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Motorola today has updated its Assist app with a new feature that lets you let go of your phone while you're at home. With the update, it'll learn where you live (doesn't look like it learns from Google Maps; I had to tell it manually) and then read incoming callers and texts aloud, so you don't have to have the phone in your pocket all the time, and you don't have to go scrambling for it.

Along with that new feature, Motorola says it's also improved its detection of when you're driving with more audio enhancements, and there also are other bugfixes.

Get your update on at the link above.


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Motorola Assist now lets you put down the phone at home


I'm still disappointed by the absence of Driving Mode on Moto G. It's been several months...

Posted from my Motorola Moto G

yeah, what you are saying is true..

does this new option appears on your Moto G? Because the app updated but the new option doesn't appear on my Moto G..

Moto G got non of the hardware to support either of those options.. Want Moto X functionality? Buy a Moto X! Want the best value for money phone (the G doesn't have those features because that would make it more expensive)? Buy the Moto G..

Motorola said they're working on Driving Mode in Motorola Assist for the Moto G.

The lack of the X8 sensor monitoring system is what is holding it back. With no reasonable, battery efficient alternative, they added the functions in Assist that do work; namely, the ones that only require time monitoring, which are dead simple and efficient to use.

The argument regarding being able to manually turn those modes on, pretty much defeats the purpose of Assist, which is to do things automagically with zero user interaction. An example of choosing a philosophical position over a user-enrichment feature, perhaps, but it also keeps the app focused on its core purpose, which inevitably leads to a better app overall.

You want features that your phone can't support due to lack of appropriate hardware and your disappointed they haven't come yet?

Me thinks you should be disappointed in your buying choice of phone. You want features that are hardware specific, buy the appropriate device.

"I'm disappointed my Chevy truck doesn't perform like a Corvette. It's been several months.... " That's my personal anecdote to illustrate the absurdity of the comment you left.

Updated my Moto X, but I'm at work now. Will have to wait until tonight to see how the At Home function really works. I wish the Driving Mode would learn from my commute settings used in Google Now. I drive a short distance to a Park n Ride bus lot, then take the bus to work. Even though I tell Motorola Assist that I am not driving, it can't seem to figure out that I am on a bus based on my commute preferences. I keep hoping that this will get fixed in a future update.

It's basically the same as the Driving option minus the music/BT check mark and plus an option to set your home location (on my mother's X it was preselected but I dunno if it was just indicating where she was or if it guessed).

Is Driving mode supposed to interact seamlessly with Bluetooth btw? I see there's a space where it "detects" BT devices but on mother's Moto X none show up, and there doesn't seem to be a way to add any. Her phone is clearly paired to her car yet Moto Assist still speaks announcements over the phone's speaker, BT calling works fine tho.

In Motorola Assist Settings menu, under the Driving Activities, my car's Bluetooth is listed under Devices Associated With Driving. All I know is that whenever I start the car, my Moto X pairs up and automatically unlocks because I have the car set up as a trusted device. I can't remember if announcements still come over the phone or through the speaker. Next time it happens I'll pay better attention.

Definitely interested to see how it behaves, and if it picks up my location accurately. I live in a two-story home, so I don't see it being a solution so I can leave my phone in my office while I'm down in the kitchen, for instance. Perhaps if my phone is on silent and in my pocket this will be handy?

I'm hopeful the sound based driving detection will stop my X going into Driving mode on the train.

Now if I can just get Google Now to realise that I don't park a car at St Pancras station...

If its close enough to hear, I wouldn't say you'd be scrambling for it.

But seems a neat feature nevertheless.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

The Droid Maxx and Moto X phones just keep getting better and better. Maxx is the best phone I've ever owned in terms of use experience. It's the first phone I haven't needed to root to get features I need (beyond free WiFi tethering on VZW).

Motorola' ongoing improvements just make it that much harder to get excited about newer shinier hardware.

The update made Driving mode useless for people who ride bus and train, it took away the option to not read text messages. You wouldn't want everybody on the bus to hear your text message.

I see both links (to the store and Assist app linking) broken. no one has complained? or am I the only one seeing this?

I absolutely love Assist On my Moto X. The addition of this feature is really cool!

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Woohoo! Been waiting for this! : D. Excellent. Will be perfect when my phone's in my dock.

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It seems a bit hit or miss. I entered my location, but the home icon seems to appear and disappear randomly so it only occasionally announces things. I am wondering if it is to do with having a microcell? It would be great if it did it by location and/or by nearby wifi...

Anyone else had this problem?

I really like the Home feature of announcing who is calling and giving me the the option to answer the call or ignore by using a voice command. Even though my GPS is set to high accuracy, Moto Assist "Home" shows me across the street; so I had to manually set my location in the Assist app and then set that location as home for the service to become enabled. Today though when I returned home I didn't get the Moto Assist "Home" icon showing up in my notification bar. I tried resetting my location in the Assist app but it would not enable....only when I opened Google Maps and hit the location icon did Moto Assist "Home" function become enabled; so I think it may somehow be associated with Google Maps.

I really hate Home mode. Now my phone no longer rings at home, just vibrates! That absolutely sucks. I've told it I live in the middle of a swamp I'll never visit. Home mode go away! I want to be able to answer my phone. That means when it's 20 feet away I need to hear it. Can't put the phone down. Unless it's in my pocket I can't tell I'm getting a call.