See how the latest from Apple stacks up against the Nexus 4 and HTC One

It's no secret that Apple has just unveiled its latest devices, the iPhone 5s and 5c, and while our friends over at iMore dive deeper into the Apple-centric coverage we want to see how its latest device's specs stack up against the Android hardware.

Going head-to-head with Google's (admittedly 11-month old) latest reference device the Nexus 4 and the HTC One, the iPhone 5s stacks up pretty comparably. The latest iPhone sticks with the 4-inch 326 ppi "Retina" display, matching up to the 4.7-inch 320 ppi of the Nexus 4 and absurdly nice 4.7-inch 468 ppi of the One. On the camera front Apple has moved to an 8MP BSI camera much like the Nexus 4, but with larger pixels like the One and a few new features included in the form of software optimization, a new image signal processor and dual LED flash.

The rest of the specs round out very similarly as other high-end devices out there today, but there are naturally a few points where each device stands out. Stick around after the break for a full spec-by-spec breakdown of the iPhone 5S vs. the Nexus 4, HTC One and the latest BlackBerry and Windows Phone handsets.

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iPhone 5S vs. the competition


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iPhone 5s vs. the competition: Spec comparison



Good question, you are not even comparing the latest Android devices which clearly even trounce apple even more.

The S4 and the one are practically identical. He is comparing device fields, first party android, third party android, blackberry, windows phone and iOS.

The One and the S4 are fairly close in specs... but there are two MAJOR differences. Swappable battery and MicroSD card. That is reason enough to use the S4.

I hate to point out the obvious, but Isn't the point of an argument is to be opinionated? If the parties would be in agreement, there would be no argument. I'm just saying...

Correct me if I'm wrong, the S4 beats the One in specs.

And only in real world usage does the One 'outperform' the S4 based on software optimizations, right?

/rooted S4 user

The Note 3 and the LG G2 even have the new 2.3 gh processor and bigger bateries, should add them as well

He's not stupid. I hate Apple too that doesn't mean I don't like the products they make. The iPhone 5 and 5S are beautifully crafted devices.I just don't like the way they do business, the way they treat competition, and their very stubborn egos. You sir are the complete idiot.

Posted via HTC One on their cool app

Maybe if you are using a tablet for pure entertainment purposes. I'm an Assistant Principal and I use my Note 10.1 for literally everything. It's hilarious watching my Principal attempt to do half the things I can do with my Note with his iPad with no success. Beautiful and useful are not the same thing.

He's not stupid. I hate Apple too that doesn't mean I don't like the products they make. The iPhone 5 and 5S are beautifully crafted devices.I just don't like the way they do business, the way they treat competition, and their very stubborn egos. You sir are the complete idiot.

Posted via HTC One on their cool app

I really like that ring around the perfect circle of the button! Very nice! But I just can't get myself to stick with iOS when I am so deeply entrenched with Google services!

I wouldn't touch an iPhone with a 10 feet pole, but the same goes for any Samsung device loaded with that cancerous UI they call TouchWiz. Put some CM/PA/AOSP goodness and I'll sing another tune, but that's a different discussion altogether.

And here we go again. It was iPhone we were supposed to ridicule, but can't do it, can we? It is always One and S4 fight.

It's a preference of quality of a smartphone over the qualms you have with the actual company. It's not hard to understand idiot.

Posted via HTC One on their cool app

MY S4 is AMAZING...can't even imagine how they can improve on it.....Love watching the crApple iDiots frown and get all depressed at all the stuff it can do that their iPhones can't

I'll start! My s4 works with gloves on, the battery last over a day and is replaceable. The screen is an acceptable size and it doesn't have huge borders around it like the ancient looking iPhone and HTC one. Ouchhhhhhhh

Posted via Android Central App

haha ancient looking htc one- because whether a smartphone looks modern is only defined by its screeen size to total size ratio. too funny!

My S4 still lags every now and then on simple tasks like opening or closing an app or moving around the desktop or app drawer but it seems to run pretty smooth when doing complex things.

How can they improve it?

-Make it not lag
-Make it out of premium-feeling materials
-Give it immediate updates
-Give it a better screen technology than AMOLED

I can't think of anything other than Google's Nexus products that have immediate updates...

Posted via an HTC Thunderbolt

Holy sh!t let's all chip in and get this guy a new phone! I used to have a thunderbolt. How have you not taken a sledge hammer to it yet?

I still have a Thunderbolt too. Just waiting for a phone that I actually want. Not a phone I have to settle for. No phone on the market now has everything I want.

Immediate updates not found on non-Nexus phones. Samsung has been better than the competition in this regard, methinks.

AMOLED is a preference for many. Pure blacks for the win.

Premium feeling materials is also a preference. I personally didn't care to have my phone look or feel premium.

I agree about software. Could use optimizations.
Luckily I rooted my S4 and don't have that issue.

Since the S4 generally beats every other phone on all other grounds, I got it and rooted it. Best phone for me--maybe not for someone who wants an easy, quick, bloatless device out of the box.

Wow, you really hate me, don't you? Lol, you're still holding a grudge from that one article... Cmon, you guys need to lighten up...

Posted via Android Central App

Lol, I called him immature and egged him on; and it was all she wrote. I probably deserve the punishment he's dishing out.

I don't see why people have an issue with you. If you don't prefer Nexus devices, that's your preference. It's not like someone dies, just because you don't prefer a Nexus device. Or do they... LOL, jk

Posted via Android Central App

You can't say bad things about a Nexus around here. It is like pissing on Steve Jobs grave

Sent from my wifes phone. Typos are because I hate her keyboard choices. Her bad

People don't like things because they are popular. Things are popular because people like them. Do you REALLY understand that statement?
Android users are like Subaru drivers. . .they didn't buy a BMW so they drive aggressively and spend all their time trying to convince themselves that their cars are better!
I like my BMW and my iPhone ;)

Then it would be like a Nexus, which would be a better iPhone.... Who wants that? Nothing special about GPE... Is just clean, BIG DEAL! get nova launcher with gestures, hide the status bar and call it a day! Hot sexy and useful phone.

Exactly how is a Nexus like an iPhone at all? Nexus devices are the most open Android devices out there. Just because I can't obnoxiously swing my hand back and forth in front of my screen to navigate through my gallery or hold my finger a centimeter from the screen when I could just touch it doesn't mean that the Nexus is "iPhone-like."

At least Nexus and GPE devices don't have an inconsistent UI that hasn't changed since Gingerbread.

Nova lanucher does not a Nexus phone make.
Why do I have a Razr HD and totally envy my wife's Nexus 4 which has absolutely no problems, lag, or BT issues, and is 4 versions of Android ahead of mine?

I like to refer to Nexus devices as Pure breeds whenever someone not knowledgeable asks, while the the rest (Samsungs, HTCs, LGs) are lesser hybrids. It's a simple enough explanation that drives the nail home to whoever I'm talking to usually.

I can't agree more with this post! Samsung needs to start focusing on the quality of the the overall look and feel of the device (not cheap plastic) and less on packing TouchWiz (which is a joke, in itself) full of needless features that very few people even know exist or choose to actually use on the regular.

I agree with everything you said except about Samsung shuold not make a phone out of cheap plastic. I believe I read an article on CNET or Android Central (please forgive me, I have a bad short-term memory), that the S4 was made out of cheap platic so that they could concentrate their money on other features and make it affordable. I'm not discrediting you or talking smack, I just figure I throw my two cents in and let people know why perhaps, they used plastic for their casing.

so youre saying they chose stupid features, that just get turned off, over material that you hold most of the day?... bahahAHA good choice Sammy

Yep, the Iphone is so awesome. My sons Iphone 5 that he treats like a baby has been to the genius bar 3 times in the past 8 days. First the power button stopped working and they gave us another phone. A day later the ear speaker quit working so we headed back to the GB and we had to leave the phone so they could replace the ear speaker. We picked it up and hour later and were on our way. The next day the replacement speaker stopped working intermittently and my son happened to be at the mall so he stopped in the Apple store and he approached the blue shirt with the all important green case on their Ipad. He explained the problem and that he had been here twice over the past few days, but they wouldn't help him since he didn't have an appointment and there were only 5 other customers in the store. Amazing! My son called me the next day and after a minute of hearing him curse he remembered that he had to turn on the speaker phone to talk to me so I knew for sure the ear speaker wasn't working. We made yet another appointment for a Saturday and when we got there they could not get the phone to duplicate the problem so we left with the same phone and problem. From there we went to the ATT store and he bought an HTC One and he is already talking about how he could never go back to a 4 inch screen. My daughters Iphone 4S has been replaced 3 times in the past year because the power button stopped working. People can go on and on about how great the Iphone is but I think they are junk and I laugh every time I go in a Apple store and see all of the I-Robots getting their junk fixed. Maybe I am just lucky but I have never had to fix or replace a Samsung, HTC or Blackberry phone for that matter.

Not sure whether to believe you or not. Your story seems a little incredible unless your family members are just the unluckiest people on the face of the earth. I'm an Android user myself (HTC One, previously Galaxy S2 and S3) but the rest of my family members have had multiple iterations of iPhones ranging from the 3GS to the 4S. Only one of them has ever had a problem (power button stopped working) and it was because he dropped it.

I actually had similar issues with the HTC One. I had to get is replaced a total of 3 times in less than a week due to various factory defects that were all confirmed by the T-Mobile reps. Just really really unlucky sometimes.

This person speaks truth. They could make their phones out of pure sex materialized, but as long as iTunes is in the picture, I could never use an iPhone on a daily basis.

Why WOULD it when the specs of the S4 and One are basically identical?  


The Note 3 and G2 aren't even released yet. Can't include unreleased phones in charts like this and say it's fair at all.



^^^The irony of that statement is not lost on me, either.  :P

We actually have a lot of European users here that have the Octa version. Either way, internals are similar, screens are different, cameras are different, UX are different. So only some of the specs are the same.

Screens aren't different enough to matter in the spec chart, UX isn't in the spec chart at all.  Internals are identical for the Snapdragon versions (clockspeed difference is negligible).


I don't want to get into how much of a fail I feel the current Octa is.  When the new one comes out later this year with true heterogenous utilization of the cores I'll actually care about it.


I said something about Note owner's further down, and now I'll say something about S4 owners.  Wait, no I won't.  It won't matter or make a difference.  :)

Screens are different, PERIOD. All you have to do is put AMOLED and SLCD, and a lot of us know the advantages and disadvantages of both in addition to that, one has a 5" and the other is a 4.7". These two facts are actual big decision factors to a lot of phone users.

I feel you're just responding for the sake of responding... It's worth listing the SGS4 up there, another thing you could add is that it has a removable SD card slot as well, it would have been the only Android phone up there in that comparison chart that would have had one. Lets not come up with a bogus reason why this is negligible.

Are you mad that your S4 wasn't included in something? Let's remember that the One was chosen as the best phone you could get last month.

Maybe that's why. Just a thought.

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm very well versed in the screen tech of the two devices.

Posted via Android Central App

I have a HTC one running Android Revolution 13.3 >_>

Uhhh... I'm somewhat active on the XDA boards for it if you want proof. I just believe in all honesty that when comparing the devices, the SGS4 has to be there because it's on top of the food chain and has features and things the other Android devices do not.

The Nexus was included because it is Google's current reference device.

The HTC One was included because users, writers and editors all over the Internet say it's the best current Android phone when given a chance to vote about it.

Don't blame me. I would have put the Fascinate up there just for the lulz if it were my decision :)

Don't you have anything else to say aside from "lol,this,lmao?" offense but it's annoying

Posted via Android Central App

You'll find that posts complaining about another post are more annoying than the original annoying post. And to keep this from being completely irrelevant, the new iphones are the same marginal step apple has been taking lately. Cool home button (depending on how it's used in the OS all around) but unless you're 2 years are up, it seems like a waste to upgrade. Also, the 5c is a bad joke. I don't even think apple fans will fall for this one too much. Not enough pros (the sole 'pro' being a $100 price diff) to outweigh the cons, especially if buying on contract.

Apparently, it's the best to a lot of people. Not to mention, all mobile sites gave the S4 high marks. The only real complaint seems to be the plastic material but that didn't seem to bother consumers.

Yea the S4 hate is kinda ridiculous. Its the best selling android phone. The question for consumers is going to be iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4, yet it is not on the chart.

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung products DO lag. I like my S3 but the lag on it, even for simpler tasks like searching for a contact or texting, is annoying. I've heard of similar issues from S4 users. All this hate about Samsung in quite understandable.

Posted via Android Central App

I have been a Samsung user for a while and I have not had a phone that lags. Of course I root it and remove all the crap that carriers put on it. I think what you will find is most of the phone lag is related to the crap that is installed on them. A root with cyanogenmod is the fix for any lag.

Can we please get the margins moving more to the left. I'm seeing 2 words at most on every line of a post on the AC app.


Posted via my thumb(s) and the Submit button

Haha yeah, that does get old, after a while. I just give up, on reading whatever is squeezed over there.

Posted via Android Central App

Yea but to omit the #1 selling android phone from the #1 android manufacturer doesn't make much sense.

Posted via Android Central App

So your solution is to find out which phone the users think is the best, then not use it and instead use a different phone that isn't the best by popular opinion?


Where did you come up with this? Is there a comment you were responding to that's not here anymore or something? I know it's late (or early depending on how you look at it), so I may be missing something here, but it doesn't seem like your response is relevant to the post above yours...

Posted via Android Central App

The S4 should be in there. The Galaxy series dethroned Apple in the Smartphone market. Samsung went head to head with Apple and clearly won. But I get it. You guys hate the S4 so therefore it was omitted from your little comparison.

So here's my comparison - The iPhone 5, 5s whatever is a toy and laughable next to the S4. The S4 is a computer. The iphone is an extension of you Mac. Not a standalone device. I'm glad stocks dropped. It's over hyped crap. Later.

That's what I said, Jerry? Look, I can clearly see that what happened was just whoever made the chart just took the Nexus 4 (makes sense) the HTC One (Android Central users #1 rated phone) and just omitted the S4.

All I'm saying is leaving out the #1 selling Android phone of all time is kinda ridiculous, No?

How *dare* you?! Turning around our poll results and using them against us! You mean you actually used statistical data that was voted upon the end users to determine which of the two "giants of Android" you should use? LOGIC? Jerry, go home, you're sober. D:

And why not? LG G2 has started landing in peoples hands yesterday and will be released on Verizon in 2 days. The iPhone 5S has not been released either so yes it should be compared to Androids already announced but not released!

I was partially being sarcastic.


The bigger point is that the phones on this chart, at least the Android phones, have been out for months and can go toe-to-toe spec wise with a just announced device from a competitor.

With that logic, the iPhone hasn't actually been released yet either. Both the Note 3 and the IPhone 5s/c have only been announced!

No but the new LG will be available before the new iPhone 5S available. So yeah it can be compared. Go ahead and look it up.

The iphone isn't released yet either... We however have been informed about em all

Posted via Android Central App

Because if they put it side by side with the to the S4, new G2 and Z1, then it would just become an embarrassment for Apple. Even the S4 have better camera (literally) than the iPhone 5, not saying the 5S won't improve.

Forget the S4, the S3 and One X had better cameras than the i5.

Honestly though, spec comparisons are pointless I find. Won't make iOS7 any less boring, childish-looking, and any less of a ripoff of every other mobile OS.

You don't know the camera is better on any of those devices. Apple improved the 8MP to make it a better 8MP.
Higher numbers, like 13MP doesn't mean better.

In terms of specs, the Galaxy S4, LG G2 and Xperia Z1 (aside from the camera MP) all have nearly identical internal specs. How does including 3 more phones that look 98% the same on paper next to the iPhone make it "an embarrassment" that having 1 phone with those specs doesn't?

You have to learn to ignore those who don't know what they're talking about Andrew.

Editor in chief of

Very proud of tantai, local comment section fanboy and troll. "LoL" (however you capitalize it, whatever)

More so the new iPhone 5S/C are missing so much more compared to current flagships and recently announced flagships that are setting the standard for the upcoming year. Let's see if I can run through the whole Alphabet. From A for Apple to Z for Z10.

a) 0.2 - 1.2" screen size - excluding phablets of course in that case a whole 1.7 inches
b) no 5G WiFI 802.11ac
c) no LTE Advanced
d) no NFC
e) no QuadCore CPU - another metric not measured no GHz to compare to
f) larger battery? yup another blind spec represented by hours no one gets
g) OIS - optical image stabalization - as on LG G2
h) USB 3.0 as on the upcoming Note 3
i) 3GB of RAM! Another blind spec so what is it 1GB or 2GB? way to take advantage of that future proof 64-bit processor!
j) it's Android free (not a good thing!)
k) 142+ pixels per inch. Yup I know the iPhone screen is pretty and all but as noted above the One is King or next to it for Pixel density
l) digital signal processor ( Moto X ) (it has a co-processor now)
m) -33MP ( for those that do count pixels ) compared to Lumia
n) 16GB less storage standard (32GB seems to be the new standard on fully enclosed devices like the One and even Samsung is beefing up to 32GB on the Note 3 standard)
o) no micro HDMI / MHL video out or DLNA
p) -1MP on the front camera. 2MP+ is now standard on new flagships
q) no Magnetometer or Barometer found on Nexus 4
r) no wireless charging
s) lower pricing (Nexus 4)
t) not waterproof (see Xperia Z)
u) no removable battery
v) no expandable storage
w) no simultaneous data and voice ( on verizon ) good luck browsing while on a phone call looking something up
x) no companion devices like the missing iWatch - i.e. Galaxy Gear this is a growing field (ok nike fit has something, *I think*)
y) no notification light
z) no infrared remote control

So I thought I wouldn't get through the whole alphabet. But I did. It wasn't that difficult to do it either. I can probably keep going. I may be wrong on a couple of things so feel free to correct me. You can add stuff to as I would like to give this list to people that are in between buying an Android and an iPhone.

Stop thinking about specs for a bit and just use and iphone to do all the things you normally do on average usage, it's a very quality based phone.

Some Android Central writers, like Andrew, just favor HTC. It shows in their write-ups and comments, and Samsung is an also-ran by comparison. Some don't, but this is an Andrew article so that's life.

A better review can be found, oddly enough, in the Washington Post. One of their non-reformed print journalist/tech writers, Hayley Tsukayama, (who is no Samsung fan) did a nice comparison.

But thank you AC for this review anyway. It would have been more useful if the S4 were included, but it REALLY would have been interesting if the Moto-X had been added. The Nexus was a stretch, and the Nokia and Blackberry are not AC's strong suit, so why bother?

It felt a bit odd reading this article's perspective, since in Moto-X reviews, and even HTC One vs, Samsung S4 reviews, the mantra for Android Central seemed to be that "specs don't matter." Somehow, with the new Iphone 5, now they do.

Why no S4? Because the AC editors are so in love with the design of the HTC they've forgotten that the S4 exists, and probably outsells the One by 100 to 1. Don't expect anything like objectivity here.

Really wanna see if that fingerprint scanner works out. Its a great idea that's been done before obviously but I'd like that to be the future. Face unlock is good too, but this is quicker, easier, more secure.

Let's hope OEMs incorporate this in one form or another. S-Scanner anyone?

Posted via Android Central App

I like the idea of the fingerprint scanner, but I have doubts as to whether it will catch on. Contrast that against the Motorola's Active Screen and I'd rather have quicker access to the simple things like the time than use a fingerprint scanner as opposed to my pattern unlock. It makes it a lot harder to lend your phone to someone as well.
I also wonder just how well it will actually work.

You know who else likes the fingerprint scanner. The NSA.

I guess them calling Jobs big brother wasn't that much of an exaggeration.

Posted via Android Central App

Even then they don't actually don't store an 'image' of the fingerprint, but rather a code generated from reading the patterns on the fingerprint.

And how do you think the FBI's fingerprint matching software, and fingerprint database, work? In spite of what you see on TV, no one matches fingerprints based on images any more.

I doubt seriously Apple went to the trouble of developing it's own fingerprint algorithm. There's an industry standard, and it seems likely that's what Apple uses.

So unless you think the NSA can't actually access data stored on your phone (in which case I want something of what you've been drinking), the government will have no problem reading your fingerprint.

Hahahaahaaaa! non-reproducible and digital in the same breath? Seriously, that was good for a laugh. If the NSA can crack BB's mail encryption, and they have, they'll have no problem reading the fingerprint data on your iPhone.

Whether you care is up to you, but there is no digital data that is "non-reproducible."

But its not just about unlocking your phone quicker, or getting easy access to info like active display. Paying for stuff on app store with just a print is huge. That'll drive sales up IMO opinion because I feel ppl would purchase apps more often if it were quicker.

Posted via Android Central App

If the time difference between smearing a finger over a button and tapping in a ~7 letter password is the only thing stopping them from downloading an app, maybe people need to re-evaluate their need for said apps.

7-letter password? Maybe if you don't care about security. I use large random passwords for all of my important accounts and manage them with 1Password. Whenever I use iDevices I hate having to input my iTunes password periodically just to download an app.

I had an Atrix4G and it has a fingerprint scanner; it was neat, but kind of a pain to use. It is interesting that they decided to go down that road. I would have thought they would have added other items before a fingerprint scanner like; IR blaster or NFC specifically.

This. Why have they not added an IR BLASTER its so simple. And lastly, why no notification light. Ugh. I can see why they are skipping nfc but no IR blaster still. Weak.

Editor in chief of

Agreed. IMO it's still the best of the devices in that graphic. Best price, no lag, most flexible and, IMO, the nicest looking.

Can't wait for the new nexus. Less bezel. Less bezel. Less bezel.
Also a decent camera would be awesome. One thing I miss about my s3 is the ability to take decent and fast pictures. But love nexus devices.

Posted via Android Central App

Best price yes, I've seen the N4 lag before multiple times so that's a lie, idk what you even mean by flexible because the camera is garbage on it, and the HTC One and the iPhone 5S destroy the N4 in terms of looks. Are you blind?

Posted via HTC One on their cool app

Opinons are relative and subjective. For instance, I bet your mom thinks you're good looking. Subjectivity is a bitch.

I just got my wife the Nexus 4 and I am thoroughly impressed with the device!

Posted via my thumb(s) and the Submit button

Why not compare the not-yet-released 5S to the not-yet-released Note 3? Seems a more appropriate comparison.

Posted via Android Central App

I really want to see how the A7 compares to the Snapdragon 800 and the Exynos 5 Octa, cause I feel that the A7 is an absolute beast.
I also want to see how the camera performs in low light compared to the One and the Lumia 1020 as they are head and shoulders above the competition in low light.

Ha ha, according to geekbench the iphone 5 scores around 1600. The galaxy s4 with exynos 5410 scores around 3200 and the snapdragon version scores around 3100. 2x1600 puts just about on par with the Snapdragon 600, yet alone the 800. Tegra 4, next gen exynos, and snapdragon 800 should wreck the A7 in benchmarks.

Yeah, though the S4 lags but the iPhone 5 does not! Strange LMAOF, you Android geeks are so obsessed with specs you sound like idiots!

s4 may lag a bit but tbf its got a lot more to do on the OS than iphone's have.

If iphone ran android it would lag... and it would lag more than current android devices.

Only in multicore performance. The Single core performance in the A6 still hasnt been topped even by the 800 when you take into account the HUGE clock speed difference.

The A7 doesn't have to be a beast. It's running a slightly upgraded version of iOS 4 that they call iOS 7.

Note 3 would blow the new Iphone away I think. But it would be nice to see a camera shootout between the two..

I own both iPhone 5 and several top of the line Android devices. Saying that I was hoping that Apple would implement 3rd party keyboard, maybe NFC to use at just about every gas station, coffee shop and lunch spot. I think that finger print scanner could be a weak link, the home button is the first thing to go on a iphone, the most used feature and now it also has a sensor built in for scanning prints. I hope that doesn't bog or lag down the system. If that fails it could be expensive. Saying all that the new Note 3 is IMO the best phone for 2013-2014, that phone is a freaken beast. It is more powerful than most home laptops. If the back door that is removable doesn't meet your standards there are more after market back doors and accessories that are fantastic. I sold my iphone 5 to update to the new 5S and will also buy the Note 3. I want and have to have the best of both worlds. I build custom homes in the Boston area and the Note 3 sitting in my truck along with that new Samsung watch on my wrist clicked on vibrate I can retrieve all my notifications etc and answer and make calls while my new Note 3 sits in my glove box in my truck. The Note 3 IMO is the professionals best friend, the S-pen has been updated and makes very thin and exact lines and letters. Just a great device. Samsung gets allot of knocks but in all honesty they are without a doubt the leaders in SmartPhone innovation. The Note 3 proves just that. Just My Opinion.

Well said. Mirrors my thinking...
Well maybe not the bit about the watch. If it were waterproof then maybe. Plus not sure what kind of range you would get. Would it be feasible to leave the phone in a locked car and use the phone in a building next door? If so, very cool. My assumption was they would need to be relatively near to each other based on my experience with BT.

Just checked on Wikipedia to answer my own question.
In case anyone is interested :)

Standard Bluetooth Distance/Range : 100 m (330 ft)
Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) : 50 m (160 ft)

So what you hope to do may be tricky given the challenges of transmission through a vehicle and building etc. But it's definitely the use case I would also like.

Cheers everyone.
Have a great day.

I wouldn't want to commit to that Iphone for two years. It barely compares to the 11 month old nexus 4.

Posted via Android Central App

Specs, processor speed, battery size...

Mostly irrelevant even when comparing phones on the same os like the One vs the S4, let alone entirely different os's! Software pays a huge part, and as much as I hate Apple, they time and time again get better performance and better battery life out of worse specs than android phones seem to.

Posted via Android Central App

How much more capacity does your Note 2 have again?  Right.  It's all relative.  Your Note 2 is also slower.  From a technical standpoint as well as usability standpoint.


I'll never understand why Note owner's will always think they're device is the best, when it's clearly not (the Note 3, though, is a different story.  Samsung did good with that one I think).

How is it clearly not? I am a note 2 user that has large hands which makes the size comfortable for me to use. And if you have small hands it has a one handed operation mode for texting, dialing, etc. Its s-pen by itself is one of the main reasons it has no competition, it pioneered true multi-tasking/window (for android) I do everything on this phablet. The lag everyone speaks of is inherently touchwiz true, but there is also a **** ton of samsung and carrier crap on here which by rooting you set this beast free. Battery life is absurdly good after tweaking the voltage on the kernel.
Sure you probably could download an app that mimmicks some of the note's features but it wont be as good. Plus a screen under 5.5 for me is just too small now. After using the note 2 for so long even the s4 is small in my hands and none of the features it has in my opinion are useful except the ones it got from the note 2. So this is why us note users think our phone is better than anything else, because it is. There hasnt been a phone yet to challenge it besides the upcoming note 3.

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LOL. I bought the Note 2 for its screen size AND battery life. I hardly make that much phone calls for it since I do more FB, forums, browse the web, listen to music, and play games. So your comment is invalid. Sorry.

I use something called a ThingSling (I think they renamed it to SlingGrip not to be confused with the FlyGrip) I attached it to the back of my case and I can one hand this sucker all day long. I have average sized hands. My wife has smallish hands and the ThingSling/SlingGrip on her Note 2 as well....she can one hand it too. I have nothing against the Iphone, but it just doesn't meet my needs. Play a game on the Iphone and play a game on the Note 2 and tell me if its not easier to see and play. Watch a movie. Read a book. Look at a spreadsheet. Read an email. All of these are easier with a larger screen at 720p. I don't wear skinny jeans so my phone fits in my pocket just fine even with a Ballistic type case and the ThingSling. My wife carries hers in her purse when she isn't using it so thats not an issue either.

If the iPhone 5had the exact same display as your N2 and the same battery size I'm pretty damn sure you could get 4 days out of it compared to your 2 on your N2. The iPhone 5 has a 1440mAh that gets as good battery life as a GS4 2600mAh or better than a S3 with 2100mAh so be quiet please.

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One of the reasons they are more efficient is because their screen is so much smaller. But frankly it doesn't really matter even if they are more efficient if they can't offer better battery life. And they can't.

On battery life, I agree, performance... it varies. I'll still take my N4 toe to toe against any device, it's just so damn smooth.
With iPhone, you sacrifice flexibility, with the Nexus, it's the most flexible device on the market.

Most flexibility on the market, one of the cheapest price tags, just as much premium as the next, and still an ultra smooth lag free experience. Nexus should be a household name like iPhone or iPad, too bad it just isn't... :/

Oh I totally agree. Flexibility of a Nexus for me any day! Just waiting and hoping the next Nexus follows the path laid down by the Nexus 4 and I'll be buying it in no time!

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I was excited for todays announcements, but overall kinda underwhelming. No word of new Desktops, Laptops, or iPads. Have to say, now I am way more excited for the announcement of the next Nexus. The iPhone 5s is strong, lets see what Google can come back with.

Yup, but if it was, would LG have been able to keep up with production? They couldn't do it last year. I'm worried about that with the Nexus 5, whoever the next vendor is, because the Nexus 5 will be my next phone

I don't get why people say that iPhone's have worse specs then any other phones. Their gpu's always blow away the competition. The iPhone 5's gpu is only just now being passed up by the reference Adreno 330. The GPU tends to have a much larger effect on device ui performance (scrolling, pinch to zoom, etc). Also, Swift (the custom A6 design) had unparalleled performance, as well as power/performance for several months. Do people only look at the GHz?

According to glbenchmark's T-rex, The iphone 5 performs worse than the nexus 4 and several other adreno 320 devices. (see page 8 for the iphone 5)

It also appears that the Adreno 320 does better on the Egypt test as well.

The PowerVR always wins the triangle tests, and the onscreen scores are also boosted by the iphone's low pixel count.

I owned an iPhone 5 for two weeks. The difference between its battery life and the battery life of my One was negligible. I could never find an app in the App Store to measure screen on time, so I can't tell you how negligible, but I definitely didn't notice a difference when I switched back to the One.

Is that all apple has up its sleeve got a finger print sensor haha. The Motorola atrix back in 2011 had a finger print scanner lol

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Good ol' Apple Maps... Couldn't find a hospital, when I had a bronchospasm.

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Mine always worked fine. In a way, I still wish Android phones had them. I'm glad that Apple brought one to the 5S because that means Android manufacturers might reincorporate them soon.

Wrong. I had an Atrix for like 6 months and the fingerprint scanner was flawless.

But Apple just invented it, years later. Par for the course.

I was hoping that they'd have figuring out how to invent NFC in the version so NFC can stay to get more main stream attention...

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Ugh, stop comparing the Nexus 4 to flagship phones. The battery life stinks and the camera is horrid.

Um my battery lasts a full day and the camera is good enough for my uses. This list proves after 11 months it is still worthy to compare and even holds its own with the brand new 5s.

Love the nexus but the camera is slow to take pictures and the quality is sub par. Fix that and the new nexus will be a beast

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Agreed. I'm tired of the teens who evaluate phones on their camera first.

The N4's camera is good enough for what I use it for: capturing moments when I don't have my regular super zoom, or my Panasonic HD camcorder, or my GoPro Hero 3; all of which take superior pictures to any cell phone.

The Lumia 1020 is a nice handset with a great SMARTPHONE camera, but it will never replace a dedicated point and shoot, PERIOD.

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I have tried every flagship on the market that was out this summer and the nexus 4 seems smoother and looks better than all of them IMO. My battery lasts me through the day as well. I would like to have a removable battery though.

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OK a lot of people like the N4 over current flagships like the One. You don't have to. Get over it.

I had a Note2 and sold it for the N4. Best decision I ever made and at the time the Note2 was the newest "best thing".

You put the lumina on a comparison chart over an S4? Aren't they throwing those at customers for free already...hoping someone catches it and actual uses it.

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Okay, but it wasn't necessary to include the Z10, even if it did make Crackberry Kevin feel better. Both people who bought that device don't justify having it on the chart :)

Okay, but it wasn't necessary to include the Z10, even if it did make Crackberry Kevin feel better. Both people who bought that device don't justify having it on the chart :)

Lmao can't help but laugh at the fact that the comparison for the SD card states "Never" for the iPhone! Hahaha idk if anyone else finds that hilarious.

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"Not happening" under the Nexus 4 is pretty funny too. IMO, SD is the msot overrated 'feature' out there.

As long as you offer 32gb storage and up. That's my need, and it's met on both my devices. I don't care how I get it, but that's my personal sweet spot.

Yeah that's pretty damn funny. And as an HTC one owner, I don't really miss it. But that's because it has 32gb as the base model. The 16gb(not even really) on the iPhone as the base model is starting to seem like too little for too much money. AND the fact that each step up is $100. $400 for ANY phone on contract is way too much! I don't care how much damn storage it has.

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I think fingerprint scanner would due before an SD slot.

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The one area Apple continues to impress me is image processing. While they don't have the highest end camera hardware around, the images that come from the 4S+ are consistently of quality that would suggest better camera hardware then reality. With the 5S, they are using a white and amber LED in the flash, and using an algorithm to balance skin tones and white balance with over 100 different possible combinations...pretty smart. Overall, it's a nice phone in a nice package as many people would expect from Apple. Still not gonna draw me away from Android and Windows Phone anytime soon...

I love the pictures that come from the iPhone 5. Crystal clear and focused every time.

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And for those complaining about them comparing certain phones, you know the specs of whatever phone you want compared, so compare them yourselves...other than that, its a f*cking iPhone! Just a typical upgrade.

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The S4 should be in the competition. It still boasts the highest benchmarks and is filled with features.

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I don't see benchmarks or software features listed on the SPEC chart.  If you have a US S4 use the One as a proxy.  Specs are close enough to be the same.

I don't even care about this comparison. I have a One, running on Android. To me, any other phone on another OS is blah.

Samsung should come out with a "My apps are faster than your apps" commercial...

Skinny jean wear dude walks up to S4 user...

SJWD : hey s4 user, what ya doin'?
s4 user : not much...just working.
SJWD : I bet my apps are faster than your apps, I got the new apple 5s....WAPOW!!! look at that!!!
s4 user : WOW! That was fast!
SJWD : show me how fast your apps load...
s4 user : I can't right now, I'm texting my wife, writing email for work, and watching you the same time...
SJWD : oh...
SJWD : do you think I'm pretty?

Phone wars are always fun. Yes the iFans are gonna play victim of AnTrolls, but just 7 days ago they were all over the Note 3 articles.

To be honest, I think Apple is headed in the right direction with software and hardware. Maybe next year I will consider an iPhone.

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The only thing i like in ios/iphone...1. It just works the os is built wonderfully smooth transitions its butter 2. Everything looks premium as far as the apps.. Meaning icons & functionality.... Outside of that... I can't see doing it... I've considered it many times just to try it but... Smh can't see why... Its not me

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The real news here is that Apple has invented a low cost entry level smartphone that still cost more than most high end Android and Windows Phone hand sets, and it'll still sell better than any single hand set running either of those OSes because people are silly.


Don't get the cheap iPhone 5Cheap just get the iPhone 5 that released last year. Its basically the same phone that they just announced

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Ya but they are discontinuing the 5 and replacing it with the 5c. It is a total dick move and all about profit margins.


"Does that make LTE useless?"

That, my friend, depends on the size of the torrent, lol.

I kid, I kid.

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Nice troll, but the MotoX proved from an Android perspective that an OCTACORE! processor isn't necessary in a phone.

Also, see Windows Phone. Not for me, but they are buttery smooth. No breaking specs. Software optimization goes a long way in the UI experience. Hate all you want, but Apple has this perfected.

Agreed, coolbreeze78. Numbers on paper aren't always the end-all-be-all: it's how the device performs when it's in your hand, and like you said Apple and MS (and Moto with the X) have the optimizations needed to provide a smooth, quick experience down pat.

But honestly apple is still so behind in software I mean android can do so much more then blackberry apple and window phone 8 and I mean for a so expensive IPhone 5S and 5C well do be it pay it. U get much better for less. Apple is overpriced and honestly old tech. I mean even and Freaking LG 2X or G2X has almost the same damn specs. 8 mega pix camera a 4 inch screen dual core processor and oh hold open source and isn't locked down. Hmmm and how old is that phone? Just saying. I really can't stand those tech Hitlers Apple. If u don't want ur freedom and wanna do whatever and being told what to do with ur device then Apple is the right one to go with. Funny humanity fought there whole existence to be free and also fought Hitler to be free but then they still want a kinda Nazi acting society in Apple Tech Hitler. Well I like I my freedom.

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I can see where you're coming from. A phone is a personal choice, and a matter of personal preference. For you, a larger screen and pure specs are important. For many people, they want something "easy to use" that allows them to browse the app store, install what they want who don't want or need the freedom that Android gives. It's not quite as serious as Nazi taking away anyone's freedom, it's a cell phone lol.

Yes I agree. But still Apple is kinda acting like Nazis. Dictating ppl what to do. But obviously a lot of ppl do need exactly that treatment otherwise they wouldn't go for the Apple empire.

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Honestly, Google Music and All Access keep me from going to Apple. I love my S4, and all the other Android phones I get to play with and own for work, but I love the look and feel of an iPhone.

If Google pushes out their iOS music app I would be a lot more tempted to switch back for another year.

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I hope Google are reading this and don't release it. Why would they want to enhance competing platforms?