The Nielsen Company has released their latest set of numbers and things are looking great for Android once again. According to the figures as of Q42011 46.3 percent of all smartphone owners surveyed were making use of Android while Apple was close behind with 30 percent.

Feature phones were the biggest losers here though, 46 percent of US mobile consumers chose using a smartphone over a feature phone with 60 percent of those who bought a new device in the past three months -- going with a smartphone vs. a feature phone at the time of purchase.

Source: Nielsen

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Ok so which oem takes the cake for 2011?? HTC!!

Professor777 says:

Please edit your article. Start with the title which should indicate that the stat is for the U. S. only. Worldwide stats show Android with a much larger usage base.

You second paragraph is full of errors and makes little sense. Especially since the graph doesn't show smartphone usage. It should read as follows:

Smart phones are gaining over standard feature phones. The Nielsen survey also revealed that 46 percent of U. S. mobile customers prefer them, and 60 percent of those who bought a new device in the past three months pocketed a smartphone.

You're welcome

Dripz167 says:

If you're gonna point out mistakes, at least make sure your paragraphs are correct also.

Next time, how about you apply for the job and make your own articles. Nobody likes a killjoy.

/end rant.

icebike says:

People have every reason to expect correctness, and every reason to point out bad reporting.

This is a US only survey. You can't escape that fact and it should have been mentioned.

Professor777 says:

The paragraphs are correct. The spacing is for visual clarity, and it is common formatting for forum posts.

Actually, my intention was to enable immediate correction so the post could be re-done and he would look good. Notice my comment was about 1 hour after the original post.

ScottJ says:

"You second paragraph is full of errors and makes little sense. Especially since the graph doesn't show smartphone usage."

This should be one sentence with a semicolon instead of a period.

I generally reject the pedantry of the grammar police. In your case, I'll make an exception.

robotaholic says:

@major Samsung

Hopefully one day that whole chart will be green and apple's iPhone will be in the yellow part. Apple sucks! ROCK ON ANDROID!!!

Professor777 is on his game this morning. I thought I was reading that wrong.

Professor777 is on his game this morning. I thought I was reading that wrong.

hairball45 says:

Interesting. I saw this article linked on another site, and they were puffing about how iOS is gaining on Android in popularity. I guess it's all in the spin. It looks like both have gained at the expense of WM/W7, Symbian, Palm/webOS etc.

JEvoUser says:

I miss webOS but with Android kinda killed that getting with 4.0. And Windows phone has got to have the ugliest homescreen ever made. To think less than a year ago I was a webOS fan boy who hated on android but now they the one I'm rooting for.

karl1coleman says:

Apple numbers are always going to be spiked when a new product is release, as was the case in 4Q2011. That 51% of smartphones were Android in the middle of this iPhone 4S hoopla speaks volumes to me how well Android is doing.

iPhone market share has leveled off in 2011. Most everyone who wants one has one. Android is still growing though. Anyone who thinks iPhone is gaining is doing some serious spin.

icebike says:

Exactly, both have gained, but iOS gained 7% and android gained 5%. That's probably due to timing of the survey more than any thing else.

Read how Forbes is reporting this.

Nielsen’s latest numbers show the share of recent U.S. smartphone buyers who chose an iPhone over an Android or BlackBerry device nearly doubled in the last quarter of 2011, as compared to the previous three months when no new iPhone was available.

The market has recognized the yearly iPhone spike is a once-a-year event which only happens after a new iphone release, as die-hard Apple fans replace their devices whether they need a new phone or not.

Sport-Tel says:

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icebike says:

Die spammer, die!

hairball45 says:

Give me an AMEN!

senote says:

Considering the 3 month period in question is largely made up of the iPhone 4S launch I'd have expected the Apple share to be higher. Sites taking these figures as a sign of Apple gaining on Android really should consider it a sign that Apple is actually losing ground to Android. It's funny Apple don't care about being number 1 but the Apple fanboys seem to want it quite badly.

RIM only got 6% of new acquisitions last quarter? Oww... that's gotta hurt.

heraldo says:

Shows where they are headed.

jimijames says:

So, last quarter, more people picked Windows mobile than Phone 7? If accurate, that can't be good news for MS.