LG Prada 3

The rumors are building ahead of CES, and the latest involves LG, Sprint and a little 4G standard called WiMAX. The long-rumored LG Prada 3 reportedly could be an Android device. [MobileOSNews via Slashgear] Or, it could be a Windows Mobile device. [Information Week via WMExperts] It all depends on who you ask right now.

Either way, an actual WiMAX phone will be a pretty big deal. So we're just gonna have to go to Vegas and see for ourselves. Besides, Brooke Shields will be there. We just can't pass that up.


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LG Prada 3 rumored to be an Android (or WinMo) WiMAX phone on Sprint


4G/WiMAX would be nice but not as a Windows phone and most definitely not a 3 inch screen will do it. It has to be 4G, keyboard, Android and a 3.7 screen, at least 5mp camera auto focus/flash, now thats a good news

Yes, but I would prefer it in WinMo , but definitely add flash, minimimum 5 Megapixel cam with nice video recording capabilities , and maybe throw a projector adaptor on there for PPT and video Out

I think it will be a WinMo phone. Microsoft and LG are supposedly part of a big presentation by Sprint. I wish I had an internet source for you, but all I have is a reliable personal source.

That is to bad as I was hoping to replace my Sprint Mogal with a 4g android phone. Maybe HTC will come out with one sometime next year.

Wake up Sprint! Brooke is a MILF. But this is a POS announcement. I live 8 miles from the Sprint Campus in OPKS and loose a signal within 12 miles from the campus. I have been a customer for a long time and keep hearing the same old CR@+. You "Sprint" obviously have no sense of the needs "wants" of your customers. What ever carrier comes out with a 4.0 or bigger compacitive screen, 1 ghz "or bigger" fast processor and with android OS, will win. I'm sure the tech'ies can come up with a better wish list. You should fire every top executive and start over.

Oh, Sony has 1 of these, what service provider are they going to?

first off sony ericsson stated a while ago they would no longer be making CDMA type phones so no to that.

as for htc coming out with a phone that meets most of the requested specs it seems the htc bravo is our only hope, but it lacks a physical keyboard.

so idk you kinda hate sprint for never having the hottest phones and when they look like they do it totally duds out, but they don't exactly have the advantage of verizon's seemingly endless cash flow and to get that they would have to raise their rates so it is kinda a disappointment at times...

LG LS680 has just been confirmed by sprint as an android phone coming next year. No one really knows what it is yet, although they assume it is the LG Prada3 or something very close to it. Sprint may just be back in the fight thanks to WiMAX 4G