Samsung Galaxy S gps fix

You know that Samsung Captivate ROM that's floating around (and that we just wrote about)? This might what's going on: We've all been aware of the GPS issues plaguing the Captivate and Vibrant, namely that it just plain didn't work well unless you tweaked a bunch of settings. But Samsung's Carla Saavedra unleashed the above on Twitter, saying that indeed a fix is on the way. So all of you folks out there who feared Sammy wasn't listening, well, fear no more. [Twitter via Everything Android] Thanks, Chris


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Samsung actively testing GPS fix (erm, 'optimization') for Galaxy S phones


that is what making think about getting the epic, Samsung is too darn slow when it comes to updates, i think that September is too long for the vibrant owners.

Palms "fix" for its 800W GPS problem took 8 months, and it was the release of the Treo Pro, and giving a free Treo Pro in exchange for the 800w to anyone who sent a demand letter.

I was thinking about getting the Captivate from AT&T. So, now the question is, go ahead and get it and wait for that GPS fix update in September, or wait until September and see what the 10,000 new Android phones that come out by that time will be...

This best be with a Froyo Update. I mean come on if they only fix the antenna issue I would be concerned that they may not even be working on a froyo build for us eager buy right away and expecting to be taken care of with updates folks.

I picked this phone up on day one the minute T-Mo opened up and I love it but I wont purchase another Samsung product again if they drop the ball with me. That's right Samsung that TV I am going to buy in the next 6 months may or may not be a Samsung. Also the new Blu Ray player to go with it... it might be a Sony or a Toshiba. Take care of me and I will take care of you...

Ok, don't disrespect the phone till you have tried everything possible. I am a newbie to droids, but I have tried the reset for the gps on the phone (captivate) and it is working fantastic... Inside my home, and outside... Google maps and navigator are both working fine, and the gps status app is locking in on 4-5 satellites inside and 9-10 satellites outside... So at this time I have nothing bad to say, my captivate its sweet and treating me right at this time ... Just want my 2.2 and my skype asap!!! By the way I have pic of gps app at two in the morning during a thunder and lightning storm locked in inside my home...want it I'll send it out ...