T-Mobile is making it easier than ever to get onto the Android craze we all know and love by discounting the Samsung Vibrant to just $99 today. That's a whopping $100 off the standard price on two-year contract. If you have been holding onto that G1 or MyTouch with a death grip, this might be the best time to upgrade. The offer is online only, so hit up the link if that Super AMOLED screen is tempting you (and you know it is). [T-Mobile] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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Dhamp2g says:

Dude that is a Damn good deal even if it is a a Samsung

Damn wish I had the money to blow, I'm gonna click my heels together an wish. Edit that shit didn't work just looked like a fool in the middle. Of the store. Hey phil its my Bday next year April. 16 how about an early gift

iandouglas says:

Uh, or buy it from Amazon or Wirefly for $99 any other day?

cjmedina says:

Is this a good thing or bad. Bad being that there not selling as much as they expected. Or good that more people are moving to android. Either way win win for android

moises1204 says:

yea i just order mine, i will have it next week.

mullrat#WN says:

This is never a good sign for sales. Look at the blackberry torch. There slashing prices in half for that pathetic piece of hardware. Personally I think that the major reason is no froyo. Which means no flash or fancy voice controls. Hopefully they can get some updates out.

Elden says:

This is a great Deal...i love my vibrant and it was well worth the 200$ let alone 100$

hansonator says:

Hells ya! I got mine from Best Buy Canada for $99 and was so worth it. I would have paid the $149 regular price if it weren't an option.

Get one today. Touch Wiz nay sayers be damned.

TheBronze says:

As posted above, everyday price on wirefly or mobility.dell.com.

ro1224 says:

"If you have been holding onto that G1 or MyTouch with a death grip", and we all know that the Android "death grip" is very different from the iPhone "death grip". LOL.

Hawaii_SE-R says:

Just checked Amazon. $0.01 with new service plan.