A video has crept up on Google's googlenexus YouTube channel that introduces a brand new device, the Nexus Q. It aims to help you stream content throughout your home. In the video, they show social music streaming where multiple people adjust the queue of songs and video streaming as well. Check it out for yourself in the video above. It's very likely that we'll hear Google officially introduce it during their upcoming keynote at Google I/O.

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HAAS599 says:

Support for Google Play Movies and TV in the description page. Might be a leak for Google adding TV shows to rent or purchase in the store


bryanw504 says:

Hmm was that a white Nexus 7 in this video.

knightfall says:

I saw that too.

dkotoric says:

now that's what I"m talking about

So we need a device to share between devices, seems kind of dumb to me, why can't they build all of this into apps with no special devices. If they can do it with youtube via G+, I don't see why it can't be done with your music too, why another box to do this.

Sorry, is anyone at the helm at Google anymore? It looks cool but really? This is $200 too expensive. And why is this a separate product from Google TV?

madj42 says:

Exactly. Why this isn't a part of GTV is beyond me.

FSEMobius says:

RIGHT?! Agreed...especially since the new Vizio GoogleTV is going to be twice this device, a third of the price....

$299 = flop

fechhelm says:

For $299 this had better come with unlimited cloud storage.

hadesto says:

price is pretty steep, wondering if this is a direct result of it being manufactured here in the US :/. Pretty cool otherwise