Carphone Warehouse has today confirmed that the UK retailer is stocking the newly announced LG G3. Those who are looking to get their hands on the new flagship Android smartphone from LG will be able to pre-register their interest on the Carphone Warehouse website from today, with pre-orders kicking off on June 3rd. The device itself is expected to hit stores across the country by July 1st.

The LG G3 is turning heads because of its impressive 5.5-inch Quad HD display, immersing the owner into the Android experience. Then there's the additional 3,000mAh battery, LTE support, 13MP camera and more. Be sure to check through our recent coverage of the device for a closer look at what will be included in the price.

Will you scramble to place an order? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Carphone Warehouse


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Carphone Warehouse opening up LG G3 pre-orders on June 3


Be nice but I would rather wait to see how the battery life etc plays out. QHD is pointless in my view as I have a keen eye for detail and even I can't see the pixels on 1080p screens.

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The whole point of QHD at 5.5 inches is SO you can't see the pixels. Just wait till next year when the 700ppi screens arrive

So cool a friend of mine and I both have had several different devices of yours and their awesome but this is the best so far they have a lot of amazing things I know will be made.

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