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After a week or so of selling the phone on contract, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has placed the LG Nexus 4 up for sale SIM-free, but with a hefty price tag. Carphone is selling the 16GB version of Google's latest Nexus for £389.95 outright, a price hike of more than £110 over the Google Play Store price for the same model. Of course, the crucial difference is that Carphone Warehouse actually has stock, whereas Google's own store is expected to be fresh out of Nexii for the next few weeks.

The £389.95 price tag sounds familiar, it's because it appeared in several pre-release leaks from the retailer, including website listings and in-store displays.

As always, CPW offers home delivery, as well as the option to reserve a phone to collect from your local store. It's also likely that the retailer will begin selling Nexus 4s at this price in its brick-and-mortar stores, though as it's outside business hours in the UK, we've been unable to confirm this.

So Brits now have an easy (though expensive) way to pick up a bona fide SIM-free Nexus 4 without signing a contract. Despite the price, it's an improvement on the situation in the U.S., where the phone is sold out on the Google Play Store and as of this morning, on T-Mobile USA's website too.

Source: Carphone Warehouse


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SIM-free Nexus 4 now available at Carphone Warehouse


Already ordered earlier today (about 3pm) it only works out £100 more expensive because you get free delivery where as the play store charges £10.

Ive been trying to pick one up from ebay without much luck and the only ones that fall below this value are the 8GB versions the 16GB ones almost all go well above or equal to this value.

Yes its more expensive but I think its the only way I am going to see one in 2012.

If only Google gave us some idea of when we can expect the phone like with the Nexus 10, then we could make an informed decision about whether £100 is worth the wait or not.

Has anyone figured out if we could utilise the 14 day return window (for Carphone warehouse) to have the phone two weeks before we would receive it from Google Play?

This is from the returns section of the Carphone Warehouse website

"You can turn the phone on and try it out. We recommend you don't save anything to the memory of the handset until you are sure you are happy with it."

So I think it should be OK just say you didn't open it for 13 days and put the Google Play unit in there....


Hey tekcomms, if you're in the US or Puerto Rico, your new Nexus 4 would work great on the new Solavei unlimited everything plan. Uses the T-Mobile network but doesn't throttle the data at 2 Gb like most "unlimited" plans. Also, if you sign up before the end of November, you get the Sim card and 1st month of service ($49/mo) for free! Check out the 1-minute video & more at:

Does anyone else find it highly irritating that Google has phones to hand out to carriers in the UK and the US while those of us who ordered them within minutes of them going on sale in Canada are still backordered?

Carphone warehouse may not have many to sell SIM-free. At that price they probably don't need many...

This article doesn't even have the decency to criticize LG for selling the phone at a much higher price.. what's up with that?

This may be because Google are subsidising the cost of this phone. £389 is still a good price considering this phones features.

I personally will wait and with a perfectly good an capable Galaxy Nexus hopefully won't be missing out on much for too long.

I agree, expensive compared to the play store....but then that's sold out, but at least it will (in the UK at least) deflate the ebay market where people have been asking £500+ for these devices (There's on at the moment there buy it now for £550!!).
BTW, in the UK the N10 is available for sale again with '2 to 3 weeks delivery', my niece ordered one this Wednesday, and it arrived Thursday!!!

With my luck I would order it from CW the day before the Play store got new ones in stock. I am tempted nevertheless...

Notice CPW sold them in store Wednesday picked one up Thursday lunch time. They seem to have stock in quite a few stores near me.

Yes I have been impatient, but now I'm happy I have one and I can stop wasting my time googleing and searching. Got this for £389 which is better than O2 chaging £399+£10 for topup.

First impression the phone is smoother than my S3 was but camera not so good. Maybe a little less comfortable in the hand. I think this is still a great phone at £389.

If the phone comes in stock in the play store over the weekend i'll be annoyed, but anytime next week not worried.

I feel there are serious issues between google and LG. Feel some bad blood over the low cost google are charging on play store. Information from google is the key.

Hi guys, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of these phones, please keep an eye on it. My phone has the ability to move it self when placed on some flat surfaces. This phenomenon seems to be pretty much undocumented, but it has today caused the death of my month old 16GB Nexus 4 (well not quite but it is now unusable).

Essentially I placed the phone on its back on a flat plastic surface which was as wide as the phone was. I sat at my computer and a couple of minutes later I heard a 'crack'. I turned to see my phone face down on the floor after falling from around 3.5 feet. The screens glass has been smashed to pieces and the screen can no longer be used to operate the phone.

The phone must have moved it self because my other phone was placed right next to it, and was still right where I left it. I was also the only one in the room (and its a very small office).

I purposely do not use vibration, or Haptic feedback on any of my devices, and prior to the incident I had also not received any calls, messags or any notifications whatsoever from either of my phones.

It could just be my phone, but keep an eye on yours as well. I now have a broken phone with no hope of replacement anytime soon. The only thing I could try and do is have it repaired.......(wish me luck!)