If you are on the hunt for a new Android device then maybe this weekend you'll want to check out the RadioShack Facebook page. Why? Well, this Saturday, November 6, RadioShack is giving its Facebook fans a free Android phone from AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile,  just for liking the brand on Facebook. The offer is good from November 6-9. Keep in mind, you'll need to print out a coupon and it's only for selected devices.

Devices available:

You'll also still be bound to those pesky two-year contracts as well but getting a device for free lessens the blow there. In addition to the free devices, RadioShack is also offering $10 off a $40 or more purchase and 20 percent off all accessories. [Facebook, Twitter] Thanks Sarah!


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Free Android phone from RadioShack this weekend!


Just liked them a couple hours ago. Going to get the Aria since the rest of my family is on (cough... sucky cough...) AT&T.

Where's the love for Verizon???

Those 3 aren't high level phones, but they could use something like maybe the OG Droid (Droid 1), or maybe even the LG Ally, or something....?