Google Nexus leak

Phone looking much like a shrunken New Nexus 7 makes a cameo

Update: Well that didn't take long, it looks like the video has gone private. We at least have the above screenshot for you to take a look at.

Original story: Google took the unveiling of Android 4.4 KitKat seriously today by putting up one of its trademark statues of a KitKat-shaped Android on the Google lawn, and released a promo video showing the setup. The most interesting part of this video may not be the statue itself, but what one Googler is using to take a picture of the event.

As seen in the still we've grabbed from the video (seen above), someone is holding onto a phone unlike we've seen before. It's big, flat, says "Nexus" on the back in landscape orientation and looks a heck of a lot like a shrunken Nexus 7 (2013) — the materials and camera lens look nearly identical to the latest tablet.

Not much more can be seen from the video aside from a few frames and a nearby Nexus 4 for size comparison, but we know this isn't any phone available today. You'll find the video after the break, you can scrub forward to about 35 seconds if you want to cut to the Nexus phone action.

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Mysterious Nexus phone shows up in Google KitKat statue video


Looks like my fears have become reality. I've been looking forward to hopefully purchasing the next Nexus phone (Verizon LTE coverage permitting), so I was hoping it would be a nice Motorola device. Nevertheless, it'll still probably be a great phone and I will still try and pick it up, given the success LG had with the Nexus 4. Can't wait for the release with KitKat!

If you admit that it's still going to be a great phone, then you had no fears about LG making it to begin with.

Now, we need to see if Verizon will get it.

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I think what thetechaddict was saying is that since it's NOT being made my Motorola Verizon has NO chance in hell of getting it. A little piece of me has died today. I can't switch to GSM. Not until there's better coverage. I won't do it.

When is the last time you checked AT&T's coverage? Their HSPA+ coverage is just about as good as Verizon's 3G coverage, it really comes down to where you will be using it as to who is better. Looking at the two, unless you are in Nebraska, AT&T is as good as Verizon. Their LTE coverage isn't as good, but HSPA+ is fast enough that I usually don't care too much. The difference between HSPA+ and LTE speeds is no where near as significant as the difference between Verizon 3G and LTE.

Probably won't be on Verizon anyway. As the N7 doesn't support CDMA. Glad I switched. Yay

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I wouldn't assume just yet that the next Nexus won't be on Verizon. Maybe I say that because a large screen LTE Nexus on Verizon makes me drool though. Personally the Droids have zero appeal for me but the Moto X does. A large screen Nexus on all carriers would put a dent in Note 3 sales too.

"big" isn't the first thing I want to think of when the new Nexus is unveiled. I wish it would be the Moto X at a better price.

Looks like we just found the next nexus phone. This correlates with the sudden ousting of the nexus 4 by a drop in price.

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I wonder with this announcement as well as the recent price drop of the nexus 4 if we are going to be seeing a nexus 5 sooner than we think.

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Just because the glass covering around the lens is large doesn't mean the camera sensor is large. It looks to be big just like the Nexus 7's, which is a small 5MP sensor of extremely questionable quality.

Don't let the glass covering the assembly give you any misconception about what the camera will be like.

Ok. I wasn't expecting this. I was content to choose between the Note 3 and the LG G2...Does anyone believe Google would leak this teaser and make us wait until June 2014 for Google I/O? I simply can't believe they would. Oh, boy...

They release a new nexus phone every November plus they release a new phone with each iteration of android, so it doesn't take someone with an iq over 70 to realize the next Nexus phone will be out soon along with kitkat

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Not new to Android at all. However, I do not follow Nexus phone releases. It was an honest question that didn't require insults from you or Impulse101, who certainly lived up to his/her username.

As others appear to be giving you a hard time to a simple question.
Google have released a new Nexus phone at least once a year with the release usually being around November-January.
Nexus 1 January 2010
Nexus S December 2010
Galaxy Nexus November 2011
Nexus 4 November 2012

Up until the Nexus 7 and Android 4.1 every introduction of a new Android OS coincided with a new phone, this sequence was broken when the Nexus 7 was introduced as the first device to carry ICS 4.1.

The Google I/O has been the event where most releases have been announced but not all of them.

So back to the present day Nexus 5 appears to be coming soon and I believe with KitKat 4.4

The final design could vary wildly from this. It's the 3rd of September. Typically these get released in Nov/Dec. Which probably makes this a prototype delivered to Google to test. On the inside it is probably the same N5 that will eventually get shipped. On the outside it might just be a quick and dirty shell that the marketing team will revamp. That could explain the hasty fashion in which it was pulled.

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Nexus 4 was released in October of 2012, so we could be seeing the next Nexus phone in the same timeframe.

I hope you're right because that looks like an ugly phablet, was hoping Nexus wouldn't go down that road. Glad I've got the Nexus 4 though, easily the best electrical device/gadget I've ever owned.

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I love your profile picture =)

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i got to watch the video before it was private...come on, the way google cut this and everything, they intentionally put in that 2 second frame showing the new nexus to (un)officially announce it. and this is why i love google. fun company. and they enjoy playing to the google fan boys.

EDITED for some ridiculous, embarrassing typos. ugh.

Nexus phones are great as budget phones and terrible as blockbuster flagship phones.

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If a phone with the same specs as the g2 is budget, or any nexus phone ever released had budget specs, then you don't know what you are talking about

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Doubt it will have the same specs as the g2. Probably a snapdragon 600 not a 800.

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Where do you freaking people get that crap from? Every single Nexus device has had BLEEDING edge specs (sans "official" LTE on the's there). Nothing out for months after with better specs...caveat being camera, but I find that's the person shooting the pics. Great pics even from the ol' gnex.

8 months later and it is still the 2nd or 3rd best device on the market, and only $250. That's not budget, it's unprecedented value.

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The only reason why it is the second or third best is because of the price tag. at this point I can come up with 5 better now, and 3 better when it was released.

My opinion is mine though, you may love these little piles of just like an iPhone...

yeah but my facts still hang true. My opinion is that it is a pile of junk, to a point, but the facts are there were better phones out when it came out and there are more of them now.

It is an awesome phone for the price point though

There aren't 5 better now and there aren't 3 when it was released. That's purely your misguided opinion.

I can name 5 phones better off the top of my head. HTC one, Samsung galaxy s4 and note2,moto x, LG g pro, HTC DNA. So yeah that was easy.

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DNA isn't better; it has a 1080p screen but an older Android version and non-stock. The Note 2 only has the S Pen going for it, but the N4 has the advantage of a better processor, a better screen, a newer Android version, and stock Android. GS4 and LGOGP vs N4 is subjective, but IMO the N4 is better than both regardless of price (I actually also prefer it to the One). So yeah, only 1 or 2 phones.

The issue seems to be there are those who think the 'best' has to be the latest version and stock and those who think 'best' is the complete package. Im not a Nexus fan. The newest Android isnt all that important and stock is dead boring.

I have an HTC One and tried the GE ROM. I hated it, it basically left me with a featureless, dull phone that felt like a 3 year old device.

The Nexus 4 is a pile of junk? =(

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Compared to what it could have been and should have been, yes.

For what it is and the price, even the original price, no

And I do now own a Nexus, been playing with the N7 all day (work didn't suffer at all boss, honestly).

Great Tablet, poor phone.

I still have high hopes for the next one given this leak and the blurb associated with it.

They did a ton with making it smooth running with JB. Now maybe with Kit Kat (I don't think I can go with KK on this one) they will improve the UX. Make the software a bit better (not the core, the ancillary stuff) and we could see a win.

My Issues, have nothing to do with phones. I am pretty clear headed there....

Just wondering NoNexus. What upcoming flagship device would you say is best top to bottom for a VZW consumer? From S4, G2, Sony Z1, Note 3, or HTC One? Would N5 beat any of these out? Thanks for your info.

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I am throwing out the Note 3, it is a different class.


The Z1 is going to be awesome if it lives up to half the specs. I cannot really say that they are going to beat the N5 because there isn't even a hint of rumor about the specs.

I think I already said it but the N5 needs LTE and to kick the carriers around like Apple, more storage and better software. A Maxx size battery wouldnt hurt, but one of the few complaints is the battery on the N4 so it can go as is. The camera has to not suck this time.

Ask me again when the details of Kit Kat comes out and some of the specs.

For the record, I am a SGS3 owner. My next phone is going to be announced in the next few days I am sure. Note 3, Z1 and maybe the One Max is my list, pretty much in that order

Dude, there are hundreds of android phones. If you can only think of 5 phones better than it, then you've just proved the Nexus 4 is up there, among the best of the best. Add price into this equation, and its even more desirable.

Okay thanks for the feedback. I agree, as of right now I've got the Note 3 as the front runner. Just don't know if my Gnex can last me until a N5 announcement! Plus what are the chances this nexus goes Verizon??

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Its time to dump Verizon, im moving to Tmobile for the N5,especially now that their LTE is in my area

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Having owned both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, I quite happily returned to my budget Nexus 4 and will remain there until the Nexus 5 (budget or not)

Same here was thinking about tbe Note 3 but Touchwiz is a bloated joke and not having onscreen buttons is a deal breaker. G2 looks to be a much better phone and the camera has OIS. The Nexus 5 is supposed to be the same specs as the G2, yes with a Snapdragon 800, so its a no brainer to pick the Nexus 5 with kitkat over a bloated Note 3 which wont get kitkat probaly until mid spring lol

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Guys,this video had to be edited ,and that takes awhile,so I am willing to bet this wasn't an accident...

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Jessica Biel. early in the morning. no sleep. sick. hung over. no makeup. poor lighting.

It is a designed marketing/press 'leak' to steal thunder from upcoming apple and samsung events... It shows the Nexus linage, the upcoming Nexus in the forefront, the outgoing Nexus standing by its side, and the Gnex fading into the background...

Think about it, ya know Im right lol

When I saw this video in HD, you can clearly see that a new nexus is on the way!!.. This Googler leak it! jajajaja

Looks like mini Nexus 7. Maybe its made by Asus. Google already surprised us once today.

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Compare the plainly seen LG logo on the Nexus 4 next to it and you will notice that the similarity to the blurry logo on the back of the new Nexus gives it away: the next Nexus phone will be LG. I know, I'm disappointed too... Hoped it would be a Motorola.

I hate the way nexus is laid out. I don't hold my phone that way.

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Dangit! They just took that video down too... I watched it like two minutes ago, and now it's gone! :(

I'm trying to figure out what this means for a potential release date of the phone. Clearly it's finished and Google are ready to unveil 4.4, so couldn't be actually be seeing it within a couple weeks instead of the couple months that we had originally expected? This is exciting. Google hit us hard today.

Usually they leak a new Android version within just days of actual release. I doubt it will be months from now where we will have no more N4s being sold. All previous Android versions were usually announced online a few days before official announcement and release.

Posted from the incredible new Nexus 7

Maybe I'm wrong here, but I bet this was intentional. Remember all those "leaks" of the moto x?

Edit: additional info backing up my theory. Taken next to a nexus 4.

It looks like two variants of the next nexus phone (the lady's phone on the right has the nexus branding in portrait rather than landscape.)

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Thats what I thought (and was hoping for), but I think thats just a Nexus 4 (2012).

I guess we know a couple things now, its definitely made by LG (I can see the LG logo on the back). Also that its 5"+ screen size.

Looks huge, was hoping for a smaller size than that... My guess is its the cheapest way to get 1080p on it the Nexus. The smaller the screen size @ 1080p the more expensive it costs.

There is another shot of him holding the phone further into the video towards the end.

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About the 44 second mark you see another shot of him with the new nexus.

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If that is the final design it is a step backwards. That phone looks hideous from the back. I will pick up the Moto X

You buy $600 tech gadgets based on design? I'm so sorry. That's like buying a candy bar based on the wrapper or logo rather than, you know, the actual product.

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Design is part of the product. The Industrial Design profession was commonly referred to as Product Design back in the day.

A lot of people formed opinions of the upcoming Nexus 4 once the leaks started last year with many (myself included) deciding that if "this" leaked device is the next Nexus I wouldn't be buying.
Actual hands on and official videos changed my opinions in a heartbeat.
All judgement would really need to be reserved until the device is released

Of course people buy products based on design, especially when spending lot's of money.

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Definitely planned especially the way the nexus logo shines on both of the phones as the video shot pans across scene, unless that was just the marketing team's good luck!

The Verge has the full video posted in case anyone wants to check it out.

Sure looks like a smaller version of the 2013 Nexus 7 to me.

Same thing happened with a previous Nexus phone. I believe it was the Galaxy Nexus at the time. There were Nexus S phones taking pics and boom Galaxy Nexus next to one. The people were standing exactly the same as in the screenshot.

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Anyone that can estimate the size? Was thinking if getting a nexus 4 but I'm still on the fence. If the n5 (or whatever is called) is too big then I'll buy the n4.

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I was hoping to never have a huge phone but if the price is right, it seems I soon will.

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So much for the handful of idiots claiming they had "insider" information that the Nexus line was finished..

Yes!!! I can't wait!
I absolutely love the way the new nexus 7 is made. I'm liking the the looks of this.

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Yes!!! I can't wait!
I absolutely love the way the new nexus 7 is made. I'm liking the the looks of this.

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Maybe this is the LG made Nexus 5 and Motorola is going to make a smaller 4.7" Nexus 4 (2013) based on the Moto X.

This phone might be made by Asus it looks like my new Nexus 7 just smaller same diagonal nexus logo same squared corner edges and same camera lens... I wouldn't mind that at all then again I wouldn't mind LG, Htc, or Sony or Motorola making the next nexus.

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Lol this was definitely not a slip up... They wanted to put that out there to see if we find it. Same thing with the Nexus 7 2013.

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Nexus 5. With five inches of screen?! That would he great heh. Looks like a nice camera upgrade. And a mate backing as well. I like where this is going. I only bought my nexus 4 about 5 months back, but if they can release this with LTE built in, I'm sold. I'll never again buy a phone that isn't stock android.

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I hope Google keeps things usable when it comes to screen size. I feel like 4.7 inches is the limit to how comfy a phone is to operate for average sized hands. I'm kind of unsure about buying a 5 inch phone but a Nexus is a Nexus and I'll probably be buying it anyway.

I hear what you're saying.

I wouldn't mind a five inch screen as long as they can pack it onto a phone chassis the size of the current N4, however the image shown is clearly considerably larger than that.

Carrying around and using a massive Nexus phone when you can already get a seven inch tablet, or a phablet from one of the other manufacture's doesn't seem practical.

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You guys got it all wrong. Since we all got our a** kicked by thinking the next Android was 5.0 Key Lime Pie, using the same logic I'd guess Google is teasing us with ... out of f*cking nowhere ... BOOM ...

A partnership with Nintendo to release Virtual Boy 2 code named Nexus VB2!

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Since the Moto X is on Verizon I think I'll go ahead and get one and if the new Nexus is on Verizon then I may switch.

I was hoping that it wouldn't be called the nexus 5. I guess I'm in the minority with that feeling...

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You can still hope; it hasn't been released yet. All those who keep saying Nexus 5 don't know what the heck they're talking about. They are just guessing.

Android has become the leader undoubtedly. Whenever we talk of android applications, some reputed ad network like appnext, admob, chartboost also comes in fore as they boast with bountiful of mobile apps.

Oh thats cool ! The dude in the Kit Kat vid displaying the new Nexus was just fired by Google!! Luckily MS just hired him as their next CEO. :)

In my zero non-expertise opinion this is a highly choreographed video where every single detail was carefully vetted and packed with symbolism. There is a lot of strategically placed blue color (or turquoise) in the video and it makes me think, despite LG being all over the place in the video, that Motorola might some skin in the Nexus game. (The blue color seen reminds me of the customized color of the Moto X backs). Somebody surmised over in the rumored devices forum that LG might make one Nexus device and Motorola another. Meaning that there will be 2 different forthcoming Nexus devices.

Was hoping for a more managable size for this phone. Which would be my first android phone if I like it enough. Although my 2013 nexus 7 has got me deep into the google world of things already.

But I will wait to pass judgement untill we see some real reviews.

I'm surprised the AC Crew hasn't really presented an analysis of this leak. This is big stuff and there's a lot one can tell from the picture.
Everyone on the comments is left on their own.

Can I resist a new nexus? my N4 is powerful enough for anything, and is incredibly pretty to boot. But... New things! Curses... It's a nice first world problem to have.

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So google is going for the horizontal landscape... ing.?
I know this might be or not be the next nexus phone.

But who knows, maybe google wants to expand their nexus devices, you know a 4 point something inches phone, a 5 to 6 inch phablet ( something like the Galaxy Note), and a couple of (7 and 10 in.) tablets. And a bunch of media streaming devices and "laptop".

So i have a small hope that the Nexus 5 isnt so big, but its just an addition to the already awesome Nexus line.

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I'm guessing, from the logo being in landscape, that this phone is meant to be held in landscape mode as shown, with logo on display. i.e. It's got a good camera and will be used as a camera phone more than other nexus phones.

It should be good if the spec is similar the LG G2, with the camera being very good and better than the S4. And a 3000mAH battery. The camera lens for that Nexus is large too so it looks promising.

However, I don't like the cheap and plasticity G2 design which look exact like the S3/S4 which I'm not a fan of. Also the 5.2" screen, though similar to the S4 in term of overall size, it's a little big for my liking, so I'll be happy with the N4 which is the sweet spot in screen size and nicer design.

But with Google price I can pick one up if I change my mind, for $199 when they leak the sixth Nexus phone one year from now.

Couple of oddities. Phone looks very big compared to Nexus 4. Secondly why is Nexus written in landscape mode and not portrait mode. I don't see a phone being used primarily in landscape mode. Is it a new phablet??

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When you're talking on the phone, and it's up to your ear, people glaring at you for holding them up in the Starbucks line while you take that call, will easily see that it says Nexus.

Why I'd this video private? Twitter: @ijn2009

Google+: Gerald gossey

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Google aren't stupid. They know how to keep a secret which they've just proved as no one knew android 4.4 was going to be kit kat. They know the tech world is watching. With all the announcement of new phone and tablets from other manufacturers they had to do something to keep the focus on them and keep everyone talking nexus devices. It's way too convenient for a nexus 4 to be right next to it in the shot for the new device to be compared to. It's Google at there best keeping us interested!

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It makes total sense for them to use the s800 in the upcoming nexus 5. Google will definitely be pushing their version of "touch less controls". We have all been clamoring for a way to access Google now without touching the phone and Motorola achieved this with their x8 processor. The only way to do this would be with an s800 since they most likely won't be going with that kind of processor (x8) for the nexus. It seems like a no brainer to me.

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Man you guys need to get out a bit. The gal has a kickin little body and all and she's pretty cute and my heart melts for smart girls in glasses, but you know what? I see girls as cute as her every day. In real life. Ones that I can actually interact with.

Just watched the video. No way was this an accident. This is a commercial-quality production. I can't imagine this dude would be oblivious enough to bring a test device under wraps which he has been trusted with (doesn't happen too often, and is not taken lightly) to a film shoot, or that none of the people around him would notice either, that they're holding a camera up to this guy filming him directly and no one would think of it. Google engineers: they're not oblivious. Also, the second to last shot was of him holding it again.

Good on ya Google: I was actually considering the Note 3! Now... pretty much not at all, actually. xD

Def some form of it. With Nexus 4 price/ stock drop and Iphone 5s next week this is obviously an intentional leak about a month before announcement. Finally getting close to retiring GNex!