Just another flip phone

Samsung to continue their tradition of alternate form-factor Android for the far east.

We all remember the Jackie Chan-endorsed $3,000 quad-core flip phone from Samsung from last year, or the more affordable W899 from the year before, right? Samsung is at it again, releasing another version of their Android folder which is likely headed to the Asian market. 

While we're not exactly sure why so many folks in the west are interested this time around, we know that Samsung is loving the attention. It has received a little more yesterday, as the first photos of it in the wild have appeared on the Korean Clien.net forum. According to a Korean language user manual found for the phone, we expect to see a 3.7-inch AMOLED panel at 800 x 480, a Snapdragon 400 dual-core chip, 2GB of RAM and LTE support.  

Like the rest of the Android flip-phones, chances are we'll never see this one in the west. We'll have to be satisfied with just pictures, and there are two more after the break.

Source: Clien.net; Via: Engadget


flip and fold, baby



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Samsung's latest flip phone shows up in clear pictures


same here. Sure to turn some heads. I wonder if the screen outside is the same as the one in teh flip.

This would be a good way to introduce folks to android when coming from a non-smartphone.

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My Father in law would love this to ease him into the 21st century. He keeps sticking with dumbphones *mostly* because he likes the flip design.

My father was the same way. He kept buying flip phones, but then I bought him the Pantech Flex (AT&T) and put it on Easy Mode and he loves it.

He can see the numbers on the screen better than the flip phones and he loves getting pictures and showing them off of his grandson (my son). Plus it has a big clock, date and weather on the home screen.

I can't decide if this is a really cool thing or kinda pointless. The great thing about flip phones was when they were closed, everything was more protected. But all these have 2 screens so even when it's closed, there's still a screen you can break. On the other hand, it probably feels better in your hand when you're on the phone.

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In more exciting news : swift key cloud beta has updated. ;-)

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This affects you how? It isn't for North America and Samsung can afford to throw out 600 phones a year to see what sticks. I am also guessing they only support maybe 5-8 total, the rest are mostly one offs

Have you looked at Samsung's profits? In that context I think Samsung would say "WTF do you know? STFU fanboy."
Nothing personal, but seriously, why should they stop doing something that is making them the dominant cellphone manufacturer?

Wasn't the first one like a thousand dollars? I mean, who cares anyway? The flip phone is dead and I, for one, don't really miss it. Those damn hinges always broke.

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Actually that was a reference to last years model that was similar. Maybe you should reread.

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unless you were talking about the previous years model, this one is named the "Galaxy Folder" according to the source.

If you were trying to be funny, the ticket for the failboat is waiting for you at the counter.

If you are responding to my post saying "the aptly named TurboFool"... I was responding to the person above me with the tag TurboFool making a dumb statement.... so who failed now?

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Yeah, I skimmed it because I didn't care immensely, so I didn't catch that. Either way, doesn't the price make the idea of this phone worse? I would pay maybe $300 max and even then I doubt it would be worth it.

If its high end like this one I would pay no more then the $600 premium we currently have. Screen quality is low but but there is two of them.

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Processor could be better too. I could see this selling but it wouldn't be for me. Would be better in the $400 range for 1st smartphone users.

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Never broke a single hinge on any flip phone I've ever had.... I guess some people just take better care of their investments.

On topic, I honestly wouldn't mind going back to a flip phone again... kinda miss it in a weird way. Just as long as it's android, that is.

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You must not have owned one for a lengthy period of time. Every Razr that I and my parents had (which were, admittedly, very good phones at the time) eventually broke at the hinges, even if the phone had been protected with a case. It wasn't like they broke when I dropped them, just one day I would open the phone and it would just...continue to open. This also happened with a few other phones that I can't remember the names of.

No... had plenty of flip phones for a lengthy amount of time, and still never broke a hinge. Not once. Just sayin

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Just upgraded my motorola flip dumb phone I had for probably 5 years. I thought after a year the keypad would go bad like in other phones I had but the thing wouldn't quit working. Finally upgraded it to at least a feature phone. I use a tracfone and for calls and my Nexus 7 for all things Android.

I think the flip form factor is great for a device that are going to be used one-handed most of the time. T9 on a keypad is also superior for quick texting compared to touchscreens.

So I think Samsung made a great decision to release another smartphone with this design. It is worth to mention that the market for smartphones with classic keypads was very much alive and well when Nokia served it with their Series 60 devices like the E51 and E52 et al. Since they abandoned that platform, it is important that another manufacturer steps in and fills the segment for smartphones with those design features.

Another great design that could be revisited is the Sony Ericsson P-series where the one handed comfort was great with the flip closed (full T9) while it retained the full smartphone/PDA functionality by offering a full touch screen when the flip was opened. I had the P990i and the P910 is in the collection - it is just a great industrial design.

My folks would dig this phone. They would totally feel right at home. Will it ever make it stateside?

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I tried to imagine my note 2 in that form factor after reading your comment. That would be awesome :p

Samsung would call it Galaxy book, then. Side opening would be even more awesome, provided they manage to maintain the size when closed :D

I hope this one is reasnably priced. I've been wanting an Android powered flip, even a WVGA one. As long as it has JB. The original Sammy flip was 1000$ it's no surprise it wasn't popular.

From the source link:

The main specifications are as follows:

Snapdragon 400 Dual Core 1.7Ghz
2GB of RAM
3.67 inches AMOLED WVGA (800x480)
LTE Band 3/8 support
Touch screen panel
Battery capacity of 1820mAh

but the best is from the description:

There is no rotary mechanism, it is a dual-display terminal with Dual AMOLED screen....

I WANT rotary!

With flip phones you can safely text while driving. Although, I never got used to Samsung's T9.. I liked Motorola Razor's T9 better.

With a proper individualized dictionary, i was able to text while not taking eyes off the street for a single second. Wasn't any difference to when i'd eat a burger or smoke a cigarette.
Now, if one has to look at his phone now and then, then yes, this is stupid.

Got to agree with you. Their T9 is simply unusable for me.
Had both Samsung and SE "dumbphones" in the past. Just to see if anything changed i tried out an S3 in a store to compare it to my SE Ray. Conclusion (speed from fast to slow):
Sony's T9 keyboard > full size keyboards > Samsung's T9

This is good for older gen. I hope Samsung also introduces a flip phone with the screen size of Galaxy Mega or Note III.

If they make one similar to the BlackBerry Style I might consider it. At least 3.5" touchscreen, full qwerty keyboard, latest OS, good camera. I'll buy it quickly.

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I'd love to get a flip phone if it had a qwerty keyboard...that's the only thing I miss from owning a blackberry.

I'd buy it for my grandfather. He would looove this phone. Not bad at all. Nice idea Samsung. Now bring it to the US already!!!

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I too, miss the flip phone! A lot easier to handle while talking on the phone and I don't really use Maps or need a big screen. Is nice to have a huge screen with vivid screen displays, Yes, it is! I've always liked the flip phones and never gave up on wanting one.

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