Following the initial handful of phones we reported had received CyanogenMod 7 release candidate 1 yesterday, a bunch more devices have now been graced with official RC1 builds of the Gingerbread-based custom ROM.

At the time of writing, CyanogenMod 7 release candidate 1 is available for the HTC EVO 4G, MyTouch 4G, Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Aria, HTC Desire (GSM/CDMA), HTC Slide, HTC Desire Z, T-Mobile G2, HTC Desire HD, HTC Legend and HTC Droid Incredible.

Even if your phone isn't listed above, you should check out the CyanogenMod experimental builds page, as builds for other phones are being added all the time. [CyanogenMod Experimental Builds]


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More phones get CyanogenMod 7 RC1


I can vouch for the N1 build. pretty snappy, great screen on off animations. still a work in progress as it is missing a few of the CM settings i had gotten used to in 6.1

full wipe, flashed from zip and flashed tiny gapps. golden!

I agree. I got a Nexus One about 2 months ago when my company yanked my iPhone when switching to a regional carrier. They gave me a blackberry, and I promptly went on craigslist and bought a N1 that night - had been a virgin to the android world until that point.

The one I bought was rooted and running CM6. Just flashed CM7 last night, and I am absolutely amazed at how much faster the phone is running. Especially when I have a live wallpaper; with CM6 it would be slow to respond when swiping through app pages and what not, now I can barely tell a difference from a static wallpaper.

How does the battery life seem to you? I carry a Moto Droid, and on the nightlies I've been noticing that the battery life is a lot shorter than I had on BB.

Thats the i9000... Unfortunately not all Galaxy S phones are created equal, there for, no CM for us Vibrant, Captivate, Epic and Fascinate users.

I agree what's the problem with the Galaxy S phones? They are working on the Nexus S Same company!!!

I would pay serious money for CM on my Fascinate and by serious money I mean like 20 bucks...

There's a note on the page for DINC that says: "This file has been reported as broken because: No service and some core apps crash on launch (including Messaging)"

And we Eris users, though there is no official CM7 build, have GingerShedBread 1.5 up to CM7_RC1 as well.

Wow All HTCs

I want to move to a Samsung Galaxy II but I need to find a way to get all these Devs to change with me lol.

Switched over from MIUI. Impressed on the updates from cm5. Any impressions on battery life for evo?

On 6.1 for my Desire HD just now but I'll check this out now! This is one of the reasons I always choose HTC, just so hackable!

Edit: Wtf is with the capcha?

@jammin:You can flash without wiping only if your coming from a CM 7 nightly build. If you are coming from a different rom like my self(GingerVillan 1.5)then yes you should do a factory reset & dalvik cache wipe for sure. If not you will most likely run into issues later on.

Can you flash this without having to do a full wipe? I hate having to reinstall everything and setting everything back up.

jammin, you do need to do a full wipe. But, instead of reinstalling all your apps and settings etc, use Titanium Backup to do it... much easier.

This might be a n00b question but why isn't there a CM mod for the DX? I am running Liberty 1.5 so roms can be done I thought.

Yeah, obviously Roms can be done on the are running one, Liberty. Apex is also a great Rom from what I have read. I may be mistaken but I think Cyanogenmod isn't on the X because it requires a custom kernel which the locked bootloader on the DX won't allow. Someone is supposedly working on a Cyanogenmod build for the DX, but who knows.

I have asked this many times & never gotten an answer, but what is the big deal about Cyanogenmod specifically? What does it have on great DX Roms like the newest versions of Liberty & ApeX?

my EVO has seen more love from cyanogen than my wife has from
I love these guys. I think they need to partner up with with these phone devs and showem how its done...

yay gingerbread on my evo. I have been waiting for this and who better to bring it than cyanogen mod. Thank you sir.


Huh?? What are you talking about, dude?

Liberty is a Rom for the DX, just like Cyanogenmod is for the phones listed above. Liberty has nothing to do with a locked bootloader. All a locked bootloader means is that you can't install a custom kernel which isn't necessary to get a good Rom. Apparantly Cyanogenmod requires a custom kernel which is why a port isn't currently available for the DX. There are MANY great Roms available for the DX but the bootloader hasn't been cracked nor is it necessary to install Roms.

can any one help me?i was running unrevoked clockwork 3. ive tried to dl the cm7, and now my evo keeps replaying the sprint 4g image. any help?

Runs perfectly on my N1. Coming from a stock 2.2.2 build, I am very very very impressed. keep up the brilliant work everyone.

I NEED HELP> I own an HTC incredible... When I first bought it the first thing I did was use Unrevoked to root my phone, then I downloaded ClockWorkMod (free version)... I really want to try the new CyanogenMod 7 RC1 for my phone. However, I am not sure how to do it... I am very good at following exact directions. I just need someone to point me to something that will give me exact directions on how to do it. I understand the consequences if i mess up and that Is why i need exact help on how to do it... I have money for a new phone if i brick it. PLEASE HELP. the more I learn the more I can help others...