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At CES Intel showed for the first time its new, emerging market orientated, Lexington chips. During the keynote presentation though, mention was made of the next generation of performance orientated, dual-core chips for higher end smartphone offerings. Dubbed Clover Trail+, and based on Intel's Atom Z2580, CES also threw up the first smartphone powered by the chip, the monstrous 5.5 inch Lenovo K900. While the K900 is destined only for select Asian markets and Russia at this time, Intel has now promised we'll get to see more Clover Trail+ devices later this month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

Other than that, we really don't have much to go on. We're promised a look at the new dual-core smartphones, as well as another look at the lower spec Lexington based devices for emerging markets. OEM partners are included, so we should be seeing actual devices that actual consumers can purchase, not just Intel reference devices. If the K900 is anything to go by though, we're pretty excited to see what Intel can bring for the future.

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Intel to showcase new dual-core smartphones at Mobile World Congress


Intel and Samsung's chip sets are so nice that Nvidia can't get anyone to buy their latest chip that they showed off at CES because people see it as underpowered. Nvidia needs to upgrade their chips fast to catch up.

Plushie? I thought it was a guy in a suit!

No sense of scale in the picture.

In fact, my first thought when I saw the picture was "Wow. What do you have to do to piss the boss off so bad that you get stuck with THAT gig?"

That's a full size suit. But I wouldn't mind a Black Adam Android plushie. As long as it comes in a pair with a Shazam! Captain Marvel Android plushie.