Google Buzz -- edit your buzz

Good news for those of you who use Google Buzz (we know you're out there) and have have fat fingers. You can now edit your Buzz posts (erm, Buzzes) directly from your phone. Just tap on the post, then the >, and you have the option to edit the post. It's that easy. [Google]


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Google Buzz now lets you edit from phone


Yes, I am aware.

Doesn't mean they can't put pressure on the developer or make a better once....since you know, it is embedded into the OS. Even on stock Froyo.

Though they are not the developers, something tells me they could sway the development.

I would say, Yes - they probably do.

But aside from that; They know the Facebook app is severely lacking. They know they it's flawed at best compared to every other FB app on devices across the entire spectrum. Worse, they know that it's a constant complaint from Android users.

Yet they still package the crap application as part of their stock OS package. When with the resources they have, they could make a better application inside of a day.

It's pretty clear why they do it. Facebook is setting up to be their next big competitor. They cant' figure out how to compete with them yet, but in the mean time they can make the FB experience a little less nice on the phones they control.