Sprint Motorola i1

The Motorola i1 -- the first Android smartphone with Nextel's Direct Connect (aka push-to-talk) service -- is now available at Sprint for $149.99 after two-year contract and $50 rebate. [Watch our hands-on demo.] It's available online, business sales and telesales only for now, and it'll be available in stores come Aug. 8.

What do you get? A fairly rugged smartphone sporting Android 1.5, a 5-megapixel camera, the Xora Time Track system which includes barcode scanning and signature capture, TeleNavTrack, which uses barcode scanning to track inventory, and Sprint Mobile locator, which can help track workers. [Sprint]

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biggmax81 says:

i thought it only had android 1.5 on it?

It does. Sorry, was fighting muscle memory. :p

crichton007 says:

Wow, another "new" phone but they managed to release one with an older version of Android than the Dell Streak.

vmcc says:

The i1 is also available, in store only, through Boost Mobile.

JeffDenver says:

Um...its NOT the first ever push to talk device with touchscreen. I have had TiKL installed on my Droid for a while now. Any Android Phone is Push to Talk with this app installed.

AnAm85 says:

Tikl doesn't make your phone a Push-To-Talk phone. It makes it a phone with an app that has Push-To-Talk. Think before you post.

kadield says:

Why Android 1.5? That makes zero sense to me.

h20squirter says:

is this thing running on the iDen network? if it is there is no way i would consider buying one.

Beezzy says:

Android 1.5?! That's just wrong.

anthonyzul says:

At some point I feel as though Google should stop allowing phones to come out with versions that are way too far in the past... 1.5?? Really though? I would never buy a phone with 1.5 on it...

easy1jay says:

Looks like its meant to be a tough-phone. Something that could be tossed around and repeatable dropped about, as marketed to Blue-Collar Joe, who just needs a smartphone and doesn't care about the latest and greatest as does the average techie who looms around these blogs.

Still, 1.5 is pretty ridiculously low for a new phone, I thought the idea was to ditch the version segregation for easier support.

And also, shouldn't this thing be waterproof?

josuearisty says:

Great device for workers who want to own a smartphone with ANDROID.