Sony reveals Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone

IFA 2014 Alongside the Xperia Z3, Sony has also revealed another version of its Android-based smartphone, the Xperia Z3 Compact, during its IFA 2014 press conference in Berlin.

The Xperia Z3 Compact is similar to the Xperia Z3, except that it features a 4.6-inch display, as opposed to the 5.2-inch display of its big brother. It comes in white, black, red, and aqua, and is 8.6mm thick.

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Sony reveals Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone


Not sure about carriers, but they will have unlocked gsm versions as they have before.

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It is a step down to 720p but I suspect it is still quite nice. Have not seen the prices differences yet.

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AFAIK, they never stopped calling it that. Supposedly my Z2 tablet is "triluminos", but they baked in some added goodness and used an IPS screen. It looks amazing. I can't see them stepping backwards on this.

If you look at the Xperia Z2 phone, it is also a TRILUMINOS display, with Live Color LED. Same as on the tablet. My tablet looks great. I'm not worried.

If it only came to Verizon.......
But anyway, a mini done the right way. The only compromise is the screen.

Looks nice! Hopefully this one will support AT&T lte network. That's the only thing kept me from getting Z1 compact.

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Man, this might be my next. Really solid specs in a smaller form factor. If it has a great camera (seems like spec-wise it's there) and great battery life, I'm sold. Can't wait for reviews!