Twitter: Lightthewayhome

please help make my future phone become my present phone! =)
twitter: android_tony

I follow @androidcentral, @sprint, and @telenav.
I would love to win one of these phones!!!
Please pick me!!!

My twitter handle is @agentorange80

Thank You!

It would rock my socks and make me androidally happy if you picked me!
Twitter: @Normally1

Ive been debating switching from Verizon to Sprint and this would be the perfect oppourtunity to make that happen!
Twitter: nikkiann0100

this would probably be the only reason I would continue using an android phone, if i won it. HTC hero is crapping out and leaving a nasty after taste. Seeing as I hardly ever win anything... I'll try anyways, no loss in trying.


I just became eligible to upgrade my phone with Sprint. It would be awesome to replace my old Pre with Evo 3d. Twitter: @vijayd81

I would love to win a EVO 3D, It would replace my Epic 4G. I need a phone that will get the newest firmware updates. Sucks that Epic didnt get an offical Froyo update.

Twitter: @rice71

I think that @megrnelson should win because she likes phad thai, waffle cones and Seattle deli!

Oh wow, this would be perfect for the wife and I. We're looking to switch since we're on month to month now.
Twitter: @busko

Would be great to give this to my wife so we can share 3D photos.

Twitter: @TheyCallHimKJ

It would make my year to win an evo 3D!!!!
Twitter: LBKing83. #TeamAndroid

I would love to win an EVO 3D, I've never won any sort of contest before so this would be awesome. Thanks
Twitter - @antjones21

Thanks for giving me a chance to win this great phone. I've been wanting to upgrade from my Palm Pre to an Android for a while but cant't afford to! Twitter: @dazyowl

@themarmar I would love this for my daughters birthday. Things have been hard for us this year. My husband commited suicide 3 months ago, so things are really tight among being hard to deal with.

I will donate my old EVO 4G for Sprint to a developer from Android Central! Fair trade and keeps the planet greener for a bit longer.

Yep, an HTC Evo 3D would be pretty sweet considering I need a new phone. I just got the Asus Eee Pad Transformer and love it, but it took my money for a lil' ol' new phone. Oh well, maybe I'll win this one.... BTW, hit me up at @civilized_male on Twitter. Android fanatic and developer here!!!

I have been OBSESSED with my Evo ever since I got it almost a year ago. I have been drooling over the 3D, but due to contract and money situation, it isn't currently an option for me to go out and buy. I love that you guys are offering 2 3D's, I would flip out if I got one. Cheers!


Hey, I trying to win the phone, and just started at pitt going for my PhD, don't have the money to buy a new phone, and could use for school. Twitter: zMjayyy

I would love to win the 3D just sign up for college going for PHD I really could use a fast and newer phone don't have the money for it. Thanks Twitter:zMjayyy

I would love to win these for my Android loving wife and me. Help me out @telenav, @sprint and @androidcentral.

My Twitter: @kamikaze_beats

Would BE great to Win This For My Wife So she can Replace her EVO and get this Great New Phone.

Awesome giveaway. That Friday I'll become U.S. Citizen, This phone could be the best gift!!!
Twitter: jdcastillo

That would be awesome ..perfect gift for my b-day 7/15 thanks for the chance to win
Twitter : @frito_trucker

Wow evos have the first everything. I use my phone for everything so this would be perfect for me especially since I was thinking about takin a trip across country

it'd be pretty awesome if i won the phone. i activate it often for customers & feel bad because im stuck with this laggy samsung epic, which doesn't seem to even be getting gingerbread any time soon. [cries] you see how long it took us to get froyo? anyway, please?

twitter: nerdythevirgo


I think that the EVO 3D is a very nice looking phone. I would like to win one. Android rules!

Perfect timing! I've been coveting the 3D and am ready to replace my Samsung Moment.

Twitter: @MacEanruig

Would love to win this for my wife. She is stuck with a crappy Palm Pixi and is jealous of my OG EVO. :-). @bigos_78

Having used the 3D a lot, its a great device! I'd love to win one!Twitter: @Fumetsu2

Would love the win of these phones then I could put to rest this dinosaur I've be using
following @Sprint, @ AndroidCentral and @Telenav


I totally think @forgottenninja deserves an Evo 3D.. It's rough working for Verizon but being on Sprint with last years model. Help me outshine my co-workers!

Bring on the fun!!! @Prohibition1976 is waiting for a new phone @sprint @telenav and @androidcentral

Awesome! I'm now following @sprint and @telenav, and I already followed @androidcentral. It'd be great to win an Evo 3D!

My Twitter handle: @ryanmfinnigan

Twitter @SetItOffMngment

phone will be great i would like to try this overclocked thing with this phone

The best phone by the best carrier by the best website perfect combo, I hope I win!!!

I've been wanting the HTC Evo for the longest time, but winning the new Evo 3D would totally come in handy. I work at Enterprise Rent a Car, and having that beautiful HD/3D screen when using the GPS would be amazing! *crosses fingers*

Twitter name: @Iam_DarkBlaze

Coolio, do want!
Twitter: @coraphise

Might be the thing that would convince me to switch carriers :)

Love the original Evo, would love the Evo 3D! Thanks for the chance Sprint, TeleNav, and of course AC! Twitter @jksong83

I would love to share new phones with my wife!

Twitter: @AverageJoe1979

Now following @telenav and @androidcentral
Already following @sprint

I don't use twitter. I refuse to waste my time with it. However, those of us who do not use twitter should have a fair chance to win. I'm sure this fits into the same category as "no purchase necessary" to enter contests, you shouldn't force people into using a service they choose not to involve themselves with.

IF you make the contest fair, contact me through a PM on the forums.


Would LOVE to win of these!!!! Nice upgrade from my current Evo 4G!!!!!!! Evo Love all the way!!!!!!! Pick me Pick Me!!!!!!

Just added my gf to my account got her a evo 3d and I didn't have an upgrade yet so this would be perfect!

Twitter: @john_brashear

If I win I won't have to wait till November for my upgrade to kick in and upgrade from an aging Blackberry Tour. So send it this way guys. @MrP816

this doesn't happen often but i need this and i can't afford a phone right now... the old pre minus is taking its last breathes...

twitter: @rashadpleasant

Woaa... Just in time for my yearly upgrade from Sprint!

I can give my EVO to my sister and she can stop complaining about not being able to text through AT&T on my family's plan (they charge 30$ extra for texting). Woo... I hope I win...!




Following you guys! Would love an EVO 3D! Huge fan of all of you guys!

I'm @tylerg2002 on Twitter, and I've been a long-time follower of all three. You should reward my loyalty by picking my name out of the hat. Plus, my birthday is July 17. What better feeling than knowing you've made someone happy for their birthday? :D

Oh yea, I hope you keep having giveaways. I entered the Sprint 32 HTC Evo 3D giveaway everyday, hope I can win this time. Thanks.

Twitter: Exiled44

Would love to win the Evo 3D for my hubby who works 4 jobs so I can be a stay at home mommy. He definitely deserves it!

If I could finally win something from these blogs I would love for it to be one of these HTC EVO 3D's @TheRealBigMark

Would love to win these for my Grandkids, their birthdays are right around the corner. @chuckewukee to follow me

Oh man, I just dropped my original Evo and it's not looking pretty all scuffed up. I would love a new Evo 3D!

twit handle: the_EDJ

Twitter: @Kendel18

WOW!!!! I hope i can win this! I been stuck with a HTC touch pro 2 for a while :( ... I fell in love with the 3D since it was announced in the spring!

Twitter: jcg13x

I want this phone so bad my phone is soooooo old, now following @telnav, @sprint, and @androidcentral


I want this phone so bad my phone is soooooo old, now following @telnav, @sprint, and @androidcentral


I'd absolutely love to win an Evo 3D. My Twitter handle is @TurboFool, and I'm now following all three noted accounts.

Now I must decide when I when if I'll give the husband my EVO 4G or give him the 3D....ahh choices!

Thanks @ondemandstacey

My son and daughter both have an HTC EVO and they love them! Would love to win a 3D! Twitter: @ctbrewton

I would love this! I already follow @Sprint and @AndroidCentraln now following @Telenav. Twitter: @EarlPutz

I'm itching to try an HTC phone for the first time and dump my Moto Droid X which has been good to me but is showing its age after a year. I can't think of a better first HTC phone than an Evo 3D! I'm now following all three.


I never win can I get one for my wife I have sprint, telenav, android central site one love ... @abryan876

I've been trying to get one of these forever it seems now but always run short on cash would love to get one.

Twitter : @k_cruzado

Added @telenav, and already following @sprint and @androidcentral. You can send me those two 3D's anytime now. :-) I'm @JackG058 on Twitter.

this would be awesum to win a phone, I use TeleNav, for work and pleasure, and I am a Sprint customer, and been following both on Twitter, Twitter:@jrw657

My HTC EVO 4G is screwing up so I would love to win it and my birthday is today, I would love to get this as a birthday present fro Android Central. Twitter is @proracing53

Man, thanks so much, all of you guys!! you are the best on the web! :-)

Twitter: @rdearth53

Wow what a phone enough to make me leave Verizon an join sprint. @suckaluva follow me on Twitter

Dear Android Central,

This is my plea.... could I get one of those giveaways once, pretty pretty pretty please? You can send notfication to ATdcvanderbush on twitter, thanks yo!


I've had an EVO 4G since it came out and would love to upgrade to the 3D! Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

Twitter: @md616

Please, I beg of you! My girlfriend still has the ORIGINAL Palm Pre! I converted to a Samsung Epic (love) a few months ago, and she sobs every time she hears me open the keyboard on it. I beg of you, let me give her an EVO 3D and stop her pain!

Twitter: @truckerspike

The only way I will be getting an Evo3D, is if I win it. Played with one at the Sprint store and I liked the new sence, but did not like the narrow screen compared to my Evo4g. That was a deal breaker for me.

Twitter: Calebt59

following @Sprint @AndroidCentral @Telenav

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