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One last iPhone post, and then we return you to your regularly scheduled Android domination. Our pals at TiPb asked us which phone we wanted to put head-to-head with the iPhone 4S. Had to be the Galaxy S II, right? Ease on past the break for the breakdown.

And for everything iPhone 4S, head on over to TiPb.

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Specs: iPhone 4S versus the world


damn that pre3 has a shit ton of ram. oh and the titan doesnt have an sd card slot to my knowledge

It's not going to "kill the iPhone". I doubt anything could. However, Apple's days as the king of the hill are numbered. This latest disappointing update sealed the deal.

Well that all depends on how you define "kill the iPhone" if you mean put them out of buisness or sell more, then no the iPhone will not be out sold because they have superb marketing with dedicated fans to support them. When I say "kill the iPhone" I mean spec wise as in Android is killing the iphone's specs.

well allow me , iphone is dead. yall jack asses sat around a whole year and a half to get this news today. such idiots . if you go and get this phone if you own the 4 already , you deserve to robbed.

I think you meant to say "Hey some respect for the early departed...".

One letter makes a big difference! ;-)

LOL when I saw the "sniffle", I have a pre plus , contract will be up in Dec, and I am def getting and Android phone. So I am def enjoying the great coverage of all the new phones here on Androidcentral. :)

When tipb put the news out I said to myself "Oh wow they made the specs on the 4s pretty decent, the iphone 5 must look good" not knowing that this was the what we expected to be the iphone 5. Then I laughed when I realized there wasn't another phone being released today. Lol

The iPhone will run buttery smooth on pretty much everything it runs. specs don't mean as much as the OS. The same is true of windows phone 7. Android needs the raw power more than the more elegant OS choices. I am still happy with my EVO though and I will continue to use Android in the future. I like the customization and openness to much to switch.

A brick requires less power to run than the iPhone. Not a valid argument when you compare what they each can do. And honestly, that part is by design on each OS (and the brick), so it's a moot point across the board. So I guess it's a good thing you can choose.

Really? You use WP7 and "elegant OS choices" in the same sentence? Tell me it ain't so! ;-)

FYI, Android IS rather elegant (and becoming more so). If there is a performance hit, it is because of the decision to use Java for Android. iOS uses native code to get its performance and, because of the potential for poorly programmed/malware apps, the use of native code programming is the main reason Apple is so restrictive in its testing of apps for their app store.

My prediction is that in the near future we will see a dramatic increase in the number of native code Android apps, which will provide far more capability and performance than we have seen to date. Android/Java is great for taking care of memory management (always a huge issue in programming), providing a sandbox to limit the damage that a poorly programmed app can do, and providing a large programmer base (all the Java programmers out there CAN make the transition fairly easily) for many apps. I mean just take a look at the huge number of apps in the Market.

After all, we just need to remember that Android is really, simplistically, just a Java interface on top of a Linux kernel.

Anyway, Apple made choices that were good in their day (limited spec CPU/RAM), but will likely bite them now. Perhaps that is why they are focusing on so much "raw power" now to maintain their edge?

Oh, and don't confuse the manufacturer launcher and carrier bloat as stock Android performance... :-)

iPhone 4S; it just catches up to the Android standard.The only worthwhile feature is the fact that it is a world phone.

Is world phone yes, but locked on Sprint network only, like the Motorola Photon 4G.I don`t believe it`s world phone as the GSM one.

What I don't get is why it's taking so long for Android phones to get displays w/ pixel density like the iphone 4's. Just seems odd that they've had it a long time...

Because its not needed really. The Retina is only the way it is due to an iOS limitation. To improve from the pitiful HVGA the ONLY option they had was increase it by 2x on both Axis'. The Retina is still too small and the wrong shape and a worse choice than WVGA.

The main reason is that so many are in rapture of the AMOLED's super saturated colors and contrast ratio. Another reason is app display scaling. It makes sense, from a development perspective, that the display resolution are somewhat quantized.

Actually Android display size and dpi are extremely flexible, but they give some hints to developers so you can save 4 sizes of an image instead of 1 expensive vector graphic or extremely high resolution image - or up to 8 different layouts tailored to display size and resolution. Of course many won't need more than phone-portrait, phone-landscape, tablet-portrait, tablet-landscape at the most.

It's on the iPhone that they just scaled it up 2x - and that's because from the beginning developers were allowed to code in coordinates that were expected to be equal to screen coordinates. On the Retina they just multiply everything by two, so old apps that (stupidly, I might add) put a button at (150,150) still end up in the same relative position. Every time I see people hard coding numbers like this into iPhone app guides I cringe, because as an Android dev first I think in terms of relative positions and sizes. Seriously, hard coding numbers makes it easier to get that first screen running the first time, but just causes hell as you progress in development no matter what platform you use.

Honestly it looks like they are locked in to multiples of 320x480 (iPhone) and 768x1024 (iPad) for the foreseeable future. Android, due to its "fragmentation" has facilities that make supporting multiple form factors a breeze. Maybe that wasn't always the case, but it is now.

A 70inch 1080p TV has less pixel density than a 50inch 1080p TV. It's mostly about dimensions at that point.

iPhone Still with the 3.5 inch screen... Ummm No thanks Ill stick with my HTC EVO 3D with the 4.3 inch TYVM

That's very disappointing. Processor improvement and rear camera, no design change. Apple sales will drop in 2012 big time.

You just don't get it. Apple sales ALWAYS grow! The 4S will still sell more than the iPhone 4. 3GS sold more than 3G, 3G sold more than 2G. Those were simple upgrades, but they would always sell more.

I can. The thing you guys don't understand is that Apple doesn't care too much about hardware, as long the software runs smoothly, and iOS 5 sure will, and with all those features (my favorite are iCloud and Siri), everyone (iOS people, not android people) will want one.

Well the iPhone 4 will get iOS 5 with the cloud features and they can get Siri as well. It's an app in the App Store lmfao. Kind of like Vlingo for Android, but admittedly it seems to work a bit better and do a few more things than Vlingo or Google Voice Search.

True It will be on Sprint, on their 3G not 4G network, considering their 3G is horrible I would not like to see that.

Only if you are on HSPA+ on AT&T. If you have EVDO on Sprint or Verizon, you are at the mercy of the network with is underwhelming.

Given how popular games are on mobile, I don't see how 3.5" has lasted this long. My 4.3" htc makes me a little envious of the 4.5" and larger coming out soon (or already out).

The best comparison to any iPhone is any Nexus. Nexus to iPhone 3g/3gs. Nexus S to iPhone 4. Nexus Prime? to iPhone 4s.

The nexus devices are pure android, iPhones are pure apple...

I own a Nexus S and I back this statement up 100%. Considering my Nexus runs smoother/faster than *most* other high end Android devices I've used, I think it's fair to compare specs of two 'vanilla' devices. These dual core phones have yet to wow me. It really shows how important optimization is and how much a simple skin can affect the performance of an entire OS.

couldnt agree more.

Nexus for the win.

i hate HATE how people say android sucks compared to apple and then they are comparing a optimus to the iphone LOL

lol.. what a joke apple. Hey, if they release something new and different, something with a 4" or greater screen, it might look like an android phone.. SUE SUE SUE!!

They're also copying androids notification window design, and integrated voice to text. ... SUE SUE SUE!!!

I'm sure Samsung can't wait for the iPhone 5 to be announced. They'll be sure to have an injunction started on it by the end of that week.

one of my friends was waiting for the iphone 5 announcement but when he heard it was the 4s with not that much of a difference now his thinking of getting a android.

I definitely wont be switching from my SGSII for the 4S, but why is everyone talking so much crap about it? Sure, there's no LTE and its size/screen was for the most part unchanged, but what about the A5 and awesome camera? The latter obviously less important, but the fact of the matter is that the A5 (mainly the GPU) is significantly more powerful than anything currently available on any Android device, including our beloved Exynos 4210. Such a powerful SoC while still retaining ridiculous battery life. Gotta give them credit for that.

Well everyone is talking crap about it because Sprint has made a huge investment on them thinking they would be coming out with something better, what most people want a bigger screen and LTE or 4G. The additions now on this device should have already been introduced on the last iPhone.

It does not matter too much to me Android for life but the fact that Apple has been putting little things here and there on each iteration of their devices that comes out, for which Android already has makes no sense. But the people that keep falling for it make no sense themselves because Apple keeps adding hardware little by little to keep making money, now as a business that makes sense but is not fair for the consumer.

The thing that most people don't get is that specs don't matter to your average iTard. They will buy anything Apple makes. Hell if anything will kill sales it will be that it looks almost identical to the previous version. How else are you to show off that you have the latest and greatest God Phone if no one can tell the difference?

Totally agree. Its hard pressed to even get a legit spec sheet from an ios device. All they ever say is thinner lighter faster and all the sheep try to pick thier jaw up off the floor long enough to get theyre wallet out!

Totally agree. Its hard pressed to even get a legit spec sheet from an ios device. All they ever say is thinner lighter faster and all the sheep try to pick thier jaw up off the floor long enough to get theyre wallet out!

Totally agree. Its hard pressed to even get a legit spec sheet from an ios device. All they ever say is thinner lighter faster and all the sheep try to pick thier jaw up off the floor long enough to get theyre wallet out!

Apple lemmings will shell out the $$$ for the 4S without much thought. For them, It's the best cause it's new and apple. Besides, most of them don't care about specs. Look at some of the posts they make about how their grandma can even use it and she's the technological retard that used to have the VCR with 12:00 flashing since the day she bought it.

I dont know about this one considering that is the same model and people will see this and the other 4 version and will think well is the same thing, might as well grab the cheaper one, but you know is all speculation from my part, we will have to see, what happens when this comes out, and if the nexus primes comes out, how they promoted to the public

Apple products are for people with no intelligence or like their products to be as vanilla as possible. No imagination whatsoever. Whats reallt funny is when Apple fanboys come out and try to explain how great it is and how their little gems cannot be defeated. They lose time and time again as consumers, while we all laugh at them. Now that Steve Jobs is gone, we can on sit back and watch Apple kill themselves like the last tinr he took off. Bankrupt by 2014.

I gotta love the fact that my Samsung E4GT kicks the tail out of the iStink phone!!! Samsung has already committed to going Head to Head with Apple and I'm sure others will follow. Keep up the great work Samsung and Android Developers (Google and Amateur's as well). This is one of the GREATEST Reason why I love the Android platform and will never get an iPhone.

All the hype comes from apple keeping their stuff very confidential, so people of coarse expect more. iPhone 4s is a big fail considering Nexus Prime will be huge if it hits Verizon. Galaxy SII already beat iPhone 4s. Its 2011 and if you want to win the game you have to impress people with something. And Apple sure did impress everyone with big fail.

I was expecting more from Apple. This is a disappointment. I fear Apple's new way to fight is in the courts and not in the arena of ideas.

As a user of both Apple(Macs and iPhone 4) and Android(HTC Sensation), I am not impressed with Apple atm. I seriously doubt I will buy another iphone after using Android. Yes, it's a little bit of a learning curve, but I enjoy the freedom to add what apps I want and customize my phone to my needs. This was something that I could not do with my iphone 4.

Considering that Apple had plenty of time (18 months?) to surpass what they had to see as an oncoming Tsunami of Android devices,I'd say this was a colossal failure on their part. Unless of course, there's an iPhone 5 right around the corner?

I think Moores's law is being replaced by Lloyds law :-)

The iPhone 4 is a great phone. I'll give it that. The 4s is more of the same, just some added horsepower. Funny thing is, most people that are going to buy the 4S won't even use a fraction of it's capabilities. They'll get it to text, facebook, and take pictures and calls. THAT'S IT!!! I did a little experiment one time and just ask some people gloating over the iPhone what they knew about any other phones. They just look at me funny as if no other phone compares. Digging deeper, they talked about Android phones, but they really couldn't give any specifics. It was just, "the iPhone just works, and Android is confusing to use" and "the iPhone is better built" and on, and on. But they really didn't know anything else. All it is. is some people are trying to coverup and/or justify the truth, "they just want to be able to say they have the latest iPhone".

Now that I have a SGS2 and I've shown off what my Toshiba Thrive (it aint THAT thick) can do to some of my iPhone loving family members, they are starting to see those iChains wrapped around their ankles.

LOL theres already a post on craigslist selling SPOTS in line for the new iphone.

GET THIS 200 A SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!
lol get real

he only can hold 5 lmao.

Apple has a very good track record and much of their success has been achieved by doing things their way. I don't see their fortunes changing with the release of iPhone 4S. All this talk of failure is mostly wishful thinking. I have a feeling the iPhone 4S will be the best selling iPhone ever despite some wishing for a different outcome.

get a real life dudes.. price wise.. iThingy is so damn expensive. compared to androids.. hmm..u can havea light, thin, and fast smartphone with a damn good internal hardware.( qHd, dual core, camera, video capture, damn shit so many things there. ) iThingy .. you r so damn slow..

With apple reporting over a million iPhone4s already sold it is clearly a huge failure and they should probably just get out of the phone business.