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Android 4.1.2 hit the Nexus 7 last week, and now it seems the latest version of Jelly Bean is slowly starting to make its way to the GSM/HSPA Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S. Currently the only version confirmed to have received the update is the "yakju" variant of the phone -- that's the one sold outside of the U.S. without Google Wallet support. We'll likely see the "takju" Galaxy Nexus -- the one sold through the Google Play Store -- hit 4.1.2 in the coming days. (Sorry, Verizon people, you're likely in for a much longer wait.) On the Nexus S, users in the U.S. and Canada (GT-i9020T/i9023) are reporting that they've received the update.

On phones, Android 4.1.2 is a minor update over the previous version 4.1.1. The changelog points to small performance and stability fixes. Unlike the Nexus 7, Android 4.1.2 on Nexus phones doesn't enable landscape mode in the launcher.

If you're feeling adventurous, and have the right kind of Galaxy Nexus, you'll find direct links to the OTA to flash your device manually. We'd recommend just waiting for the update to hit, though, as you're not missing out on much by being back on 4.1.1.

Source: Android Central forums, XDA

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Mobius360 says:

Don't forget about the long wait likely for us Sprint users. Always excited for a Nexus update though.

This is why I want an unlocked Nexus. I don't ever want to wait even for the most minor updates. ;-) This alone makes me not want to consider the LG G dropping on AT&T soon.

randyw says:

+1. Thats why I went unlocked. The Carriers slow things way down having to run there own tests to make sure everything is comparable with there software. Plus when my AT&T contract is up I'm going Pre-Paid. It's cheeper.

My GNex and my Xoom have both had the update OTA tonight, nothing to see TBH...

Channan says:

Does the Galaxy Nexus have expandable notifications with one finger like the Nexus 7 on 4.1.2 has?

Simer03 says:

Yes, but you can't drag them back up with on finger, only two

chronophilos says:

You can collapse notifications with just one finger. Pull down first and then up.

fiona says:

Just got mine on my Nexus S by going to settings, Apps, Google Services Framework, clearing data and then force stopping, then checking for status update again and it immediately pulled the update.

Still getting value out of my trusty Nexus S. Can't wait to see how many Nexi launch any day now. Hopefully, not just the LG Nexus with only 8 GB onboard. Rumors of a Sony device now. The more the merrier!

rmenaar says:

That worked for me. Thanks for the tip!

randyw says:

Nothing yet for my Play Store Gnex. Most likele in a couple of days.

atrixfll says:

I wonder if this update will fix the VOLUME level on the speaker for ring/notification tones...

fiona says:

I wish, but no. Ringer and notifications still inexplicably tied to a single setting!

randyw says:

True. It's one of the very few things about stok JB that I do not care for.

wickets says:

"Unlike the Nexus 7, Android 4.1.2 on Nexus phones doesn't enable landscape mode in the launcher."

I have 4.1.2 an it most certainly does enable landscape mode in the launcher

It also seems to have helped with signal issues, but that could be my imagination running amok

fiona says:

no rotate option available on the Nexus S, not surprising. Are you seeing that on GNexus? I thought rotate option was only available on Nexus 7. I did update there and of course landscape option is now available but I thought limited to their tablet.

donefsky says:

There is a 3rd party app on Google Play called Rotation Control by Fame It, that enables you to force rotate the Launcher or any other app, portrait or landscape for that matter. It works on the Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1. I'm using Go Launcher but it works fine on the native Launcher also.

Osijelu says:

Now I regret switching to takju from yakju

They're both effectively the same. The takju update will be coming very soon as well.

jimpia17 says:

I still have not got the OTA update 4.1.2 on my Nexus 7! and I have been trying all last week. Is there anyone else out there who has not received the OTA update to 4.1.2 on there Nexus 7?

fiona says:

You can force the OTA. Go to Settings, Apps (All). Navigate to Google Services Framework, clear data and then force stop. Now recheck for the update, it should start.

Deradorn says:

I tried this numerous times in the last week with no success. In fact it screwed up my google play store. i had to sign out and back in of my google account to fix it. still waiting for the update on my nexus 7

the3388 says:

Try restarting after you do clear data.

Deradorn says:

tried that every time i've done it!

Deradorn says:

finally got the update this afternoon

jimpia17 says:

Tried this also everyday and still nothing!

Edwill86 says:

start the 4-6 week countdown for vzw!

maybe 8 weeks....

Wookie Claws says:

Yeah, it will likely be a bit. It's a minor update though so I'm ok with the wait. I wasn't overly anxious for JB after 4.0.4 until I saw JB on a sprint GNEX. Now I'm super happy I have JB on my GNEX on VZW.

Wicket says:

I almost think VZW will skip this one

dave0611 says:

Got my N7 update this morning. Still waiting for GNEX.

omullins says:

Still not here on my yakju GN.

blipp says:

Bugless Beast is a VZW GNex users best friend. Completely stock, no frills ROM, same as what Google gives you. Peter is also great about getting them out, usually less than a day once the source code is dropped (and also updates when new basebands/radios are leaked or released)

Wicket says:

^THIS^ times a bagillion!! love BB on my VZW GNex!

CheddarBo says:

Had an update waiting for me on my Xoom when I got home today. . . I'm guessing its 4.1.2 as well.

CheddarBo says:

Yeahp, installed.

Bluecamelguy says:

Uh, Rotation Control changed how I interact with my One X!! Launcher and Play Store both in landscape!!!

chaitukash79 says:

Hi Everybody. I just received the 4.1.2 update for my Galaxy Nexus (stock yakju, unrooted, locked, open line network). There is not a whole lot of difference. Only difference I see:
- 1 finger scroll down and scroll up expansion for notifications. This is cool!
- Some check boxes have now become toggle switches (big deal right?)
I can confirm that the stock launcher DOES NOT have landscape swivel (i personally dont like it anyway).
Project butter seems to have gotten a little more buttery.The 2nd app screen lag seems to be gone now.

Thats it. Don't keep your expectations too high. Looks like most of the changes are under the hood.

I used the force OTA update method Settings>Apps>All apps>Force Stop>Clear Cache. Now go to Settings>About Phone>System Updates>Check for updates. It took me about 5 attempts before i got the update. Enjoy!

anandvkris says:

got it here in India :)

nipcarlover says:

Received it around 10 PM last night here in India..

Just got my update ! I am on Bell in Canada. Whats new in this update?

malockin says:

so... I'm going to have to restart my phone soon?