PlayStation Phone benchmarks

The guys over at Engadget just got their hands on a video showing off the Sony PlayStation Phone (aka the Zeus, Z1) running benchmark program Neocore. As you can see above, it didn't fare so well, but keep in mind that this is prototype hardware and software. Sony seems to want gaming to be a main focus of the phone, so we fully expect the GPU to blow away benchmarks once the phone is finally released. Suffice to say, yes, it will run Angry Birds. Click past the break to see the video in action. [Engadget]


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PlayStation Phone runs Neocore -- poorly -- on video


Do we know what CPU/GPU this is using? If I remember correctly from previous rumours it was going to be a 1st gen Snapdragon? Which explains its benchmark. But should be juding until final hardware

Well in defense your Droid Pro has only a 320 x 480 display so it has to render less than half the pixels of a 480 x 800 display on the Sony phone.

But compared to my Galaxy S which runs at the same resolution I get about 57 fps. So when compared more evenly it's still slow. They better be using a beefier GPU in the final version or this device will be an epic fail.

You have to remember, your droid pro is rendering 40% of the pixels at HVGA (153,600 pixels) vs WVGA (384,000). So if it was rendering full WVGA, you'd probably be getting ~30fps.

Edit: Looks like I was too slow :p

Its running the same chipset ad the desire z/g2 should be in the 40s to 50s. And the only reason the droidpro fares so well is the fact that its not pushing as many pixels as say the d2 or x

Heh, that's the same framerate I'd get on my old G1, granted that was HVGA like the Droid Pro, but still.

It seems to me this prototype could simply be more of a concept formfactor than a test of the PSPhone's true hardware. Either that or it's bugged or it simply uses an entirely different chip for the Playstation games that Neocore has no access to. Who knows...

How dare a prototype and incomplete phone get lower scores then which has been out for months


Well, at least now I know that, if I decide to upgrade to this from my Hero, I'll gain 3 whole FPS, lol.

I'm still pretty excited to see what they end up with when it's all finished, though.

My G2 gets 57.6 stock without the extra 200mgz in that stupid nexus s... and completely obliterates the Playstation phone. G2 for the win.

Sounds like someone has a grudge against the nexus s. Btw that extra 200mhz has nothing to do with graphics this is a test of the gpu

this is a test phone, its not even optimized for any kind of benchmarking...

plus from the looks of it and all the video released lately i bet it is a very early release build....

but good find none the less...

Umm people the original psp's core clock speed was a whopping 333Mhz with the right environment and correct hardware acceleration this thing will do just fine.