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    • Vendor: Facebook
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    Facebook Messenger is the stand-alone app used by mobile devices for chatting with friends on Facebook. It was first published as an optional app, but Facebook in mid-2014 made it mandatory for using its chat service on phones and tablets — no more chatting from within the Facebook proper app.

    The Facebook Messenger app has been hit with a bit of misguided criticism over the permissions it requires, starting with a poorly written Huffington Post article in December 2013. That outdated (and not so good in the first place) story gained traction as the Messenger app became mandatory. But as Android Central showed in its detailed look at the permissions, it's not doing anything that you wouldn't expect from a chat client. Apps such as Google Hangouts share many of the same permissions.


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    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger may get Snapchat-style ephemeral messaging feature

    Facebook has started trialing self-destructing messages on its Messenger app, with the feature giving users the ability to send messages that vanish after one hour. Available to a few users in France, the feature can be enabled or disabled through an hourglass icon in the app. According to a...
    Facebook Messenger adding facial recognition for easier photo sharing

    Facebook Messenger adding facial recognition for easier photo sharing

    Facebook has begun a slow rollout of a new feature for its Messenger app that it hopes will make sharing photos easier. Called Photo Magic, the new feature uses facial recognition technology to find photos of your friends in your camera roll. Once you opt-in to Photo Magic, Facebook Messenger...
    Facebook starts testing M, the virtual assistant that lives inside Messenger

    Facebook starts testing M, the virtual assistant that lives inside Messenger

    Facebook has started testing M, a new virtual assistant that lives inside its Messenger app. Rolling out first in the San Francisco Bay Area, M's artificial intelligence in trained and supervised by people. One of the big selling points of M is its ability to do things for you in the course of...
    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook working on 'Moneypenny' virtual assistant for Messenger

    Facebook is reportedly working on a new virtual assistant feature, much like Cortana, Google Now and Siri, but with a slight twist. According to The Information, the social giant will introduce the assistant (codenamed 'Moneypenny') on Facebook Messenger, and this new feature will help you...
    Facebook Messenger's direct payments feature now available to everyone in the U.S.

    Facebook Messenger's direct payments feature now available to everyone in the U.S.

    Back in March, Facebook announced that it would start rolling out a direct payment feature in Messenger. After first rolling out to users in New York City in May, the company has announced that direct payments are now available to everyone in the U.S.. From Facebook's David Marcus: We're...
    Facebook Messenger no longer requires a Facebook account

    You can now sign up for Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account

    Users can now sign up for Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account, as the company has changed the process to now allow for phone number registration. All you need is a phone number and a picture to get started on Facebook Messenger now. The company has dropped the previous...
    Facebook rolls out more granular location sharing in Messenger

    Facebook rolls out more granular location sharing in Messenger

    Facebook is rolling out more granular controls for location sharing in Messenger. Facebook announced that it is enabling more granular controls for users to share locations in Messenger. Whereas users previously only had the option of turning location sharing on and off, the changes rolling out...
    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger expands its direct payment feature, rolls out in New York City

    People who can use the direct payment features in the Facebook Messenger app now have some new options to check out. In March, Facebook began its slow rollout of its new direct payment features inside its Messenger app. Today, it is adding some more options to those features, along with...
    Facebook Messenger video calling

    Facebook Messenger's free video calling feature is now available in most countries

    Users of Facebook Messenger should now be able to engage in a video call with every other user of the popular messaging app worldwide, with a few exceptions. A few weeks ago, Facebook added a video calling feature to its Facebook Messenger app for people in the US and 17 other countries. The...
    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger adds free video calling for the US and 17 more countries

    Facebook has announced a new update to its Facebook Messenger app that adds support for free video calls for the US and 17 other countries. This new feature means that Facebook Messenger could be a competitor in the VoIP video market to apps such as Skype and Viber, among others. Facebook says...
    Messenger Platform lets developers hook their apps into Facebook Messenger

    Messenger Platform lets developers hook their apps into Facebook Messenger

    Facebook has announced Messenger Platform for developers at their F8 developers conference. The platform allows developers to tie their apps into Facebook Messenger. While using Facebook Messenger, users will be able to find new apps to use with the service by tapping the three dots in the...
    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook announces payment services through Messenger

    Facebook has announced a new feature for its Messenger app that will allow users to send and receive money from their friends. While the code for the payments feature was first discovered in October, today is the day that Facebook decided to turn the switch on the service. People who want to...



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    Facebook Messenger


    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note running Android 4.1.2 and the latest Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps. In Facebook, I click on the Message icon at the top, which, as expected, brings up the list of people with whom I have recently exchanged messages. Next, if I click on one of them, I expect to see the dialog I recently had with that person. But as likely as not, after the name briefly highlights, NOTHING else happens at all. The list of names remains on the screen, and I cannot select any of them or do anything else with that screen until I hit the Android "Back" icon in the lower-left corner of my screen, which takes me back to the "live" list of names. I can select any of them, but no matter which one I choose, it does the same thing: highlights briefly and then locks up the screen until I hit the Android "Back" icon again.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook Messenger, to no avail.

    Any other suggestions?

    - Rich

    Hi i have a samsung galaxy 3 10 in problem with messenger is that i cannot succeed in sending a voice message as well as a camera pic.when i click on either icon the screen does a 90 degree flip and then wasn't always this way and i believe an update is the cause.any help will do as i cannot message on android without messenger and i will not use it until this is fixed
    thanks Tim

    Me too i was using facebook camera and video clip then one day it just stopped workin does a flip then freezes app would appreciate any help

    BlueTooth is not working with android FB msgr. when call comes, bell rings in bluetooth but when call connects, then voice come in internal ear speaker .. how and why .. i am using LG stereo head set.. please help

    I have the Same issue with Motorola Buds. You hear the outgoing or income ring but when connected the audio goes to phone and I have to turn on speaker!

    I am using samsung tab 4 and having issues with trying to access the camera within FB messenger. The screen flips. Sometimes the camera refuses to work at all. I used a Samsung tab 3 before this one and had no issues at all. Just want to find a solution.

    I resent having to install a separate application to read messages from people on FB. I have a Galaxy Note 3, and even when I use application manager to "Force Stop" the application, I get the annoying headshots popping up with messages. I can't find information on how to adjust the settings, get rid of the popups. I have uninstalled it twice but if I'm away from a computer there's no other way to get direct messages. Normally, I don't give a whatever, but there are some friends or family members who use FB for fast notifications that I do need to read.

    I switched from iPad to the Galaxy Tab A. I can no longer use messenger's camera or voice messenger. It flips the app instead of working.