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We've been waiting patiently for new toys from Motorola for several months, not least the Moto 360 smartwatch and rumored Moto X successor. Today Moto is sending out media invites for an event in Chicago on Sept. 4, where we should see what's next from the fan-favorite manufacturer. The teaser animation for the event shows an X phone, a G phone, a watch and some kind of earpiece, so it looks like there'll be plenty to look forward to.

We'll be live from Chicago on Sept. 4 to bring you all the latest from Motorola. Thoughts on what we'll see? Shout out in the comments!


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Motorola holding September 4 event, Moto 360 + new phones inbound


But gonna have a hard time selling because of IP6 and GN4.... unless they sell moto x for a very low price.

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I'm not really concerned about the Moto X1 I will give it a look see though. My money is on the Nexus 6 no more skins for me just straight Vanilla Android. My main goal is the Moto 360 Watch.

I know that, my response was not clear so I can see where the confusion came into play. I just want a nexus it'll be my 1st if I don't like that then the Moto X1 will be the next choice.

Edit: The reason I say no more skins for me is because I have a GS3 and I just need a change from Samsung at this point.

I felt your pain. I had a GS3 and switched to a Moto X. I couldn't be happier (Ok, maybe a better camera). Only Moto for me from here on out.

I almost made that jump to the Moto X but didn't. Now I will be upgrading for sure, my GS3 is getting long in the tooth at this point.

i had a gs3 too.. then i rooted and rom'd it with carbon rom and it was one of the best phones i've owned.. but when i switched to the motoX, i have never looked back! any improvement to the motoX would be a fantastic device... but the watch is what im saving my pennies for...

I hear ya bro'.. I feel the same way about my GS3.. great phone after years with a stupid Apple phone but now I realize vanilla Andriod is the way to go..The current X model just feels a bit small but the voice recognition features rock!

Oh yea no doubt a great phone and I just didn't see the need to upgrade to the GS4 of GS5. Maybe in a year I will get another Samsung phone but right now I want onscreen buttons and no skin on my phone be it HTC or Samsung of LG.

Three totally separate markets, IMO. Very few people will be interested in both the X and the Note and fewer still choosing between the X and the new iPhone.

Don't agree there. Those 3 phones are my top 3 options for my next device. Leaning towards the Motorola. I think the first couple of weeks of September will be very exciting.

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Yeah, I'm not saying it doesn't happen, just that it's rare. You have a 4.7, 5.2 and 5.7" screen with very different specs and very different design philosophies in that list. Many people will be attracted to one grouping or the other. Android Central readers don't really fit the "typical" consumer mold. :) There are probably lot of non-tech nerds that will consider changing carriers to get a specific device.

Yeah, I remember they broke through 10 million in either the first 60 or 90 days, which will obviously be the front of the cliff. That'd bean about 25-40% of the sales volume of the S series, which is huge for an Android device.

DAT black spot!

Nah seriously I cannot wait to see that watch. The phone won't fit my needs but I hope is a nice success. This will be a good note for Google to go out on

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great camera, great battery, 32GB storage, above average screen, big screen and the G3 has most of that but I also need the

S-Pen (or something like it)

When I got the Note 3 I made myself use it and got into the habit. Then I talked work into buying the 12.2 Note tablet...havent looked back.

If you take the S-Pen away, then the G3 would be the phone I would buy this year so far (I would wait until IFA) but with the S-Pen it is a one or two horse race

It appears that Motorola is going to spill all the details on their devices. My birthday is coming up and I know exactly what to give myself. It will be an awesome birthday!

I'm so excited. I'm glad they're finally going to say something rather than tease us, but I think the wait just got harder. My bank account is bracing itself.

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Good catch yea we know it is coming just need to know when and how much with specs. I want the next nexus for sure both tablet and phone.

Yeah I see 5 devices in that picture as well. X, G, Bluetooth, 360, and the Nexus in the middle. Good eyes man.

Ok look at the raised center lines of each colored cushion. They appear to form the colored X of the nexus. Notice how the raised center lines are very prominent to the center of each cushion and then fade away as you get farther from the center. It seems to highlight the multi-colored X.

Maybe I'm just hoping lol.

Yeah, I can see that now. Just noticed it right before you commented. Could make sense. But I think that would most likely come from a Google event, no? I could be wrong. I wouldn't be the least bit upset if we saw the Nexus 6 or whatever it is on Sept. 4th!

Well isn't Moto still owned by Google? I don't think the Lenovo deal has passed regulation yet, has it? Google already technically announced L at I/O so maybe they are doing a joint announcement. I get what you are saying though. It seems odd that they would announce a Nexus as that's really Google's deal.

Who knows.....I'd sure be happy if they did though.

They are, for sure. But I always thought it was Google's deal, too. Maybe they'll give Moto one last hurrah and let them announce it. Not like the Nexus 5 got some huge announcement last year. It was almost an afterthought, it seemed. And L is probably working towards being done - I would assume.

by that logic It wasn't clever for Samsung to go head to head with Iphone few years ago. but now its paying off for Samsung. Motorola's tactics these days are winning many customers over

It's a good phone but it does not change what he said.

I liked using it alot except the camera and a few little things, that are mostly me.

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I never used moto x before and probably never will buy one but what does it have to do with my comment??

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Sweet! My birthday is Sept. 4th. What are the chances Motorola will hook me up with a new phone or watch for the occasion? I'd take either awesome gift! ;)

I'm thinking highly unlikely... Leaks suggest September 26 or somewhere close to that date. I'm assuming they want to get the news out before the iPhone release will bury everything else after September 9. Either way bad time to release, don't compete for coverage time with the iPhone and the Galaxy. Normal ignorant people only know those two brands.

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Seems like android's best and last hope to make this smarth watch thing work falls on the shoulders of moto. Can they do it? Nope, google pretty much killed it for them by turning any android smart watch as just a notification watch. Basically, not something the mass market is looking for outside of the geek crowd. This category is looking more and more like google glass category than anything else.

I always thought that was mostly what people wanted in smart watches. I personally love the idea of using the watch for walking directions. What do you want to see in a smart watch?

My problem has more to do with the category than anything else, it's the same feeling I have with google glass. I don't see a reason yet to buy into it, it's not solving a problem. It's seems more like a forced category to satisfy the need of the tech industry to grow than anything else. If apple does not figure the killer app or reason for someone to have one, theirs will also fail. At best, to me it's a niche market for people who are looking for something to help them keep track of their activities, that's not a huge market, it's a nice niche market but nothing big to support all those tech companies that's fighting over it right now.

You basically summed up my feelings exactly. Still curious about the new moto phones though.

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The general public won't buy a smartwatch until apple tells them they should buy one.

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Yeah better to get it right than half baked release like G watch and gear. Assuming the moto 360 is way better day to day in every aspects including longer battery life which is the most important for me.

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Christ. I was literally about to get either an M8 or G3 because I was losing patience with the X+1. Now, I think I will just wait to see, officially, what this phone will look like.

Sounds like the first week of September is going to be busy and exciting. Good luck to the AC guys (and those on other sites) covering all the madness

Nice... Please don't be Verizon exclusive with their ugly logo stamp. Make it available on moto maker unlocked from day 1.

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Motorola is getting gutsy announcing it so close to the iPhone 6 and next note. Will be interesting to see how they price it this time around and also what they do in terms of price for the moto 360

Shhhhh..... We don't do facts here.

This is going to be the last of them I believe though. Next time around is all Lenovo

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They did. And in response to your earlier comment, I haven't heard how good or bad the deal is going over with regulators, so we may see another Googorola device after this set.

Sense virtually every single component in every single electronic device you own is made in Asia, nothing in this category is even remotely American made even if that is where someone slaps the final piece on and shoves it in a retail box.

"American made" means basically nothing for almost any other product as well...

I believe that was only the moto maker custom moto x's. They never stated that they "normal" black and white models that you got in carrier stores were assembled in the US.

Too late. They waited too long. I'll wait for the next generation of smart watches. They should have graduated from High School by then.

I'm still satisfied with my Nexus 5, so won't get the Moto X+1 (or X2). However, the Moto 360!!!!!!! I'll be buying me one! Can't wait!!

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I'm pretty excited to see this mainly for the Moto X+1 with new Motomaker options and to see if they release the 360 in black and silver also the price of both devices. Slightly curious about the ear device. I still think they should've announced these in late July and had them to market early August. At least the Moto X2.

I have a feeling this headset is going to be a big deal. Could it be something similar to the one in the movie "Her"? Almost complete voice commands for your os? Text, phone, email, interact with google now??

I wouldn't get happy for a Nexus. I doubt it is coming to this event because they will want to launch it with L. That isn't due until late this year

At this point I have given up on hoping it wouldn't come, now all we can do is hope they get this one right.

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I don't think it will launch just because of the fact that we haven't seen any "leaked" images of the device

Well if you listen to these guys it is Shamu that is the Nexus leak.

Also, didnt google in the past confirm long beforehand who was making the Nexus device? I have not seen anything like that this time around. I suppose I could be thinking incorrectly.

Something tells me I'm going to regret picking up this LG G3 instead of waiting for the Motorola announcement.

Droid Maxx just about the best phone I've ever owned. I think the successor will be killer too. Anyone want to buy a used G3? LOL.

Fair enough statement. The camera on the Droid Maxx was never disappointing for me, but neither was it inspiring.

The 720p screen same sentiment.

I still stand by my comment that for me it was the best phone I've ever owned, and still own. It was my daily driver for over 11 months. Unheard of for me, 6 months usually the longest. I didn't say it was perfect, but it had a damned good mix of hardware and more importantly user features I actually want to use.

The LG G3 has an amazing camera, and really nice display, but it's lack of low-power-always-listening, active notifications, and trusted Bluetooth device features make it less satisfying as a single daily driver for me.

If the new Motos up the ante from the Droids, with 1080p display and an impressive camera without losing any of the wonderful current features they will be a tough phone to beat in my use case.


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Yeah they were not bad but not inspiring as you said.

The G3 is an awesome phone. I hae been carrying it for a month and a half as a work thing and I am going to hate to give it back soon...

I hope the moto x1 will be available in Europe from the start this time! And i hope the camera is good.
I want an update to my nexus 4.

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I like the look of the 360 but I'm going to wait to see what: #1 Price & #2 Reviews for it. If both are good, then it's a go for me

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Really cool-looking invite. As a Moto X user, I am really excited about this news. I sometimes am filled with jealousy when I see phones like the Nexus 5, One+ ONE, Sony Xperia and the HTC M8, but I love my little Moto X and am really looking forward to seeing what Motorola has in store for us Moto Loyals!

I would love for that to be an indication of a new nexus. I just can't get past the fact that the design is the same as the nexus logo but the colors are in different spots, save for the red. May just be as simple as a coincidence. Plus I think earlier commentators are right, Google will save that little nugget of joy for themselves. Nonetheless, keeps you interested though. Can't wait for the next "vision of Android"!

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Am I the only one who is looking forward more to seeing what the Xperia Z3 Compact, than the Moto X+1? Don't get me wrong, I love my MotoX, even with its small handful of idiosyncrasies, but I have loved my Xperia Tablet Z (receiving the Z2 tablet any day now), and would really like some of the features of the Z1C and rumored Z3C on a phone that's roughly the same size.

I hope the Moto X+1 comes with a better camera; it was the only gripe people had. I wonder how the X+1 will set itself apart from the upcoming Nexus since the Moto X is really close to being stock android?

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Anyone else notice the image they are using.. bears similarities to the event that sprint has planned for next week? kinda looks like that paper origami thing.. in both images... coincidence??

All I want is the moto 360 . My piggy bank knows its approaching that glorious day I smash it on the floor like "paooh gimme ma moneii"

Posed via Nokia 3310 smartphone

Why the hell get an unlocked phone upfront rather than getting it locked on a contract? You save a lot more for an unlocked phone than locked one, and also the versatility to change your carrier.

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The screen is probably going to be big. I don't mind a 5 inch screen, but if the rumors about the droid turbo are true (4.6" with a 1440p screen), I might consider that instead.

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I think most people who actually own the current Moto X agree...add an sd slot, better camera (although with the latest fixes have made it pretty good), hmmm... yea that's it. Don't F it up by changing the form factor to something that can't be used easily with one hand and don't lose the active notifications with "always" listening to the latest greatest SoC that isn't compatible to have these features. This is the best user experience phone I've owned and hope the next iteration builds on what this phone accomplished and not something that is just in the specs race.

OK we claim to have all the information about the new tech. I'm seeing a great pattern tho. Every year google releases a nexus device. But this year google decided to go a different route, one better than I've seen in my years of being a fan of google. What's the best way to surprise someone? With a distraction that is just as good. Which is what I'm getting at.

Google has been working on the next generation of devices since the nexus 5 was released, or better yet completed. The moto x is an interesting device though. It is almost stock android with a little moto twist. Which is why I believe that Motorola is working on their own thing.

Everyone seems to know that Motorola is making the next nexus. I have even begun to believe it. But there's something in me that believes that the nexus x code name was planned. The name shamu aquatic creature, but the meaning of the name means something totally different. The meaning of the name has all of the qualities of HTC all over it. It even has the potential of 8 and the "desire " of 4.

So while we all salivate in wait of a flagship device that has some interesting features, even if we'd love to hate some, that has caught our attention. The anticipation of the Motorola x+1 is just that. The anticipation of the Motorola x+1. It has features of the last few new devices flagship counterparts. Lg's rear button, HTC's front firing speakers, and a quad HD panel.

But the hardware....32bit snapdragon 805. That alone made me think otherwise. Then we see HTC is planning a device release on September 4th. It has the label worlds first 64bit phone. Now..why would HTC hype up a 64bit smartphone with Qualcomm's endorsement and not give us a top of the line phone? They wouldn't. Which is why I believe that what everyone thinks is just a mid range phone is more than that. It's a flagship...its the best. HTC did it first and they're doing it first again. HTC is going to drop a bomb this year and that bomb is the Nexus. See you guys September 4. The nexus is coming early this year. And I can't wait.

Anyone know the time of this event? Is it being streamed live?

Been looking all over. Don't see any Mentone of time

Motorola loves India, so it's also hosting an event in India today (in Delhi)! We Indians can't wait to see the Moto G2, since the G is being phased out... Please launch a 32GB or 24GB variant at least, Moto, and keep 16GB variant the minimum

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Hi All saw this posted on the Moto Google+ page after the same question being posted 100's of times there......I don't know how accurate it is though??

"I seem to be getting a lot of questions regarding Motorola's "event" today and I keep seeing this question pop up on G+. Well gang, here's the deal. There's multiple private sessions going on today at the Moto HQ. Today is a time for members of the press to get a hands-on with the new Motorola hardware and ask questions in a classroom like fashion. This is not a public event and nothing will be showed or posted for a while. You'll have to wait for tomorrow's launch event.

Sound familiar? This is how the Moto X event went last year." by Derek Ross´╗┐"