Galaxy S III teardown

Now stop us if you've heard this one before, but here's the Samsung Galaxy S III, stripped to its guts. And guess what! There are smartphone parts inside! But, hey, you get a cool look at the Exynos processor up close (processor pr0n!), and note how the glass is actually connected to the frame of the phone. That's gonna make replacing a broken one veddy expensive, we gather. Also interesting is that iFixit notes how the camera is "basically the same unit found in the iPhone 4S."

The big question we've got at this point is how different will the U.S. versions end up looking?

Source: Chipworks, via iFixit


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Galaxy S III torn down, found to have smartphone parts inside


Im not so sure of that, however it's interesting to find out that they are using a Sony back-illuminated primary (rear facing) image sensor.

Hmm I thought the SGSII had better camera quality than the iPhone 4S (with a slower shutter speed). If that is true, wouldn't some consider this camera a step back? And wouldn't that give the iPhone 5 a leg up since all they would have to do is improve their camera in any way and it would automatically be better than Samsung's?

Also, is this something that could potentially pull some people towards HTC's phone, since a lot of the other internals are the same?

I think the 4s was generally considered to have a better camera. But they are both good so I doubt it really matters in the real world.

I am a veteran professional photographer, and yesterday I compared the two cameras (4s and S3) side by side against backlight and the S3 flares out and the 4s does not, so I don't believe they are the same camera, unless the lens coatings are different and are impacting on flare....but I highly doubt it.

But the one area where Samsung does much better is shooting with flash is dark environments especially where there is smoke or haze, like in a bar or club. Overall though it seems the 4s camera still uses the best sensor/lens combination.

Also, FWIW, I think the camera on the S3 looks to have a bit more detail than what I found in my Note.....but haven't done side by side comparisons.

i have being living with my s3 for a few days now and now that the hype is gone i can tell you a few things. ITS JUST A PHONE. a very very good one , but just a phone
what this phone needs is the app market to catch up to exploit it.

its about twice as fast as the s2 the screen is ridiculous for surfing.

im finding the wifi isn't a good as s2 but this could be my setting..
is is not heavy.

dont buy a cheap phone case if you spend 500£ then buy the proper case for it

i will be honest im not a iphone lover but i have messed about with one a few times the s3 kills it.

if the iphone 5 copies screen size and upgrades the camera i think it will seize back the crown (im sure the media will say this) but android users don't care about media exploitation .

the s3 does not shout out its sits in the background quietly. if your an undecided s2 holder , when i look at my s2 the design is classic and better than s3 hands down. but for speed alone the s3 has certainly arrived in my opinon

Joke, 4s shutter speed is slower than the burst on the s3. Plus Samsung's software tweaks enhance the camera and make it better 10-fold. 4S is a point and shoot camera. S3 is more professional