Kyocera Zio

We've known for a while that the Kyocera Zio would be coming to Cricket Communications, and now it's official. Pricing and actual availability weren't announced (other than "this fall"), and we can only hope that it's seen an update from the Android 1.6 that was on it when we had our hands on in March, which you can watch again again after the break, if you're so inclined. Also mentioned: a "low-cost Android phone from Huawei," so you have that to look forward to. [Buzinesswire]

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my last few experiences with kyocera were not that great, I've always found the quality of their phones terrible

lilzone says:

I was able to play with the zio at a convention, and boy was it laggy, kinda like the video.

chefkeyser says:

I had a Kyocera phone once. "Once" being the operative word.

copr165 says:

Uh, who had Cricket?

I wonder if Metro PCS will follow suit since those two companies generally are in competition with one another In some of the same markets. If so that will only add to Android adoption.

scottae316 says:

Kyocera phones run the gamut although they are known for making lower end phones. They now own Sanyo who use to make excellent phones. Most Kyocera phones are bad because they are cheap phones.

cesarb says:

"I guess you can look @ the Nexus One as the closest thing to it"???!!! What??!! NOOO FAILL!!