Pantech Sirius

South Korean manufacturer (erm, of handsets, not South Koreans) Pantech announced the Sirius, its third Android device. Reportedly "in talks" to bring the phone to Verizon and/or AT&T, the Sirius sports a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen, Adobe Flash, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP camrea, 500MB of storage memory WiFi and Android 2.1, all tucked into a neat little 11.5mm-thick case. Do note that "in talks" doesn't mean the phone's actually coming to Verizon or AT&T, so we'll all just have to sit back and be patient. [Yonhap News via Unwired View]


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Pantech announces Sirius Android phone, 'in talks' with AT&T, Verizon


It seems to be yet another device in the lineup of nice-looking and top-performing Android phones (is "superphone" the right term here?). They increasingly compete with one another - will be when they are released - but leave along a very lucrative market segment of keyboard-ful phones.

We all remember that Droid, however popular it is, has a 600 MHz processor and is definitely not a top-notch performer even now. Understandably the devices with a keyboard is another ball game for the manufacturer. However we witnessed that at least two of them - HTC and Motorola - can issue quality business phones.

Keyboard-ful superphone anyone?

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I saw more pics of this on phonearena. Looks good and has good specs including comes with Google.

I reckon it looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S, just that the screen is a little smaller and even on the homepages there are 4 highlighted shortcuts just like in the new TouchWiz 3.0