HTC Thunderbolt cases

We're going to keep running pictures of empty HTC Thunderbolt cases in an attempt to ... um ... do something could possibly spur a quicker release. You hear that, Verizon? You hear that, HTC? Empty case pictures! Take that! We'll run another one, you just try us!

In other-still-don't-have-the-phone news, we've got a picture after the break that details what all stores are getting. Note that a working Thunderbolt is not included in the list. Thanks, anon!

HTC Thunderbolt


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More HTC Thunderbolt cases; still no phone


hello everyone this is steve jobs aka god.

I want to say that thunderbolt is the shit. Also for any apply fanboys who worship my shit i have some good news.

Coming soon to an apple store near you will be plaster of my balls with the apple logo on it. Know I can tea bag you when ever you want.

There is no mult-tasking with this new product because it its a first generation tea bag mechanism. But I am sure that the tea bag mechanism 4 will have multi-tasking so you can tweet and get tea bagged at the same time.

You are welcome



isnt this the same phone as the evo 4g? just scaled down to be on americas most unreliable network? dropped call heaven?lol

Huh? That is the most ass backwards thing I've every heard. And no its not the same at all. All it shares is screen size.

oh,its not 1 ghz? with a 1.3 ff camera? with the new sense? and the 4.3 display? wtf? do some research before you post your idiocracy.

Second gen 1ghz (different) better sensor on the front and rear camera (different) more ram (different) unibody structure (different) more internal memory (different) slcd and new sense.

So like I said. Only thing it shares is screen size.

Well verizon wants everything sprint has, palm pre to palm pre plus, htc hero to htc incredible, htc evo to htc thunderbolt... lol their not satisfied with their private droid line-up...

The ThunderBolt is a Desire HD made for the Verizon network with improved features and LTE added. The EVO does not have the same design, like for example, the better front facing camera, better Sense UI, better external design using Unibody Aluminum and less wasted realestate space on the phone, which is why the phone is actually smaller to a degree but has the same size as the comparison phone everyone uses called the EVO yet its not, oh and lets not forget its faster and has more ram than that of the EVO and Bionic

Well if they were holding it back to try and not be overshadowed by the iPhone launch they can go ahead and launch now. If the lackluster to non-existent lines and shocked faces of store workers being reported are any sign the hype is over already.

If they are waiting to make sure people don't return those iPhones then they better go ahead and wait for a while.

Heres my theory.

iPhone released today 2/10. They give you 14 days to return a phone now. That puts us at 2/24. Why would they release this phone within those 14 days and have returns from iPhone purchases. It only makes sense that they wait till 2/25-3/10.

That theory might be right considering they will want to get as many sales as possible, but in my area one store i went to (a corporate store) only had 4 people in line before they opened and they didn't seem to sell that many units, a couple of the employees there i used to work with told me that there sales were extremely hit because of the pre-orders on the website, but as far as in-store, it makes sense to wait to launch another phone after a major release until usually after the return policy expires so they don't return it and get another phone, you can bet your new ThunderBolt that Apple gives Verizon a cut of the sales and i'm sure they'll take advantage of that thereby most likely the cause of the delay of this impressive phone.

At this rate the phone will never get there. It is being transported by horse, and he is having a hard time steering with a cart in front of him.

No, but it doesn't need it, it has DLNA which is just as good since you don't lose quality of video because its sending the video file to the device it will be playing on rather than streaming a video signal.

Plus the new sense functions with the DLNA baked in along with the phone acting as a remote to play back content on a DLNA TV or from your PC to your phone or from your PC to your TV using the phone as a remote. DLNA has come a long way since it has been released.

Look carefully. The clock on the phone indicates it's 2:48. If you devide the hour by the tenths of the minute and the tenths of the minute by the ones of the minute you get 2 1 4 or 2/14. Is it a hidden code for the release date of the phone (even though they claim it's pushed back)?

lol ok now i think were all going crazy with the release date info being leaked for multiple dates, its makes you wonder if its intentional to throw us off or to throw someone else off.

but in any case, the dummy units that were reported to be arriving at all the Verizon stores show a date of February 14 on the flip clock
and to add to the injury, the unboxing video that was posted by Wirefly shows the packaging having a black outer case with a pink/hot red inside, Valentines day packaging?

Realizing it is the 24, simplifying your equation to dividing 2 into 48 makes more sense to get the 2/24 date. I like your code think though.