A Charlie Brown Christmas

This might be the best $6.99 you spend this holiday season. LoudCrow Interactive -- the company behind bringing the Sandra Boynton books to Android -- has brought the classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" to phones and tablets.

It's the same interactive reading experience we've come to know and love, right down to Schroeder's piano. Chances are you'll enjoy this as much as your kids.

We've got demo video and download links after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing
There are 9 comments

socialmuse says:

Thanks for the heads up. One of the reasons i love this site, I never would have found this on my own.

coolkatz321 says:

Y u hate Chanukah and/or Jews, Android Central? Sigh, guess it's *that* time of year again.

scbower says:

umm, good logic there... Mentioning Charlie Brown Christmas interactive ap = hating Jews and Hanukkah. right. No need to "sigh" about it. get a grip

flacoff says:

thumbs down to oblivion.

childish, ignorant, nonsensical and weak.

coolkatz321 says:

Jesus H. Christ, you two are in desperate need of a lesson in sarcasm. Did you even pay attention to how this comment was written? Christ.

scbower says:

Ya cool, good use of sarcasm

Brainerd says:

$6.99? A little to pricey, IMHO. I've purchased 3 Boyton books in the Market. Don't know why this isn't similarly priced. Oh, well. If demand is low, hopefully they will drop the price.

cowboys2000 says:

The DVD can be purchased at that price....and saved to the memory card. Just saying....

crxssi says:

This app is far more than a video, it is an interactive book. However, I still don't think it is worth such a high price.