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Since HTC and Apple settled their patent disputes and agreed to a cross-licensing agreement, there's been plenty of speculation as to exactly what this deal entails. One figure floating around the blogosphere last week was $6-8 per phone -- an estimated amount that at least one analyst thinks HTC might be paying Apple.

However HTC CEO Peter Chou was quick to rubbish this particular number at a recent public appearance in Tokyo. According to reports from Reuters, when asked directly, Chou dismissed the figure as "outrageous," while saying he is "happy" with the way the settlement worked out.

"I think that these estimates are baseless and very, very wrong. It is a outrageous number, but I'm not going to comment anything on a specific number. I believe we have a very, very happy settlement and a good ending."

The exact details of the settlement and cross-licensing agreement remain confidential, although rival manufacturer Samsung is working through the courts to reveal the exact amounts involved. It's widely speculated that at least some money is going in Cupertino's direction.

For its part, HTC's only official comment on the specifics of the agreement has been to say it doesn't expect it to have any "adverse material impact" on the company's financials.

Source: Reuters

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So, they were going to pay and now they're not? What is going on?

brendilon says:

Read the article, it's pretty clear.

Condescending much?

I was actually asking people for their opinions.

supa_dupa says:

Good deal = HTC payment(if any)to Apple < attorney's fees and court costs, etc.

Please, please, please stop the patent wars. All that money could be invested in R&D.

cp06 says:

I will never buy HTC knowing that $6-8 is going to apple. What a waste of money :) my 2 cents.

I say buy whichever device you like best. If we were to avoid companies by lawsuits, nobody would buy a phone. ;)

winddroid2 says:

You believe the analyst Shaw Wu blindly? For fun Google what his other predictions have been. He is a huge Apple apologist.

icebike says:

So what if Wu was off by a little bit?

You didn't see Chou deny payments did you? He waffled.

If not 6 bucks, then 5. Same difference. HTC got useless patents and surrendered all of theirs and money too.

mwara244 says:

This Just in, HTC record even more losses in q4 earnings report. They have lost over %60 of their value from last october to this october, now they settled with apple for millions more? I guess in 2013 they'll file for chapter 13, and then get bought up buy Google for their patents, and they'll sell the rest off

Finally they step up and stop this BS. Nobody knows the terms of many of these deals because they are hidden behind NDA's. But it doesn't stop "analyst" from running around pulling figures out of their a$$es which the tech media for some reason loves to take for fact. For instance it seems to be widely accepted that Microsoft makes X amount off of Android starting from the HTC deal. But no one has ever confirmed any of these figures from what I've seen. The deal could have very well been that HTC would guarantee to continue pushing Windows based phones no matter how dismal it might look for the platform.

brendilon says:

NDA's stop the parties involved from discussing the terms in any official capacity. That doesn't stop unofficial discussions or leaks. Just because HTC denied the number doesn't make it false. HTC had to deny the number, or risk validating it with their silence.

That said, $6-8 is very steep. I wouldn't be surprised if this was the value Apple tossed out as the value of their IP before factoring in HTC's patents.

Is it any worse than the $30 that Apple wanted from Samsung for each phone?

XChrisX says:

Off topic, I really like HTC a lot, and hope they can bring some great new innovations to the mobile space next year. These patent wars are stupid, competition drives everyone to great levels of innovation. Depending on what new device they launch next year as their flagship, my next phone just might be an HTC.

I think the DNA is one of the best phones on the market right now :)

cyanogen-man says:

But that storage kills it for me. Its the one x on at&t all over again. And that would equate to millions for apple. I seriously hope that this is just a baseless figure.

Brian_d says:

HTC is paying Apple $6-8 per phone for making them with a (undersize) non-removable battery?

HellcatM says:

"I think that these estimates are baseless and very, very wrong. It is a outrageous number, but I'm not going to comment anything on a specific number. I believe we have a very, very happy settlement and a good ending."

apple probably threatened him to say that and not disclose the amount. apple is starting to act like the mafia.